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Foreclosurepedia Making Waves When It Comes To SEO

Yet Another Slam Dunk When It Comes To SEO Stats!

When it comes to the world of Labor, all eyes have been on Foreclosurepedia — literally. Over the years, Foreclosurepedia has been synonymous with both No Contractor Left Behind and Fraud Detection. Over the past decade, there has not been a single collapse of Prime Vendors or Order Mills which has not been reported upon months, if not years, in advance of their demise. This includes the most recent tanking of Assero leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars owed to Labor with even more liens being filed against LoanCare and Fannie Mae. Their parent company, 24 Asset Management received HUD M&M FSM Awards from Craig Karnes, recently, and that firm is already skating on thin financial ice. Karnes is HUD’s Acting Deputy Chief Procurement Officer.

So, how do you play the risk in the Industry today? How do you get your message out not only to Labor, but also to have it resonate best with Industry as a whole? The reality is that the days of throwing hard earned advertising dollars at Facebook and Google doesn’t really organically target your desired audience. With the Foreclosurepedia Nation, you are guaranteed to hit the mark with Labor, who actually does your work in the field, as well as Management, wherein there is not a single public or private Vendor Manager or Promulgation Officer whom does not subscribe to our Newsletter.

When it comes to a suite of products spanning social media, broadcast media, and multiple publication channels, Foreclosurepedia is the logical choice!

The stats above, taken yesterday, do not lie. And whether you love us or hate us, the reality is that everyone reads us! And that is what you need to be thinking about this holiday season as Labor becomes fidgety and concerned over the latest loss of the HUD M&M FSM award by Guardian Asset Management. Instead of dropping tens of thousands of dollars for a spot piece about your firm’s ego, why not consider half that price to publish on Foreclosurepedia where you know the Readership is willing to engage? Why not consider sponsoring a round of Newsletters, like others you see at the bottom fold, and start realizing the click through rates for pennies on what Google charges? And why not simply start spending your money on a household name who, for years, has been the kingmaker in the Industry?


Paul Williams
Paul Williams
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