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GTJ Consulting President Missing In Yet Another Fannie Mae Scandal

Embattled National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) member GTJ Consulting President and CEO Brandon Johnson has been missing in action for several months now. In fact, GTJ took down his page on their website, formerly located here and creating a 404 error. Foreclosurepedia maintains enormous server farms which maintain terabytes of data on a daily basis including the real time snapshots of every NAMFS member website as well as all of their publicly accessible data. A long time Fannie Mae Prime Vendor, GTJ Consulting has run the gambit when it comes to insecure website operations and the breaching of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). In fact, as early as 2014, Foreclosurepedia was reporting that GTJ Consulting was having problems paying upon their Fannie Mae obligations. We reported our findings to both NAMFS Executive Director Eric Miller as well as higher level Fannie Mae and US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) officials where the message fell upon deaf ears. Fact of the matter is that NAMFS has been operated like a criminal enterprise for nearly two decades. And like any criminal enterprise, NAMFS has its own kingpin whose role is played by Eric Miller.

Miller’s annual salary is One Hundred and Twenty Two Thousand Two Hundred and Forty Dollars, per year. To put this into perspective, Miller’s obscene salary consumes over Eighty One percent of all NAMFS Member dues. And while this would normally not raise many eyebrows, the fact that NAMFS is a non profit, IRS 501(c)(6), brings back memories of Elizabeth Dole and the Red Cross. And for those whom believe that the Mortgage Field Services Industry has been creating non profit entities for truly charitable reasons, when you read about how the Johnson Family kicked in the doors of Fannie Mae assets to repossess homeowner’s personal property and resell it through their non profit IRS 501 (c)(3), the GTJ Foundation, you will be appalled.

The fall from grace of Brandon Johnson was a long one. Given every opportunity to thrive, Brandon was always placed in front of his other two brothers, Kyle and Blake, by his father Gene. And typical to the parable about the prodigal son, so to did Brandon cast all to the wind which culminated in his entry into a drug treatment facility within the past six months. Gene set everything up for Brandon. Beginning with the assignment as President and CEO of his father’s company, GTJ Consulting LLC, and then the later designation as Brandon to run the now infamous GTJ Foundation, the silver spoon was always placed in front of him. This all came crashing to the ground on 24 October 2017, when Brandon’s brother Blake was appointed as the new Registered Agent in an untimely and emergency filing with the State of Michigan’s Secretary of State office.

There has been a common theme lately within NAMFS firms. Virtually each and every one of the NAMFS members, like National Field Network (NFN) whom is facing federal Involuntary Bankruptcy charges, are supplied with endless flows of US Taxpayer funds from Fannie Mae. And those hundreds of millions of dollars come with absolutely zero financial oversight. Ken Carroll, Carrington Coleman, represents Fannie Mae, in its prosecution of destruction against Minority Females and Labor. Carroll, whom touts his former career as a federal prosecutor, is at the forefront of keeping the truth hidden with respect to precisely where and how Fannie Mae Prime Vendors are spending their money owed to its innocent victims. And Carroll, along with Eric Miller, both want the dirty little secret of cocaine and narcotics abuse, financed with monies provided by Fannie Mae, never to be discussed. And as if the funnelling of US Taxpayer funds to purchase these drugs from narco terrorists like MS 13 gang members was not concerning enough, we still have the actions of NAMFS Board Member, Michael Evangelo. Allegations of pedophelia and pay-to-play schemes abound with Evangelo. Financially supported by PK Management, the very same PK Management whom was shown to be ordering the illegal electrical backfeeding of federal housing and placing the lives of minority community members at risk, Evangelo’s unchecked actions simply goes to reinforce the mainstream view that NAMFS members pose a clear and present danger to the safety and security of a civil society.

Brandon Johnson had a dream of enriching himself to the detriment of everyone else around him. The cost was never too high as Johnson was continually protected by his father, Gene.

For years, Foreclosurepedia had sounded the alarm with respect to Brandon Johnson and GTJ Consulting. And honestly, GTJ Consulting’s track record spoke for itself — had Fannie Mae ever wanted to obey the law and perform due diligence upon them. Beginning with a miserable failure upon the US Marshals Contract wherein they ended up losing it, fact of the matter was the GTJ Consulting was always set aside as a petri dish for young Brandon to experiment around with. Worse, though, GTJ Consulting became Brandon Johnson’s own personal piggy bank. And the Minority Females and Labor; the misclassified employees whom Brandon Johnson sneered at on a daily basis, all became his own personal cash cows. To this point, with the love that only a dysfunctional father like Gene could possess, Brandon Johnson was given the complete and absolute control to run his own personal fiefdom. This probably could have continued on, for years; however, there wasn’t enough money or power to quench Johnson’s narcotics habit.

The guys on the “trash-out crew” say their job is like an episode of “American Pickers.” And they’re right.

— Sara Kandel, Roseville – Eastpointe Eastsider | Published February 25, 2011

Profiting from the demise of homeowners, whom became victims of the worst financial crisis in history, is a disturbing proposition in and of itself. And that is precisely what Brandon Johnson and his father, Gene, set out to do. Brandon and Gene were loud and proud like most of their NAMFS colleagues. And how did Gene set into play one of the most illegal and horrific chapters of human atrocities ever reported upon in the Mortgage Field Services Industry? Well, the Roseville – Eastpointe Eastsider, a C&G Newspaper covered it all the way down to the photos.

Precisely when Brandon Johnson became addicted to illegal narcotics is only known to he and his therapists. What we do know is that both he and his father, Gene, began specifically targeting the valuable assets of foreclosure victims to resell for profit. And so brazen were the Johnsons in their actions that they went to the media to brag about it.

Simply because we wish to assist others, if in fact that was Brandon’s motivation, does not legitimize capitalizing upon the suffering of others. Laudable intentions, while committing criminal actions, is not justification. Stem cell research comes to mind. Abortions happen. Babies die in vitro. And while those life saving embryonic materials may be used to not only cure horrific medical maladies and save lives, the law does not allow us to do such. Why? Thevery same reason that we are not allowed to do ANYTHING with the debris removed from foreclosed properties no matter whether or not they are owed outright by financial institutions. The rationale is that we may be tempted to cross the line by targeting and profiting. Moreover, though, unless and until a legal Writ of Possession is obtained, everything down to the trash on any foreclosed asset remains the personal property of the homeowner!

In a reflection of the ongoing toll which National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) members are taking upon Minority Females, Labor, and homeowners alike, one need merely look at the amount of litigation in the courts on any given day. Tens of thousands of lawsuits specifically targeting NAMFS members litter the dockets. And it is not simply victims suing NAMFS members. Attorney generals of multiple states are and have sued with landslide victories.

To say that Brandon Johnson is not specifically targeting foreclosed families to steal everything that they own is like saying that Johnson is not a common and base drug addict. And when we talk about drug addiction, the next sentence is going to reinforce precisely why people like Johnson and his father, Gene, have absolutely no business being allowed to operate in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Here is what Brandon had to say during his Interview bragging about how they set up operations to maximize the theft and resale value of what they stole,

Johnson estimates that out of their local office, which covers Macomb, Wayne, Washtenaw, Oakland and Monroe counties, they do about 25-75 houses a day. Not every house will have salvageable items, but many do. Before sending the trash-out team to do debris removal, Johnson sends them in to scout for things worth keeping.

— Sara Kandel| Roseville – Eastpointe Eastsider | Published February 25, 2011

I want you to read Brandon Johnson’s words and his own admission in that Interview. Gene and Brandon Johnson were so completely brazen that they lay out precisely how they scout out foreclosure victims and their property. And the real kicker here is that Fannie Mae provided them the fertile field from which to, for years, hunt from!

That is the dirty little secret that Ken Carroll and Fannie Mae do not want you to know. Carroll, Fannie Mae’s lawyer, has done everything he can to ensure that Minority Females, both Labor and Homeowners alike, have been brutally savaged by these financial terrorists. Carroll, a pompous middle aged white man, has continued to refuse to publicly address the direct causations of the fleecing of America. And this has led many to wonder just how much money Carroll is making off the backs of these innocent victims!

Many are refusing to continue to take the whip and the yoke which white chauvinists like Carroll and his Client, Fannie Mae, continue to dish out. In fact, in a nearly identical case pertaining to National Field Network (NFN), Minority Females and Labor filed an Involuntary Bankruptcy against them. Here is how Preservation Talk and a user named GJM6264, described how NFN funnelled all of the money out of their collapsing firm into three others, including a resale thrift store, which is what Brandon Johnson proposed all NAMFS members do,

All the Right Movers is an NJ-based eviction company, owned by higher ups at NFN, that does evictions for NFN at a lower discount than other jobbers. All The Right Movers, New Jersey’s Concierge Moving Company. Chik-Chak Station is a thrift store in NJ, also owned by higher ups at NFN, that “buys” items from All the Right Movers after the 30 day storage period ends. https://www.facebook.com/chikchakstation/. Commigrate is a call center, also owned by higher ups at NFN, that provides after hour phone services. The one review on the website is from a manager at NFN using a pseudonym.

It was all there for Fannie Mae and their lawyer, Kenn Carroll, to see. There was no need to subpoena documents. No need for litigation and complicated Discovery. A simple Google Search would have revealed what NFN was doing. Moreover, though, Foreclosurepedia had been reporting upon NFN, GTJ Consulting, and HomeStar Property Solutions since at least 2013. Fannie Mae knew about HomeStar, there is no doubt about that. And Michael Breese was about as bad as you can get when it came to predatory NAMFS Members. Praised by Eric Miller for his relocation from Minnesota to Texas, what wasn’t being reported was Breese was on the run from the Minnesota Department of Labor whom had pulled all of their licensing. So, if HomeStar was being properly vetted and even arguing that Foreclosurepedia could not be completely relied upon for proof, are we to say that the State of Minnesota was an unqualified witness?!

Dear Contractors:

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (“Department”) has revoked the residential building contractor license of HomeStar Property Solutions, LLC and taken enforcement action against HomeStar LLC and HomeStar Field Services, LLC.  Attached is a copy of Licensing Order and Administrative Order issued by the Department, with both actions taking effect on or about October 21, 2015.

As this is the extent of the Department’s authority, we will close our files at this time.  If you have any questions, please contact me at the number below.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

— Dan Cunningham, Sr. Investigator, DLI – CCLD

So, how was it, again, that Fannie Mae was performing financial auditing and due diligence in order to safeguard US Taxpayer funds?! Was Ken Carroll involved with these investigations? How much money has Ken Carroll received, as payments, from Fannie Mae during his tenure with them? Here is how a former HomeStar employee summed up the last gasping breaths of the financial arson which took place at HomeStar,

Bear in mind, all that I relay to you is fact as well as my opinion. I would appreciate if you did not use my name or email address in any future publications. Every employee in the MN office know of all I am about to inform you of. I was wondering how long it would take for this question to be asked.
Mike Breese has set the attitude that preservation vendors and contractors are secondary and are replaceable. The HS vendor network does not mean much to them.
This started with making payments to vendors, payments were [to] be held back and no one was informed as to the reasons why. Accounting stopped accepting calls and would not return vendor calls. Meanwhile work was to continue to be assigned out to vendors, Soon vendors were growing tired of lack of response to payment questions and would not accept any new work. Weeks and months went by without payments made, some as long as a year later. Liens were placed on properties, if the clients were aware of the lien payment would be made but not before talking the vendor down to 30% or more from what they were owed. Once that amount was agreed on HS would then apply late fees on the vendors for various job tasks, on the preservation side this would be as high as a 30% penalty. On the repair side this could be as high as $100 to $150 per days late.
Preservation being on a smaller scale due to revenue income so were many of the vendors – just small mom and pop folks. HS starved these pres vendors for 3, 6, 9 months or more and then took 30% and then another 30% in late fees. HS lost VRM as a client due to the vendor payment issue. Bad press was getting louder and as the vendor management team was trying to recruit new vendors they were declining because of it.
As Mike Breese moved to the TX location where at last count housed 16 HS employees of which 8 were executive staff. 6 of those executives are all VP’s. a couple of those VP’s and Mike came up with the “Pay to Play” program. Should a vendor choose to become a ‘gold’ member it would give the vendor assurance to have payment made to them within 15 days of the completed job. Requirements for the membership was to offer up the vendors credit card for immediate payment of $550. The verbiage to the membership agreement was purposely designed to NOT make any guarantee of said payment. Existing vendors heard of the program and some wanted to join but were still owed payments. Those vendors asked to apply $550 of what was owed to them for this membership. They were denied and told this was not possible. HS was failing at making good at the membership payment promises. 30 days ago the goal for the vendor management team (team of 3) was 30 new memberships a month, nearly 50K a month. Before this program was deployed the VM team balked at recruiting new vendors. One VM team member walked out and quit the day it was discussed with them. VP’s negotiated a bonus program for the VM team which they agreed on. In it first month which I believe was back in May they did very well and were expecting a nice bonus 60 days later. That never happened.
Let me know if that answers your question, I surely hope so — I was rather long winded on this one but I am passionate to see the day where Mike Breese is called out on these seemingly unethical and immoral practices. As I stated to you before, I am a man of integrity and I expect the same from the company I work for.

It wasn’t just HomeStar, though. How about Mickey Snow, whom is pending multiple counts of raping underaged girls in Eden, North Carolina? A close and personal confidant to virtually every NAMFS member, including PK Management, Snow was as evil as they came. And when it comes to high level, NAMFS Board Members supporting Snow, Milan Thompson, former and now infamous founder and CEO of ASONS, is front and center on the Snow Cheerleading Team.

Cognitive dissonance is a term used, by many, to describe Milan Thompson’s megalomaniac behavior. Over the snow-and-attorniesyears, Thompson has been personally involved with and supportive of Mickey Snow. Snow, owner of Snow Enterprises, whom was an international fugitive arrested in Thailand while on the run with his on again off again wife Somporn Hewitt-Tongsua. Tongsua, is the owner of Tongsua Property Management. Foreclosurepedia ran a Series on Mickey Snow and his flight from justice to avoid the prosecution for the multiple counts of rape of handicapped and under aged girls in the rural North Carolina town of Eden. In fact, it was no Eden for those defenseless girls whom were prostituted by their mother to her former employer, Snow.

Thompson, as many NAMFS Offender Members, paints a markedly different picture of Mickey Snow. In fact, when confronted with not only the reality of Snow’s international manhunt, but also with the fact that a Grand Jury had indicted Snow on multiple counts of rape upon under aged and handicapped girls, had this to say with respect to his personal friend,

I haven’t talked to Mickey in about a year…was a good friend of mine. I’ve been with him personally a dozen times or more. — Milan Thompson, 01 October 2015, to Foreclosurepedia

When confronted with even more damning evidence, Thompson, in typical Regime fashion, doubled down,

[…] I am here to tell you that Mickey was my friend and I’d probably go visit his stupid butt in prison. I have many Mickey Snow stories and  all are positive. — Thompson to Foreclosurepedia

Mickey Snow helped place Milan Thompson and his Muncie Regime on their path to profitability. Neither ashamed by Snow’s alleged involvement in bribery scandals at Harrington Morgan Barksdale, a former US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Management and Marketing (M&M) Contract Awardee, nor Snow’s utilization of his wife, Somporn Tongsua and Tongsua as a front to obtain minority awards and employment by firms such as PK Management, a current HUD M&M Field Service Manager (FSM) Awardee, Thompson had this to say,

Back in 2004 when we were a nat of a company and we decided to try and win a HUD contract we were put in touch with Mickey as someone who could do your [sic] HUD inspections.  He came into our 600sf office and listened to me and my plan and how we would do it.  I will remember his words that actually gave me strength and confidence, he said “Well, I don’t know if you will win or not but you sure know more than most and have an excellent plan that is better than all I work for now who have HUD contracts.  You can count me in, and in fact, I believe that you will someday have a bigger organization that [sic] I do.”

It has become quite apparent to many that Thompson’s meteoric rise within HUD is due, in no small part, to Mickey Snow and those whom skulk in the dark netherworlds of HUD contracting. The Thompson Regime employs one of the most controversial of all consultant cum lawyers, John Bravacos. Bravacos represents both ASONS and the recently investigated Countrywide Inspection Services (CWIS) husband and wife team, Dave and Carolyn Ramagos. Like a moth to the flame, Bravacos recently demonstrated precisely how deep into the gutter he was willing to wade. After a year long investigation into CWIS by Foreclosurepedia — the very same CWIS whom attempted to defraud Foreclosurepedia years ago — Foreclosurepedia ran a podcast interview with respect to the tyrannical measures the Ramagos’ were willing to exert in order to continue unjustly enriching themselves.

Many are familiar with John Bravacos, special advisor to US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson. Foreclosurepedia filed, perhaps, the first Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request upon President elect Donald Trump late last week. The FOIA was served upon HUD with respect to the fact that John Bravacos, a former Philadelphia HOC Director, was both upon the Trump HUD Transition Team as well as representing multiple parties currently engaging upon the HUD Management and Marketing (M&M) Field Service Manager (FSM) 3.10 Contract. Sources at HUD, speaking on condition of anonymity, was that in at least one meeting with HUD Headquarters Office of the Chief Procurement Officer (OCPO), Bravacos recused himself.

And while people like Thompson, whom is now working with Northsight Management burned through hundreds of millions of dollars of Fannie Mae contracts, with zero oversight, we are beginning to rapidly see a nexus arising out of NAMFS, under the Miller Regime. Take Heather Berghorst. Berghorst is the former NAMFS Board Member and Secretary whom defrauded millions from Minority Females and Labor. Berghorst was put over Fannie Mae assets even with a pre-existing bankruptcy. So heinous were her actions that eventually even Fifth Third Bank came after for Willful and Malicious Fraud. When Foreclosurepedia began to investigate Heather Berghorst, Eric Miller and the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) attempted to sue Foreclosurepedia in conjunction with Berghorst’s own lawyer. When Heather Berghorst realized that hell was coming and Foreclosurepedia made Satan himself nervous, Berghorst tried to sue me under Federal Racketeering Laws. Miller and Berghorst fell on their face although Miller’s suit was for other reasons. Foreclosurepedia was the first and only Media Outlet to document that Berghorst had not only been committing fraud, but had been illegally transferring assets to Heritage Home Solutions. Fifth Third most eloquently stated in their litigation,

26. 11 USC 523(a)(6) provides that a debt arising from a willful and malicious injury by a debtor [Heather and Doug Berghorst] to another entity or the property of another entity is not dischargeable.

27. The Debtors [Heather and Doug Berghorst] willfully caused Berghorst Enterprises to transfer the Collateral outside the ordinary course of its business without the approval of Fifth Third.

30. The knowing transfer of the Collateral, subject to Fifth Third’s security interest, was a willful and malicious injury to the bank’s property interest in the Collateral.

What was Fannie Mae’s response? To allow Berghorst to spin up two new corporations through which to funnel work through using Altisource as a proxy. That’s right. Patricia E McTaggart, Altisource Atlanta, personally oversaw, with the full knowledge of their former Associate General Counsel in Luxembourg, Berghorst’s continued Ponzi Scheme. Was Ken Carroll overseeing these matters? We do not know as Carroll appears to be preoccupied with protecting Shari Nott and Chris Crandell, CEO and COO of NFN respectively, currently. And how is that going for Carroll right now? Glad you asked.

Foreclosurepedia worked with multiple misclassified employees to bring forward an Involuntary Bankruptcy against NFN. Victor Deutch, Counsel for NFN originally offered twenty cents on the dollar to make everyone go away. And when it came to threats, Deutch and his son Eric were replete with them against Foreclosurepedia and others. Deutch pleaded for more time to deal with the matter and forestall the Action commenced against NFN; however, none was coming. For the first time in the history of the Mortgage Field Services Industry, law and order will prevail.

Assero, yet another Fannie Mae Prime Vendor, has been refusing to pay Minority Females and Labor ever since illegally obtaining their Prime Vendor status. Truth be known, their apparent illegal acquisition of contracts originally held by firms like ZVN Properties and others, bears all the hallmarks of an Eduardo San Roman operation. The fact of the matter is that ALL NAMFS MEMBERS are so intricately interwoven in the fabric of fraud that when one falls, they all fall.

Assero’s climb to the top is based, in no small part, upon the same types of bribery in which Lee Mertins executed in his past. And it is not just Assero. As the Involuntary Bankruptcy at NFN will reveal, Fannie Mae procurement officers are always for hire at the right price.

The tragedy is that Fannie Mae and Ken Carroll will continue to protect people like Brandon Johnson. Fannie Mae apparently has absolutely no concern that the assets of innocent homeowners are being stolen and resold by their Prime Vendor, GTJ Consulting. At least the Internal Revenue Service was concerned,

Foreclosurepedia offered the opportunity to Gene, Kyle and Brandon Johnson for comment. We additionally reached out to Ken Carroll, Counsel for Fannie Mae, and Jason Chapman, Director of Property Preservation & Field QC at Fannie Mae, and none was forthcoming.

We will continue our investigations on the Foreclosurepedia Podcast tomorrow evening!


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