Foreclosuregate: Why The NAMFS And NPPG Are Asleep At The Helm

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) and the National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG) are both clear cut examples of why the Property Preservation Industry (PPI) is going to have an uphill battle ever becoming a legitimate and legal Industry.  Let me be very clear here:  THE NAMFS AND NPPG are part and parcel prime examples of that which is wrong with the PPI.  Organization begets organization; the first objective of any organization is to centralize power.  Not dissimilar to governments, any organization’s sole agenda revolves around furthering its belief system and silencing any opposition.

NAMFS History:  In 1988, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services was created by a handful of professionals throughout the mortgage field services industry.  The original intent of the Association was to provide its membership with a cohesive voice with investors and others integral to the industry.

The NPPG’s Mission Statement, when juxtaposed, is not really that different,

The mission of the National Property Preservation Guild (Guild) is to facilitate an environment where clients are placed in the best possible position to ensure Return On Investment (ROI).  The Guild will serve as an advocate for Contractors whom regularly deliver excellent service, with ethics and integrity as the foundation of their business.  In addition to supporting members and Contractors, the National Property Preservation Guild will provide educational programs to confirm all members are qualified to supply the highest quality service to the clients they serve within the preservation industry.

Both of these Organizations; the NAMFS being an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) non profit 501(c)(6) and the NPPG being an unincorporated association, seem to have similar traits.  First, neither organization seems to be able to come together on any issue let alone issue Positions on subjects which impact Contractors whom are actually performing the physical labor upon the foreclosed properties within the United States and its Territories.  A prime example of this is in addressing the latest round of demands being issued from National Order Mills (NOM) with respect to background checks and the costs passed through to Contractors.  Another example is that neither organization seems to be capable or desires to address the plight of the very Contractors whom each organization seems to be attempting to corral into a steady stream of Membership.  The plight I describe is most on point, but not limited to the defraudment across state lines by and through the refusal to pay Contractors for services rendered.

It would appear that both organizations seem to be categorically opposed to any opposition with respect to their fiefdoms.  In the case of the NAMFS, when I began publishing material which was a call to action for non violent bill collection tactics against many of their pet members the NAMFS, by and through Eric Miller, launched a war against me personally.  Remember that point, the chilling effect of an organization upon a United States Citizen’s right with respect to the First Amendment, for it appears to be a tactic utilized by all organizations.

The NPPG recently walked down the very same path as the NAMFS except with respect to one of its own members.  My understanding is that the Board of Directors were asked to vote upon the discharge of a member based upon this member’s speech in public.  Foreclosurepedia actually reached out to the Public Information Officer (PIO) for a statement last week to no avail.  This, as well, is a common theme amongst the only two flavors available to Contractors for representation within the PPI.  Neither NAMFS nor NPPG seem to be forthcoming when members of the media, public and most importantly Contractors ask questions.  To understand why, you would need to ask them.  Rather rhetorical I suppose and the true definition of irony.

Neither the NAMFS nor the NPPG are above the law.  At the end of the day both are Public; NAMFS ever more so as they exist at the leisure of myself and other taxpayers based upon their non profit status.  The NPPG exists only so long as the confidence of the Contractors remain with it.  Both organizations are bound to abide by the Constitution of the United States.  Both are subject to far more scrutiny than a Contractor in that the NAMFS and NPPG have freely, willingly and with overt intention chosen to become public figures.

The reality is that when any organization comes to you and requests that you “join” they have a sacred obligation to protect your best interests.  Common sense would dictate that if you are making a public withholding that you represent the best interests of Contractors within the PPI it would seem that you would want to be on the forefront of creating a better environment for the actual Contractors whom are physically working in the field.  Why?  Well, it increases the profit margins across the board which eventually translates into larger Membership revenue streams and ultimately higher Return on Income (ROI) for financial institutions.

In these changing times; in a world that functions in a 24/7/365 rotation, organizations would do well to closely examine where their loyalties lie.  It is a brave new world; Prometheus has arrived.  Self preservation is no longer en vogue.  With respect to the NAMFS we see the movement of the Old Guard, Lender Processing Services (LPS), away from its former glory and influence.  The writing is on the wall.  Even some of NAMFS’ Members are beginning to question the wisdom of a Board of Directors whom seem to be asleep at the helm each and every time any media outlet brings issues of corruption to the forefront.

With rumors of the NPPG contemplating a restructuring of its basic charter one must ask when was the last time anyone asked a Contractor what they thought?  Neither NAMFS nor NPPG have any statistics which even discuss what problems the actual man or woman in the field are dealing with on a daily basis.  This has always been the problem when attempting to run from the Top Down.

At the end of the day the past two decades in the Property Preservation Industry have been a case study in what happens when democracy is perverted.  Facades of organizations pretending to be concerned while lining their pockets with the money made upon the back of the men and women of this Industry are being shown for precisely that which they are.  Organizations which find needs to give $65,000 pay raises to their executives for merely working a 40 hour work week; organizations which spend well over $100,000 per year for a single individual when juxtaposed by the laborers making well under minimum wage is categorically wrong.  It is unethical, immoral and unconscionable in my opinion.

There is a reason that I have both friends and Sources on both sides of the proverbial aisle of this Industry.  The Voice of Foreclosurepedia resonates across all spectrums because it is the Voice of Truth.  To ask that Contractors be paid in accordance with the Laws of the Land is NOT novel, it is the Law!  To ask that National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills pay Contractors is NOT novel, it is the Law!  To ask that Contractors be treated with human dignity; that they not be required to enter into the toxic soup of methamphetamine and mold to retain their Contracts is standard in ANY OTHER INDUSTRY!  I do not ask for you I DEMAND IT!  More and more we are now seeing that the Real Estate Agents are suffering, silently, the same effects of this corrupt Industry.  Stand with me; stand with Foreclosurepedia!

At the end of the day I have little confidence in either the NAMFS or NPPG in being able to effect change in the Industry.  Neither have Positions with respect to Contractors and their Plight; neither seem to have the ability to either allow for public dialogue nor answer inquiries submitted by the public; and neither seem to be capable of furthering any Agenda other than that which benefits those in power.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Perhaps both the NAMFS and NPPG should consider more of a publically front facing position of transparency.  Democracy is a novel concept.

Editor’s Note:  The National Property Preservation Guild’s Mission Statement must have changed after we published.  We received this:

FYI- our mission statement has changed.  Please see below:
The mission of the National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG) is to serve as an advocate for Contractors whom provide quality services that aid in ensuring maximum Return On Investment (ROI) for property preservation clients.  Our vision is to provide education regarding property preservation best practices to both qualified Contractors and national/regional mortgage field services companies.
Thomas Clark
Burbridge General Contractors – Owner
National Property Preservation Guild – Chairman



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