Five Brothers Rushes For Contact Visits As COVID Cases Jump

Safeguard Properties Paying $3 Per Inspection As Northsight Management Hits Wallets

Five Brothers, a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) member, issued out a new Memorandum instructing Minority Females and Labor that they will be required to begin making contact visits effective immediately. We warn the Foreclosurepedia Nation that the Five Brothers website is listed by Google as Not Secure and you may risk having your information stolen. With that said, over 2 million people in the US have tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID) and more than 110,000 have died. And as Republicans continue to rush the re-opening of the US for profiteering reasons, the cost in lives is tallied accordingly. Five Brothers, a staunch supporter of NAMFS and a reliably contrarian reactionary against Labor, has adopted the Nuremberg Defense which was the Nazi Party Line during the WW II Tribunals. It is the typical attempt to insulate oneself from political outrage and liability. In fact, this is NAMFS dogma, time and time again, when they deploy chargebacks. Chargebacks are the unjust enrichment of NAMFS members by seizing monies owed upon one project from another. Moreover, though, those seizures never see the light of day in a court as NAMFS members are the only ones whom are allowed to appeal the matter to. They are the judge and jury. Their excuse — we are ordered to do it.

Simply take a read through the latest Five Brothers Memo ordering Essential Workers into harm’s way, regardless of the cost of life,

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With no concern for what the State law may be, Five Brothers is ordering Contact Inspections, effective immediately, and laying the blame off on their Clients. Here is the pertinent part of the Memo,

With the lifting of stay at home orders across the nation, we are starting to receive direction from our clients to begin commencement of Contact Inspections once again. Moving forward, please be sure to read the individual instructions on the inspection for direction regarding whether attempted contact is required or not.

As if that wasn’t enough, Safeguard Properties is now attempting to pay three dollars per inspection. I want that to sink in, for just a moment. Minority homeowners are poised to lose the largest investment in their lifetime based upon three dollars! We included a recent confirmation of this at the end of the article. And identical to all other NAMFS members, Safeguard Properties and Five Brothers are laying the costs of COVID protection off on Labor without any additional pay. Being that an average inspection to seize a home comes in at a paltry three dollars, it will be curious to see how many folks rush to commit suicide by COVID in order that Five Brothers may continue profiting. To put this obscene fact into layman’s terms, over the past 11 weeks from March 18, when U.S. lockdowns started, the wealth of America’s richest people surged by over $565 billion, while 42.6 million workers filed for unemployment, according to Reuters. And there appears to be no end in sight. In fact, almost all NAMFS members pocketed millions of dollars from the US Government for both Essential Workers — of which Minority Females and Labor are considered — as well as to bring employees back to work. Not a single penny of that has been distributed to those performing inspections in the field. Five Brothers, though, is no stranger to controversy. Foreclosurepedia reported upon the federal investigation against they and US Bank for violating the False Claims Act in a scheme alleged to have cost the US Government over One Hundred Million Dollars. Five Brothers was never cleared of the charges as the case was simply voluntarily dismissed by the Relator.

Five Brothers isn’t the only NAMFS member in the public spotlight, though. Northsight Management has begun an unethical campaign attempting to fleece hundreds of thousands of dollars from unsuspecting Essential Workers. Reports are coming in that Northsight Management is sending alleged debts — without judicial orders — to bill collectors attempting to shake down Essential Workers. Many speculate that Josh Sarchet, Northsight Management’s owner, may be attempting to simply make payroll in light of his recent loss of the Fannie Mae contracts. Whatever the reason, to target Essential Workers to enrich oneself is cowardly, at best.

A third grader is capable of understanding the risks which Five Brothers is exposing Essential Workers to with no meaningful regard for assisting in their safety,

These statistics from NPR are part and parcel why Five Brothers is a dangerous firm to be involved with. Any firm — NAMFS member or otherwise — whom refuses to both compensate Essential Workers additionally as well as refuses to protect those same Essential Workers, has no business in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. We encourage Labor to reach out to the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) and work with them to bring long needed change to the Industry. Remaining silent for a three dollar inspection makes no more sense than working for Five Brothers themselves. Below is the Safeguard Properties payment scheme,


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