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Foreclosurepedia arrived in Nashville around 1600EDT on 15 May 2015. Dodging some showers coming over the Pass made for interesting travel to say the least. An item of interest; an omen if you will, was that we picked up a hitchhiker about a quarter mile up from our house. Rarely, if ever, do we see outsiders in Grainger County and especially not down on the River. Recently back from the Caribbean, it turned out he had family in the area. Brought back memories of my days following the Grateful Dead. In fact, it was this communal sense of living I have so enjoyed which I experience each and every time I am around those in the WordPress Community.

Walking into WordCamp Nashville 2015 — #wcn15 — at the Nashville School of Law, the atmosphere reminded me much like a family reunion. Participants were greeted by a great reception area wherein they are checked off the list, obtain a WordCamp Participant Lanyard Card with their name and received a killer — as usual — WordCamp Nashville 2015 T Shirt. Coffee and pastries were provided in a communal area at the Nashville School of Law.

From beginner to developer, #WordCamp Nashville 2015 was one of the best yet. We arrived on location around 0800CST.

The line up for discussion this year included the following all star cast,

New Mom, New Town, New Job, & The Biggest Site of my Career by Kristina Johnsen-Parish & James DSCN6127Ellis; Increase Your Chances At Starting A Successful WordPress Business by James Laws; Custom Fields and Metaboxes by Joe Hills; From Zero to WordPress Publish by Michele Butcher; A Beginner’s Guide To Writing and Sharing WordPress Plugins by Kevin Stover; Hacking the Community to Build Themes Faster by Andy Wilkerson; The Care  and Feeding of Your WordPress Website by Cindy Cullen; Agile Contracting by Michael Toppa; Infinitely Scalable WordPress by Scott Humphries; How To Grow Your Email List With Your WordPress Site by Matt Thackston; ‘Entry Level’ PHP and Theming (for non-devs) by Kenneth White; Getting Hired As A DSCN6129WordPress Developer by Corey Mass; Is Your Back Porch Ready For Visitors? RSS Feeds by Robin Cornett; The Anatomy of a WordPress Theme (for devs) by Liz Fulghum; Modernizing WordPress Search with Elasticsearch by Taylor Lovett; 7 Ways to Monetize Your WordPress Website by Mark Tune; Getting Started With Custom Post Types and Taxonomies by Bryan Belanger; and Building an Enterprise Application with WordPress by Josiah Goff.

And as always no #WordCamp would be complete without the After Party which was thrown at The Flying Saucer this year!

Snap Shot Interactive, Event AppiWP Ninjas, and MainWP are a few of those displayed below:

One of the things which stands out to me, as I mulled around #wcn15 is the new and excited faces flowing in through the lobby. As opposed to a formal, suit and tie setting, people here are comfortable introducing themselves. The fact of the matter is that #WordPress is a community as opposed to an entity. The free exchange of ideas and the comfort with exposing oneself to both discussion and debate comes normally here. Part of this is based upon the dynamic of the Open Source Movement.

To communicate the power of #WordCamp and more on point, the salient fact that all are equal, #Foreclosurepedia had a tweet favorited by GoDaddy. This triggered a veritable landslide of traffic to Foreclosurepedia which got us thinking why not harness the power of Twitter which is King in the WordPress Community?!

A Tweeting exchange with parties at WordCamp Nashville 2015 and Foreclosurepedia

A Tweeting exchange with parties at WordCamp Nashville 2015 and Foreclosurepedia

James Laws gave a great speech today at WordCamp Nashville 2015 entitled Increase Your Chances At Starting A Successful WordPress Business. A great idea is not enough, you need the second element. Anybody whom tells you that starting a business is easy is lying to you. There is this third element that means I do not have control and that element is luck.

Luck is the success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. Luck is about being in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. Luck finds those whom experiment.

Experimentation: No one has been where you are. Experiment with Business Model; Services Offered; Functionality; Messaging; Distribution; and Pricing.

How you beat your competition is you outlast them. When you embrace ignorance; when you embrace change, you increase your chances of success. Part of engagement is not to push your agenda but to promote others.

I paid attention to the aforementioned quite heavily as much of it is sage advice for those in the Mortgage Field Services Industry in this current time of upheaval and radical change.

Part II tomorrow!


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