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Good Companies To Work For

I was in LinkedIn early this morning (0200EDT +/-) while working on an Article and the Topic came up, “Why don’t Contractors ever talk about any good companies?” It was really a subtopic of the thread, but regardless it began my mind wondering. There are tons of Forums on the Internet hammering Mortgage Field Services Companies for generally not paying. Foreclosurepedia is amongst those. What you never see, though, is information about when a Company is doing things right.

I engaged a business owner on the Topic. One of the Companies we discussed was PK Management (PKMG). I profiled them during the spin up of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) 3.6 Contract. A category search will walk the reader through what all I wrote.

The lady stated that, to date, she has had a very good relationship with PKMG. She had also stated that she had remained quiet during the period of time that I was writing about them. In retrospect, I stand by the issues I raised; however, this Article is not about that.

As far as I am able to discern, PKMG is not only meeting its requirements PKMG has the support of the Contractors. This is not just based upon the business woman in the aforementioned LinkedIn thread. Closer to home, here in East Tennessee, Contractors are all in general agreement that it is a seamless process.

While pricing is always a point of contention, it is fair to point out that PKMG is not the only Company under fire with respect to pricing. That said, a Contractor, speaking on condition of anonymity, stated that she was extremely impressed with both the stand alone technology which moves the Work Orders to and from as well as the rapidity of how PKMG Staff handled complex issues.

On this point, Foreclosurepedia rarely receives complimentary information on Industry Companies. When we do, we Publish upon it. We are hopeful, as the holiday season kicks in and Work Orders drift off, that Contractors will reach out with examples of Companies they feel should receive some credit for that which they are doing.

So, this may be part of a trend we are seeing. Two Companies are now coming up on the Positive End of the Radar here at Foreclosurepedia, SEAS LLC and PK Management. If you are a Contractor and have something good to report about whom you work for, drop us a line! If you are a Company whom is a Prime Vendor or Regional and wish to sit down and have an honest discussion, feel free to do the same!

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