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Foreclosure Victim? I Want To Talk To YOU!

About a year ago I covered the case of a homeowner, Kim Rebbe, whom Hunington National Bank, Safeguard Properties and Sanja Sasvari screwed out of her lifelong belongings. For seven long, horrible months Rebbe suffered until Foreclosurepedia stepped in. Within 24 hours, Rebbe was apparently made whole — at least half.

Rebbe’s last call to us what that Safeguard Properties offered her half of what she had filed a Claim upon. She stated that she would have to accept it by the close of business that day. I presume that she did accept their offer and that a Non Disclosure Provision was placed so that she could not speak further about the matter.

In the above case, there was a systemic collapse at all levels of the foreclosure. First and foremost though, I still do not understand how Contractors or Vendors believe that it is legal to go into a home and remove anything unless the Bank owns the property. Period. There is a reason why we have a judicial system; the Mortgage Field Services Industry seems to have forgotten its place in the Chain of Command.

I get a real kick out of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime rolling out their latest attempt to fleece people. Their proverbial pimp, Wells Fargo vis-a-vis Aspen Grove Solutions, have concocted a great hustle called Background Checks. Either you had them or you did not. Hell, even Rob Hicks over at the former Lender Processing Services along with Robert Klein are skeptical.

The reality is that you have people within both Labor and Management with Bankruptcies, Liens, Garnishments and Felony Criminal Records. No one cares and no one ever will. This is assembly line and wholesale fraud, period. Foxes watching the hen house ladies and gentlemen.

Here is what I know: When I read the sheer and utter bullshit over on Facebook and portions of LinkedIn, I have come to the realization that there really are not Independent Contractors in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. What we have, predominately, is an Industry comprised of folks whom were unemployed and needed a job. Management knew this and was quick to hire anyone whom would sign on the dotted line and break the law for them — let’s not even get into the Mold Abatement Work Orders. Even when the quasi contractors knew of illegal activity they kept their mouths shut and padded the Drive By Social Media in an attempt to look good for Management.

I had an epiphany yesterday. The clarity of the epiphany was such that it appeared as if I could see all the zeros and ones forming into a distinct pattern. That pattern was that the Financial Institutions whom were the genesis of our Financial Crisis were really immaterial. If you remove the foot soldiers from the equation, the battle was won. It was much like what if the Government declared a war and no one showed up?!  😉

I might not always be right, but I am NEVER wrong. Let me explain: I predicted the Regional Order Mills were going away. They have been: How’s Midwest Metro these days? Is Berghorst Enterprises still smooth sailing? How about good ‘ol A&M Recovery? This list goes on and on and on. If you take a look at the recent updates on the Foreclosurepedia ISTAR Map, you eyes are going to bulge. While only few hundred are on public display, we have been tracking thousands of these bottom feeders for years.

I realized that Foreclosurepedia needs to begin to shift its focus over to assisting homeowners as well. Why? Well, homeowners are generally a segment of folks whom have the intelligence to collective litigate. By providing their lawyers with the inside intelligence which ISTAR possesses, it will begin to rid the Industry of both the Order Mills and quasi contractors whom have rotted the Industry to the core.

What few Contractors there were in the Mortgage Field Services Industry migrated out last year. The reality is that I have honestly grown weary of hearing the same story told with only the geographic area changed. A real Contractor would Lien Properties, Sue the Vendors and Contact their Representatives.

With respect to the Order Mills, if they are a Member of the NAMFS Regime then they will never change. Period. They cannot as their lot is cast; if they ask for their fellow members to be held accountable they will loose work. The non NAMFS Regime Members may be cut from a different cloth; I only know of several and at least they do not appear to be committing the wholesale atrocities and crimes against humanity I have covered to date.

I have amassed a tremendous amount of information over the years; Operation Manuals, Command Structures, Email Lists, it goes on to infinity. I have also amassed the Wiki Tree data which begins to drill down on precisely who owns whom. The meticulous details in the Complaints I have documented from folks will show an out-of-control Industry wherein Background Checks are the least of anyone’s concerns. In essence, I am going to begin to release a lawyer’s wet dream to the homeowners.

Foreclosurepedia always has been and always will be a Social Activist Driven Platform. It is entirely my opinion and accordingly where and how I choose to move its direction is at my discretion. The reality is that this Industry has absolutely no interest in becoming legal. While the Banks may be To Big To Fail Or Sue, those Order Mills and Contractors in it are not.

If you are a homeowner whom has been victimized by the Mortgage Field Services Industry, I want to talk to YOU! If you have had thugs lurking around in the shadows taking photos I want to help you! If you had your home broken into and criminals have stolen your possessions, I want to work with you and your lawyer. I am the Key Master to this insidious mess.

If you are a homeowner or a lawyer, feel free to get a hold of me today!

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.




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