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This entry is part 11 of 31 in the series Labor Initiatives
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Foreclosurepedia to Host HUD Asset Management Discussion

This entry is part 11 of 31 in the series Labor Initiatives

Foreclosurepedia will be in Indianapolis this week sitting down with real estate professionals to discuss their options with the historic release of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development‘s (HUD) Marketing and Management (M&M) Asset Manager (AM) Contract we reported upon last week. We say DU204SA-17-R-0001 is HUD’s historic offering as it is a complete repudiation of Sage Acquisitions and PEMCO, the two tweedle dee and tweedle dumb firms which are really one at the end of the day. With both the HUD M&M AM and Field Service Manager (FSM) contracts complete disasters; while BLM Companies is having HUD foot the bill for their refusal to maintain Michigan properties and Sage Acquisitions taking nearly a year for all cash deals, many are wondering whether or not it might be time for a change in Atlanta. Here is how one potential HUD M&M AM contender puts it,

It’s an interesting update to the sources sought they put out perhaps 6 weeks ago. They have now added areas 1P (MI), 3P (NY, NJ, CT, NH, MA, VT, ME), 4P (OH), 5P (MD, VA, DE, PA, WV), and 6A (MS, AL, TN). So, this went from an opportunity to win some of 6 small and less desirable areas to win some of 11 areas, including some of the best ones regarding volumes. 6A is currently managed by Q Integrated, and they are losing the area due to their failed size determination appeal. The other areas are all currently managed by Sage, and 1P and 3P are being taken due to the size protest loss (4P and 5P are apparently not being renewed due to performance issues). Sage still has 4 contract areas left after the loss.

Foreclosurepedia has successfully worked with firms whom recently submitted bids on nearly One Billion Dollars worth of HUD M&M FSM Contracts. The idea always has and always will be No Contractor Left Behind. And while there are Associations such as the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) and the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) working with Labor and Management to capitalize upon financial institution orientated offerings, Foreclosurepedia has always been where Small Business comes to diversify their portfolio strategies.

Foreclosurepedia’s partnering with Brokers and Investors in 17 states directly reflects the shift in policy by the Mortgage Field Services Industry. We pioneered bringing Contractors directly to the owners of Industry firms performing preservation services. And the reflection of our commitment to portfolio diversification is now seen through the lenses of Real Estate Professionals in their onboarding of Labor for owner occupied, rehab and flip, as well as the incorporation of our successful training seminars.

If you are interested in meeting with us and other Realtors, Brokers, Investors, and Real Estate Professionals, reach out today to speak with us in Indianapolis on the 28th and 29th of March; Knoxville on the 31st of March; and Kansas City on the 3rd and 4th of April. As opposed to the enormous and generic settings which conferences offer, Foreclosurepedia and our Broker Partners sit down with you and assist with tailoring your Sources Sought and Bids upon the requisite Performance Work Statement (PWS). Instead of the business card thrust into your open hand, we welcome the firm handshake which communicates the first step has finally begun in a successful journey to Industry Dominance.

Getting it done and getting it done right are two different things. In today’s ever changing Industry, you need to be ahead of the curve and Foreclosurepedia, in conjunction with our Partners, ensure that you are there and there ahead of the herd. Don’t be in the headlines, be The Headline and reach out today to Foreclosurepedia as seating is limited.

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