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Former NAMFS Associate Member Vicki Boser Facing 20 Years In Prison

Eric Miller Loses Again In Whitewashing NAMFS Member Criminal Activity

In 2016, when National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Executive Director Eric Miller attempted to whitewash nearly One Million Dollars in Insurance Fraud, Foreclosurepedia was having nothing of it. Here is how the Department of Justice put it, “Insurance agent charged with wire fraud for scheme to steal $750,000 in insurance premiums from clients across the country.” Miller and the NAMFS Board were advised about the fraud in October of 2016 according to Brian Carney, Executive Vice President of Cochrane Agency, Inc. whom were then a NAMFS Associate Member, at the time. Miller and the NAMFS Board purposefully waited until December of 2016 to bring this information to the victims, for reasons unknown. At the time, Carney verified that Cochrane Agency was cooperating withCochrane Tracking Pixel Washington State Insurance Commission investigators and that Eric Miller and the NAMFS Board of Directors were informed months ago. He gave me the name and number of one of the investigators whom I was unable to reach before the time of publishing. That is where the world became a very strange melange of low tech email subversion by the Cochrane Agency. Carney sent Foreclosurepedia an email with respect to the names and contacts of the investigators via email. Carney knew that I had been talking to victims and I believe presumed that I would forward that email to they. Carney appears to have purposefully embedded a tracking pixel, which generally connects to a GIF file stored on a web server. Each time a tracking pixel is viewed, it generally pulls the GIF file from the server, creating a logged event that lets a person know exactly how many times someone accessed the message or forwards it.

Vicki Boser, who owned and operated InsuranceTek, Inc., appeared on an indictment in U.S. District Court in Seattle, on 13 November 2020. Boser was charged with pocketing premium payments from insurance clients and providing fake certificates of insurance of $750,000 and is facing up to 20 years in federal prison. According to records filed in the case, between 2014 and 2016, Boser defrauded various clients in high-risk insurance fields.  Boser founded InsuranceTek, Inc., in 2003 and specialized in assisting small businesses that work in high-risk fields‑‑including private investigators, process servers, mortgage and field service companies, and security guard companies — in securing insurance policies to cover their business operations. Boser would find companies willing to insure the high-risk companies, and if necessary, find a company to finance the premium payments. Boser was required by law to collect the premium payments from the clients and pay them over to the insurance companies.  Instead, she pocketed some of the payments, created false insurance certificates, and led the high-risk companies to believe they were insured. In some instances, the insurance companies cancelled the insurance for lack of payment, but Boser received the notice and hid it from the insured. The insurance premiums were tens of thousands of dollars — in one case more than $100,000. Boser used the money for her personal expenses, including spending a great deal of money at a casino resort.

Boser had clients across the country — many small family owned businesses that placed a great deal of trust in Boser. Court records detail the frauds regarding an Illinois-based property inspection business, and Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas-based businesses that maintain foreclosed homes.  Some of the clients only learned their insurance policies had been cancelled when they contacted the companies about renewing the policies.  The investigation was triggered when the Washington State Insurance Commissioner’s Office received complaints. Both the FBI and  the Criminal Investigative Division of the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner are involved in the investigation.

For nearly five years, Foreclosurepedia pursued the matter with the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner. And during those five years, Eric Miller did everything in his power to sweep the issue under the carpet. The problem, though, was those three months he chose to keep victims in the dark. And this has come to be both a pattern and a practice of Eric Miller. Take for example Miller’s continued refusal to produce the NAMFS IRS 990 income tax form required, by federal law, to be presented to the public upon request.

The United States Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Washington updated the following for Boser’s upcoming trial,

Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge James L. Robart – CRD: Ashleigh Drecktrah; AUSA: Lyndsie Schmalz; Def Cnsl: Michael Nance; Court Reporter: Nancy Bauer; TELEPHONIC STATUS HEARING as to Vicki Boser held on 4/5/2021. The court and counsel discuss the status of this matter. The court resets the trial date for Thursday, 10/7/2021; Pretrial motions due by 8/26/2021. Defendant remains on bond. (AD) (Entered: 04/05/2021)

And as the investigation continued, it became apparent that NAMFS and Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS) were cherry picking how they background check people which calls into question the veracity of the ABC Number AGS deploys. As many remember, Eric Miller convened a special meeting to rubber stamp the ABC Number with former Wells Fargo acolyte Jim Taylor cracking the whip. Many, including the Chairman of the meeting at the time, described the process as a gun to the head in order to pass the mandate.

Karla Deane was was employed as a processor by Boser at InsuranceTEK. In a licensing appeal, Boser was called as a witness to testify on behalf of Deane in August of 2016. In fact, Deane had been convicted of Trafficking In Stolen Property in the Second Degree four years earlier. Her relationship with Boser was solidified as her mother worked for Boser. According to NAMFS and AGS, this would be a crime in which she would be forbidden to work in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. And as in many cases such as the hiring of Melissa Shankin as Operations Manager at Five Brothers whom had a felony Possession of a Controlled Substance as well as tax liens, the federal convictions of family members for fraud and investigations about militia ties at Buczek Enterprises, the Breaking Bad theft of a motor home by Jay Goscinski, Mickey Snow with the felony Arson conviction — you get the point. The reality is that NAMFS members are given the wink and a nod when it comes to compliance.

The pattern and practice of Eric Miller and NAMFS itself has been called into question dozens of times going all the way back to the 2003 meeting between NAMFS founder, John Ward, and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Multiple NAMFS members have committed fraud to the tune of millions of dollars against innocent victims with the latest catastrophe ending up in the involuntary bankruptcy of National Field Network (NFN). And instead of that fraud being punished it has only been rewarded by other fellow NAMFS members. For NAMFS members to continue supporting the rampant fraud throughout the Mortgage Field Services Industry is an atrocity. And as history will reflect as both Labor and Management stood by witnessing the financial terrorism unleashed by NAMFS members, Foreclosurepedia was the only one whom ever fought for the victims.

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