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Foreclosurepedia Working With Investors During COVID-19

For the second time — this week — the Dow had an Emergency Stop for 15 minutes. To put this into perspective, Monday was the first time since 2008 and today was the second time. Oil is at $30 per barrel, based in part from a price war ongoing in Saudi Arabia and Russia. The World Health Organization (WHO), yesterday, stated that the coronavirus (COVID-19) is now officially a pandemic — the first time the world has experienced a pandemic since the 1918 Spanish Influenza. And as the financial markets continue to crater, the reality is that Foreclosurepedia has been working diligently with firms whom have an interest in not only protecting their Labor base, but also pushing forward with capitalization upon the social distancing safe rehab and restoration marketspace.

And even as the Fed pumped in $1 TRILLION to their cronies on Wall Street, in the form of 3 month Repos, the reality is Main Street is going to be destroyed. And with the layoffs coming — which I predicted several months ago — the foreclosures are going to begin to mount up.

With big time layoffs coming down the pike and with larger hedge funds whom have deployed real time technology; considering the fact that nearly seventy percent of all Mortgage Field Services Prime Vendors were recently purchased by New Residential Investment Corp., the reality is that the market is ripe to buy at historically low mortgage rates. The fifteen year mortgage is sitting at 2.77% right now. Granted, institutional investors are buying on different terms, the reality is that money is looking for anywhere to run and the rehab and restoration market, within the distressed asset channel, is and continues to be a sure bet. Problem is, that the vast majority of National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) firms out there, like Northsight Management, Guardian Asset Management, ZVN Properties and Sentinel Field Services could give two shits about either Labor or the American Public. One firm, though, appears to be proactive about it. Below is the Facebook feed for Main Street Renewals two days ago. Main Street Renewal is a large scale property management firm controlled by Amhurst Holdings. To quote Fortune MagazineAmherst Holdings CEO Sean Dobson make a fortune in the housing crash. Now he’s deploying A.I. to profit from properties that most investors wouldn’t touch. More interestingly, though, is that while Dobson is the quintessential vulture capitalist, he apparently gives a damn about both Labor and the American Public.

And while Trade Associations like the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) has been alerting its Membership, through their forums and website, to the dangers of COVID-19, NAMFS has not made a single post on its website since 22 January 2020. Even insurance companies have begun to advise with respect to COVID-19 and inspections!

Foreclosurepedia, in conjunction with the IAFST, has been working swiftly to secure opportunities within the distressed asset market wherein minimal risk is associated with COVID-19 while still providing top dollar rehab and restoration projects. In fact, IAFST has made it mandatory that any Recruiting on any of its platforms requires the dissemination of CDC – OSHA COVID-19 literature. And in times like these, the messaging which NAMFS members are pushing out — a deafening silence — is heard loud and clear by Labor and the American Public alike! Tired of being the tool with which NAMFS continues to discard? Have you finally understood that even though we are in a pandemic, NAMFS members are going to charge you back for a bad photo or missing a date even if you are infected? Good, then it’s time for a change! If you are interested in capitalizing upon new opportunities, feel free to click below.

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