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Foreclosurepedia To Change Advertising Policy

Since we founded the Foreclosurepedia Media Institute, we have had a Policy of only allowing Google AdSense spots on any of our Websites. We felt that this Policy would keep a fundamental unbiased approach to the Advertising Revenue Streams and it has worked out well, to date.

Recently, though, we have been approached by multiple Firms; Contractors and Consumer Product Companies, whom have been greatly interested in pursuing not only Advertising Spots on our Websites, but also Sponsorship on our YouTube Foreclosurepedia Podcast Channel and additionally Requests for Endorsements.

After deliberation, the Foreclosurepedia Media Institute has decided that as we are the ONLY Property Preservation Industry targeted Media Outlet, it would behoove us to allow for all Contractors and limited Consumer Product Companies to be able to Advertise with us. Some of the Foreclosurepedia Media Institute Initiatives include: Foreclosurepedia, the Foreclosurepedia REO Wiki, the Foreclosurepedia ISTAR Forum and the YouTube Foreclosurepedia Podcast Channel.

The reality is that if you go to Google and type in of the National or Regional Order Mills or their Owners, Foreclosurepedia and the Foreclosurepedia YouTube Channel appear on Page One. Additionally, virtually any common Property Preservation Industry term or Contract searched for in Google has Foreclosurepedia or the Foreclosurepedia YouTube Channel listed on Page One as well.

We will get out a dedicated Tab on here, over the next week or so, for those Parties interested in Partnering with Foreclosurepedia. If you would like to leverage the Google SEO which Foreclosurepedia now commands, feel free to reach out and Contact Us today!


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