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Foreclosurepedia To Begin Selling Company Dossiers

The Mortgage Field Services Industry has become a challenging, at best, Industry to work in over the past several years. Not a day goes by without having a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Order Mill splashed all over the headlines for refusing to pay Contractors. In many cases, these Order Mills simply roll up shop or are forced into bankruptcy. As a direct result, Contractors and other Creditors are left holding the bag while these Order Mills abscond into the night.

For quite some time, Foreclosurepedia has maintained an Intelligence Database that is commonly referred to as the ISTAR Repository  — Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance. During the course of both funded and unfunded mandates, Foreclosurepedia has had the opportunity to compile an inordinate amount of information within  ISTAR. For the first time this information

More and more frequently Foreclosurepedia is being requested to share this information with both Government and Non Government Agencies including media outlets. We generally create reports which are based upon targeted sets of criteria and charge accordingly. Recently, though, we have been receiving requests from medium and small size Companies with specificity to dossiers we maintain both on and off the Foreclosurepedia Black List. So, we decided to simply automate the process and begin to allow access to the ISTAR Repository on a Subscription Basis.

ISTAR is not simply a loosely knit database of random information. First, it relies upon TikiWiki as its Core. The Platform allows for a substantial refinement of Permission Based Access coupled with lightning fast semantic database architecture. Second, ISTAR applies the same due diligence to the processing of Raw Intelligence into Talking Points as most Western Governments do today. Finally, the ISTAR Network of Sources and Contributors stand as a testament to the credibility of the ISTAR Project itself.

The fact of the matter is that Contractors are at far greater risk of fraud from National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Order Mills that the Community is from Contractors. I base this upon the fact that I am unable to find any statistics pertaining to Contractors defrauding the Community and have a substantial amount of statistics showing NAMFS Regime Members defrauding Contractors. One needs go no further than disgraced Order Mill Owner and former National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Secretary Heather Berghorst whom just filed HER SECOND BANKRUPTCY. Adding yet more fuel to the fire, Berghorst is still listed on the NAMFS Roster and is additionally listed with her Husband Doug Berghorst in attending the NAMFS Regime Fraud Fest 2014 this September in Orlando, Flordia.

As more and more Contractors become aware of the perils of doing business with NAMFS Regime Members, it becomes critical that they have access to real time data with respect to these people. Having a One Stop Shop to perform Due Diligence upon NAMFS Regime Members and other fly by night entities sometimes is the difference between getting paid and going bankrupt. The Mortgage Field Services Industry feigned shock finding out that Heather Berghorst was filing her SECOND Bankruptcy. Had they performed Due Diligence; had Altisource not risked the livelihoods of innocent men and women and identified the warning signs, I wouldn’t be in business today. It is even more telling, though, to see one of the HIGHEST RANKING Board Members of the NAMFS Regime was allowed to function for years on the Board and then additionally as Secretary. When a Trade Association cannot even police its own High Ranking Officials, Contractors must take great care in the engagement of them by performing their own Due Diligence.

The ISTAR Repository performs the type of Due Diligence Contractors need. It is not based completely upon whether or not an Order Mill owner has been to jail — we see the case of Adam and Amanda Buczek as a prime example. The warning signs were there. In today’s Marketplace items such as technological expertise displayed in the form of websites, how Contractor information is obtained and even whom staffs the Order Mills themselves — we have documented this problem in the past. The ISTAR Repository allows Contractors and Clients alike to have both a Report Issued and Opinion From Foreclosurepedia. The added benefit of the ISTAR Repository being under a Non Disclosure Agreement ensures that Contractor or Client may rest assured that they get the information they need without anyone having to know. Make no mistake National Association of Mortgage Field Services Members and Non Members alike have hired us not only for Due Diligence, but other issues which have required a delicate balance.

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