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Eric Miller: The Vain Imposter of Liberty Whom Wears No Clothes

NAMFS Coffers Raided By Eric Miller, Inc.

The pharisaical hypocrisy surrounding the aging National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Executive Director, Eric Miller, is best exemplified by his latest demands of over $110,000 a year in salary to remain constant as it has for almost a decade now. In support of His Highness Miller’s demands he personally submitted to the IRS in May of 2023 justification of his demands as success of his actions — or inactions as the Industry has seen. First, the Miller Regime lost $62,104 in their latest publicly filed fiscal year. Obviously, the opportunities of avarice and corruption have been bound by Miller to NAMFS — the fleecing of a nonprofit, so to speak. This, while the Miller Regime increased expenses by over $90,000! Let that sink in, for a moment while ruminating upon the simple and salient fact that NAMFS membership has dropped by nearly $13,000 YoY. Only a short time ago, NAMFS levied hundreds of thousands of dollars in membership fees and today they set at a meager $59,684. Let’s recap the looting of the trade association by the Miller Regime,

Currently, Eric Miller’s salary consumes 184.3% of all NAMFS member dues. Moreover, though, Eric Miller’s salary is $172,104 more than the entire revenue stream! 


The opulence demanded by Eric Miller, at the expense of Minority Females and Labor, is a clear demonstration of precisely how far evil men will go to commit wholesale looting of nonprofit organizations. More surprising, though, is the lengths to which Miller’s Board signs off on the fleecing of their own nonprofit. Like a page ripped out of the REOMAC playbook — now the new and improved NADP — everything but the light covers are being hocked in order to keep Miller’s decades long financial rampage afloat.

Miller’s intransigence, when it comes to his adamant refusal to understand that it is Labor, not Management, whom performs the services. And those very services are that which everyone is paid from — A Contract Without Labor Has Zero Value!

In our Paid Industry Insider, we break down the massive amount of funds Miller and his Regime have squandered and dig deep into the next chapter of the potential IRS investigation to come.

Paul Williams
Paul Williams
Off Grid Linux Junkie and Always a Friend of Labor!


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