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Eric Miller: The Moral Imperative of Revolt Is Upon Him

Eric Miller must go. The enrichment of Miller and his family must come to an end. Miller is the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) whom is paid OVER ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES. It is incumbent upon Labor; ney, it is incumbent upon the US Taxpayer, to remove Eric Miller and the establishment which continues to enrich his family must be cast into the bowels of hell where they belong. I base this opinion upon the fact that, once again, I reached out to Miller after his protected pet Joe Hummel called me preaching the gospel of his latest spin to save Labor. Miller, in his typical recalcitrant manner refused to discuss anything other than disavow that which Hummel stated Miller had said — that Hummel ought to think outside the box in an attempt to silence me. It’s not as if Miller did not personally commission a previous dry run at frivolous litigation against me — I keep the letter from his lawyer framed on my wall. Miller also stated,

That said, the continued reference to Mr. Hummel as a member of the Finance Committee is erroneous as NAMFS does not have such a committee.

Joe Hummel's LinkedIn Profile
Joe Hummel’s LinkedIn Profile

My bad, Eric. Let’s not act all holier than thou, because you’re not. I have your dossier, my man. You are not exactly a beacon of light. You see, your petulant attitude is why I publicly voice my opinions. It goes beyond the pale to act so sanctimonious about Finance vs Fundraising when Joe Hummel is convicted of financial crimes. So, I wanted to take the time and return the favor; your favor to me of disrespect and my favor to you in expressing my opinion about you and your family.

Before you get all out there like a deer caught in the headlights — again — best ask for the background check on Hummel’s boss. See, he thought he would get all sanctimonious, as well. Must be a fucking NAMFS trait. Can’t be in the water as the last NAMFS #FraudFest couldn’t even AFFORD TO BUY WATER!

I have been following with enthusiasm your disgrace and public shame. Your time spent as a sodbuster in Missouri is a true testament to precisely why NAMFS lost over 150 Members since 2011 when I launched #OpNAMFS. Having Kyle over at NY Field Services reach out and try to spin shit was novel — or maybe Kyle was doing that on his own, I don’t know. Regardless, when you have people call me, or they call on their own, they really should rehearse the call so their voice doesn’t tremble.

Eric, you are shamed by those whom were prior your acolytes. Is your goal to show contempt or to do a public service? I ask this as the reality is that you have placed a US Government target on the back of every single NAMFS Committee Member by and through your callous actions of keeping Hummel close to your breast like a mother suckles a child.

I think it’s easy to mistake understanding for empathy. I believe that initially I thought I understood the criminal mind, but I realized that I really didn’t. When I began to recognize that NAMFS will do anything in its power to ensure that those convicted of financial crimes remain seated, I realized then that it was empathy which I possessed.

Is your worst fear that people will now and forever believe they were indeed just taken for a ride? I mean when you look at the nearly SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLAR LOSS last year on NAMFS #FraudFest 2014. And I am sure we know that this year’s NAMFS #FraudFest 2015 in the Big Easy is going to be even worse! With the financing of your jet setting lifestyle in conjunction with your outlandish salary of OVER ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR, how precisely is it that you are even able to look people in the eye? Oh, I understand that last year’s #FraudFest with the Great Fist Bump and the Disco Shirts brought a smile, but little did you know that it was from derision and not humor.

Eric, you strike me as pedestrian and base neanderthal; unrefined and unworthy to be called even a common criminal. The protruding forehead and near knuckle dragging is indicative of the fact that mathematics are not your best suit. It would appear that the English language has seeped from your memory or perhaps the elocution of the vernacular is far too sublime of a concept. That is why, time and again, I must file IRS 13909 Complaints to even get a response pertaining to the NAMFS IRS Form 990 Income Tax Return which, under law, must always be available for inspection. Whether it is your fear of interacting with me or your violation of the law in purposeful avoidance, has no bearing upon the conversation.

Year after year after year Eric, you are the causation of catastrophic financial losses from within the NAMFS Coffers. What used to be a bountiful War Chest is now much like a street urchin’s tin cup rattling change in the alley way. Tragic and yet so novel in that the very cons are being conned. At $100K per year times hell just 3 years of salary; adding the loss in NAMFS Membership and loss in collections at the #FraudFest, why Eric you are on your way to far exceed the quintessential definition of a fucktard. I mean this is #EpicScale in how you have completely destroyed a Trade Association which John Ward built up over two and a half decades — one and a half of those decades occurred while you were still fumbling like a freshman in the back seat of sedan in the Missouri sun.

Tell me Eric, how does that square with the death of John Ward? Do you think Jonnie has a smile on his face; do you think, if you have the luxury of religion, that he is kicking it with the cloud people praising your name with respect to how you have sullied the good reputation of NAMFS which he spent a lifetime building? Pride, Eric. Your pride is what is crucifying even the innocent, now.

I do what I do because I CAN! I brought a TWENTY EIGHT MILLION DOLLAR piece of source code to the Industry and gave it to a few NAMFS Members BECA– USE I CAN! You do not have a Committee or meeting which occurs without one of my Sources embedded — because I can.

On the real, Eric, stop acting like a little prima dona. Act like you have a pair, soldier. Step up and be recognized. Because I tell you what, Eric, people really are beginning to wonder why you are so terrified to speak to me. Personally, I could give two shits. It simply reinforces my opinion and belief that you are both a coward and a con artist.

My, my Eric. You see you dance to my beat, now. And the irony in that your inability to allow quid quo pro; to address the $82 owed to me and the disrespect I encountered from Asset Management Solutions (AMS) when they sicked their cripple and faggot on me — Mathis and Lambert. You see Eric, time and time again you cast your lot with the harlots like Heather Berghorst. Tell me Eric my boy, how is she treating you these days?! Was it worth it? Did you really think that I was incorrect? Yeah, two bankruptcies; two federal court orders to pay over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS now; Fifth Third Bank whom is going to slam dunk the hag on Willful and Malicious Injury charges — well, you get the point. And to think that you were always there for her Eric. You, my boy, have single handedly brought under the spectre of federal investigations more NAMFS Members than in its entire combined history! One might even inquire if perhaps it has all been calculated?

I mean let’s explore the possibility, no matter how remote, that you might be a confidential informant or perhaps a proxy. I mean 150+ Members lost; rapidly approaching a MILLION DOLLARS in losses if you include your salary; bankruptcies by NAMFS Board Members whom were appointed under your Regime. I mean it has all the earmarks of a great Hollywood Movie.

You see Eric, nothing makes us more vulnerable than loneliness except greed. And my how the Gods have cursed you it would appear. With that said, I am hopeful that the homefires are still a burning. Would be a shame, wouldn’t it. Granted, the thriving metropolis of Stow, Ohio, isn’t cosmopolitan, but I would venture the guess that when one’s masculinity becomes eviscerated, well now, some always tend to look for the greener grass on the other side.

To close out my thoughts and opinions, Eric, why not get a job at McDonald’s? I mean they are hiring and really the job doesn’t require a tremendous amount of mental acumen. I mean Happy Meals for the kids; extra apple pie and shit for the missus if you get the trash taken out on time. Hell, tell you what. I’ll cut you a deal because I really want you to finally succeed at something in your life: You put in for the job and I will be your personal reference! See, I have your best interests at heart, Eric! Or, maybe I have it all wrong, huh? Maybe my opinion of you and all the records and documents and emails I have compiled over the past 4 years are just plain fucked up. If so, why not swallow that fear you have and pick up the phone! I mean hell, get all Rambo and shit. I have thick skin, my man. Want to publish a rebuttal? Send it over and I will publish it unmolested. See, that’s key. No way in hell can the NAMFS Offender Members state that they have left Labor unmolested.

Everyone can keep up with the NAMFS Offender Member Series here. We are going to begin to crank it up all the way through NAMFS #FraudFest 2015! Down like two flat tires, baby!


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  1. Paul, you really shouldn’t hold all that emotion inside… just cut loose and let us know how you really feel about Mr. Miller. LOL

    Great article. I love the smell of NAMFS roasting in the morning.

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