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First Annual Contractor Summit: Laying The Foundations

One of the unique challenges in putting together any type of production is laying firm foundations. Never in the history of the Property Preservation Industry have Contractors came together to collectively voice opinions. That concept was one of the fundamental pillars for the creation of Foreclosurepedia and the Foreclosurepedia Media Institute. Today, the landscape within the Industry has dramatically changed. First, Contractors now have a single source; the only Source, of information within the Industry —- Foreclosurepedia. Second, the proliferation of Social Media, has allowed for Contractors to communicate in real time. This instantaneous communication now allows for Contractors to identify National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills whom refuse to pay and also those whom seek healthy and productive alliances with Labor. The establishment of the Property Preservation Consortium on LinkedIn by Foreclosurepedia was the genesis of multiple Social Media trends on Facebook and other platforms. The natural evolution of Labor; of Contractors, is now to have a Summit to begin to lay out the framework of 21st Century Labor – Management relations.

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) is celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year. NAMFS has effectively advocated on behalf of its Membership; the Order Mills, by gaining insight by and through understanding that which impacts the financial bottom line. Through discussions, Conferences and surveys, NAMFS has been able to determine problems and recalibrate strategies.

Labor’s unique challenge is to first quantify issues which Contractors are experiencing. This task, alone, is monumental. Next and most importantly, Labor must bring SOLUTIONS to the Table. In order to facilitate either goal, Contractors will have to get beyond their petty grievances and realize that change is is painful. It requires that not only do we identify problems with the Order Mills, but we also identify problems within our own Rank and File.

Many within the Industry, Contractors and Order Mills alike, look towards Foreclosurepedia with a bit of suspicion. Concerns have been voiced by fringe Order Mills parading around as Contractors due to the enormity of our Intelligence Apparatus. Likewise, Order Mills and Financial Institutions have voiced concerns which slant towards a Hoffa-esque mystique. Our response to both camps is that instead of being a part of the Problem they should become part of the Solution. Foreclosurepedia desires that which is best for the Industry: A level playing field with those players, Order Mill and Contractor alike, whom are committing fraud to be removed by any legal means necessary.

The Industry plants; the mouthpieces stirring hate and discontent talking about change, these clowns need to get out of the way of those of us whom ARE EFFECTING CHANGE! At the end of the day, Contractors should take note of whom do they go to when there is nowhere else to go! Is the NAMFS helping both homeowners and Contractors get paid? No, but Foreclosurepedia is! The next time some conspiracy crack pot drums the concept up that the Order Mills are really good guys, ask them whom they work for and how much of their work do they physically do themselves!

In looking towards the First Annual Contractor Summit, Foreclosurepedia realizes that we are not in an ideal position oversee the entirety of the Summit. Ideally, an organization such as the National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG) could play a key role here. Granted, the NPPG has seen a recent upheaval within its Board of Directors, NPPG has a possibility to actively engage both its Membership and Contractors at large by and through the Summit. Factions within NPPG, it would appear, seem to be stuck in a time warp in that they are influenced by obvious Industry pundits. Unable to realize the obvious benefits of strategic partnership, they forge alliances to further their personal agendas as opposed to that of the Membership. Hopefully, the new leadership will have pause for a healthy dose of introspection. In the same way that Paula Dean’s private statements came back to haunt her several decades after the fact, the Guild will realize that they are at a precipice; that the NPPG is poised to begin to shape the direction of the Industry by and through Labor.

One of the unique activities of the Foreclosurepedia Media Institute is to serve as a Think Tank for the Property Preservation Industry. We germinate ideas and then roll them out for implementation to those best suited to successfully complete them. The concept of the First Annual Contractor Summit is an example of that which the Institute created. In nearly 30 years, Contractors never recognized that they had the ability to come together to establish a statistical base; to offer and implement Solutions, side-by-side, with the Industry. Even NAMFS has absolutely NO IDEA what Contractors think let alone are capable of.

Information is the most valuable commodity on the face of the Earth. Those whom know how to both obtain and act upon actionable intelligence are head and shoulders above their peers. To know, to dare and to keep silent.

Foreclosurepedia would like to recommend that the NPPG take the lead in organizing the First Annual Contractor’s Summit. While we are both capable and committed to both organizing and running the Summit, we feel that the NPPG should be given the opportunity to meaningfully engage the very Contractors whom they were originally founded to represent. Provided that NPPG is transparent in its implementation and unbiased in its moderation of discussions, we feel NPPG could quite possibly establish itself as both a force to be reckoned with in the Industry and additionally capable of providing Solutions to Problems even when those Solutions may not be popular. Ultimately, the decision of NPPG both sponsoring and running the First Annual Contractor’s Summit lies at the discretion of both its Membership and the will of the NPPG Board of Directors; while it is impossible to gauge the factions at play within and without NPPG, we are hopeful that they will contemplate our offer. Regardless; in the event that NPPG chooses not to take the lead, Foreclosurepedia will ensure that the Summit goes off without a hitch just like each and every other First Foreclosurepedia has brought to the Industry. Foreclosurepedia wil continue to stand by the side of Labor; to stand with the Contractors, in their plight to correct systemic disfunction.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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