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Eric Miller And Jay Goscinski Appear To Be Huddled Up For The Final Quarter

Jay Goscinski, Michigan Realty Solutions, has received more protection from Eric Miller and Adriana Farelo-Fernandez as I see it than most high profile organized crime mob bosses pending trial as snitches. And the reality is that Miller has been shown to be the epitome of what lies are made of. For those late on the train, Miller is the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime, a financial terrorist organization in my opinion. In fact, Miller whom is paid over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL OFFENDER MEMBER DUES, has been recalcitrant to keep his promise to shitcan Goscinski if issues arose over Goscinski’s refusal to pay Members of Labor. Here is one of the most recent comments placing Goscinski straight in the crosshairs,

Just finished listening to your podcast 01/26/2015. with Jeff Carlson. Found it very interesting. However it didn`t surprise me that Cheap suit Jay would stoop to that. I am another victim of MRS. I signed on with them July of 2012. It wasn`t always a bed of roses with them, but I did get paid and managed to stay afloat. April 2014 things started to go down hill fast.No payments, empty promises, Truck got repoed, bill collectors at my door. contacted Altisource, and did finally get paid what I was owed. And the check cleared. Dumb me, at that point I should have taken my money and ran away. But I didn`t  I continued to preform work for them. Still waiting on payments from 09/2014. Its not as much as they owed me before ($ 5,383.00) But im still owed payment.I have contacted an Attorney in Flint Michigan, but she tells me I have to pursue it here ( Pennsylvania ) because that is where I`m from. She told me if Cheap Suit has to come here for court, she is pretty sure he will want to settle.. Attorney Generals Office In Flint is pretty useless also.I want to see this Son of a bitch Fry. I do not care , what ever it takes. Count me in. I know he doesn`t owe me as much as he owes some others. Its not about the money anymore. The Bastard needs to go down. What ever it takes.

The reality is that probably far sooner than later, Members of Labor will take matters into their own hands. While I do not support violence, the reality is that at some point-in-time the environment which Eric Miller and Adriana Farelo-Fernandez are fomenting will eventually spawn some Viet Nam era Postal Workers. And let me be very blunt here: Eric Miller could ratchet all of this down a notch by holding an Ethics Hearing on Jay Goscinski which was the message that he conveyed to multiple NAMFS Rank and File last year when he was directly asked by them why Goscinski was allowed into the NAMFS Regime to begin with. If there is eventually blood spilled and I pray that this does not happen, the reality is that it will be on the hands of Eric Miller and Adriana Farelo-Fernandez. Why do I say this? Here, take a read of one of the more milder comments with respect to Goscinski fucking a family on Christmas by cancelling their check,

Thank u. I’m soo fucking livid right now. Mr . CARLSON is only about 45 minutes from me. Could u send him an email and introduce us?

I mean this is the State of Play we are entering into now. Before long, bullet proof vests will become a line item business expense write off. With that said, we are now going to release the addresses of many of the work order addresses of Altisource Properties momentarily.


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