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Foreclosurepedia to Move To New Server

Foreclosurepedia will migrate off shore to a new Server this weekend. We are electing the same ISP Servers which WikiLeaks utilized based out of Sweden,

Bahnhof – a Free Speech ISP

Bahnhof is proud to be known as a Free Speech ISP. We do not enforce tighter restrictions on “speech” than the law demands. If the site and content is legal in Sweden, you may host it with Bahnhof. The Kingdom of Sweden has one of the oldest and strongest Freedom of Speech regulations in the world.

What Bahnhof will not do

* Bahnhof will not respond to any demands from authorities in other countries for information about clients, logs or data or anything else. These must direct their demands to relevant Swedish authorities which may then possibly contact Bahnhof in the ways that Swedish legislation stipulates.

* Bahnhof will not comply with demands from Swedish authorities to a higher extent than Swedish law demands. Bahnhof is proud to keep updated on legislation concerning privacy and freedom of speech questions. Any demands outside routine cases are raised to the highest management level in order to protect the firm’s reputation for privacy and freedom of speech. Bahnhof has a history of challenging demands in court if the issue at hand concerns important principles or has few precedents.

* When it comes to “speech”, i.e. content published, Swedish authorities apply Swedish law. Swedish authorities will not act upon demands from other countries to restrict what is published from servers in Sweden as long as it does not break Swedish free speech legislation. Neither will Bahnhof.

Creating a chilling effect upon Free Speech is one of the most insidious and damaging forms of assault upon the Constitution of the United States. Unfortunately, this tactic has once again reared its ugly head. Ultimately, we really liked a Statement issued by They are actually hosted by a no bullshit provider collective out of New York.

Foreclosurepedia is not associated with, approved by or supported by anyone in the Property Preservation Industry, any of their aliases, cronies, hacks, thugs, surrogates, poverty pimps, pals, committees, fake community groups, overly-biased, lazy or questionable journalists, pay-to-play beneficiaries, real estate lawyers, political parties or clubs. This site is also not affiliated or supported in any way with any candidate for political office. It is intended to provide political commentary, criticism, parody and satire.

So, why go Offshore? Well, for starters we are going to begin to release everything over the Winter. When Publicly Traded Companies have unlimited funds, corrupt politicians and judges paid off there is no other option. As we are going to begin to release data on the nearly TWO POINT SIX BILLION DOLLARS OF FORCED PLACED INSURANCE by Assurant and the documented cases of Industry kickbacks being litigated under in Ellsworth v US Bank, Case3:12-cv-02506-LB, by American Security Insurance Company, owned by Assurant, it is quite obvious that we are going to be up against Powerful Foes.

US Bank is no stranger to the Forced Placed Insurance Industry. As we reported on with respect to Five Brothers, a tremendous amount of “Vandalism” Claims were filed upon for roofs, moldy caulk and driveways. These Claims were looked at by an Insurance Agent whom stated to a Contractor,

My Ins friend said its FRAUD all the way around

1.  Bogus dates of claims when they cant prove when its happened, she said they r prob using dates of when it was found by them not when i t happened. 
2. obviously u cant file a police report for roof/driveways/missing water caps etc.
3. SHe said most likely US BANk don’t have LOSS insurance on any of them houses, so they cant file on. Even if they do they cant for bogus items
4. Shes concerned its always that same 2-3 adjuster and the company is from Sterling Heights so, close to Five Bros office
5. If adjuster is involved, he probably doesn’t tell company home is foreclosed on.
6. No way the underwriter can approve funds for roofs and such things
7. no hazard claim orders can be issued for cabinets/paint and stuff that’s maintenance not an insurance claim
My friend from Detroit is saying FHA is paying for all this, shes getting her stuff to me hopefully this weekend
Trying to figure out FOR SURE if FHA is paying for these if we can prove its all over !!
I have given my word not to blow the most recent Counsel out of the water with respect to his rattling of sabers until we speak Monday. If we reach an accord, it will be Sealed as all the other ones have been. I keep my word to the fascists even though the never play by the rules. Regardless, as we are now entering into uncharted waters and I am growing more fearful for my family’s safety, it is time to shift gears and move Offshore.
For those whom have supported us, we appreciate it. It will take some time (48 – 72 hours) to resolve the new IP. It will still be mirrored here in the United States; however, the “Ownership” will be an Appointed Steward within the Kingdom of Sweden. I have simply grown weary of dealing with the Merchants of Death and their suit and ties here domestically.
We would be grateful for any and all assistance in this struggle. If our Light goes out, the Criminal Enterprises win … period. A Subscription Purchase or Donation on the Right Hand Sidebar clicking Support Foreclosurepedia would go a LONG WAY in keeping the Contractor’s Voice alive and reporting on the ongoing fraud and the Chilling Effects upon Free Speech. If every Contractor only donated One Dollar we could stay Offshore for YEARS! Help us help you! If you are a Contractor we helped get paid, why not help Foreclosurepedia today? If you are a homeowner whom we helped get reimbursed now is the time to rally! If you are a bystander or an Industry Professional, why not help create a legal Industry?!
Simply take a read through the below case to get an understanding of the sheer Scope of what is going on!

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