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Epilogue: A Tragic Footnote On Mergers

When I left Foreclosurepedia, the Company, to run my Blog full time I put a bottle of Pepto Bismo next to my cased Flag on my desk. Why? Well, I knew that writing, full time, was going to be an upsetting experience. I knew, for example, that when you take on an Industry — an Industry which is fueled by corruption and greed — it would play out much like a Political Campaign.

Members of Congress are firing across each other’s bow right now using terms like terrorists and thugs for each other. Brinksmanship is the Name of the Game within the Beltway. What would normally be considered atrocious twenty years ago is now considered the norm.

The bittersweet victory; the ability to see yet another Contractor paid — in this case Foreclosurepedia The Company — rings hollow in an Industry wherein there are no winners. The By Line is that the final page is turning in the Property Preservation Industry.

The onset of conformity with Dodd – Frank Legislation is already making waves throughout the Industry. Knee jerk reactions to Background Checks, audits … you name it are making their way down the Pike to Contractors. Why Contractors? Well, did you really think that the National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills were going to be responsible for the liability?!

That is the direction Foreclosurepedia is going to head. Now that I have no personal skin in the Game, I will begin to focus completely upon getting out Investigative Articles chronicling the Industry from the inception of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS).

While I will still attempt to help Contractors get paid, my larger focus will be upon the Insurance Fraud, collusion between parties and ultimately the Ponzi type schemes wherein insolvent Companies are utilizing Labor to stay afloat such as the Jason Mathis and Brandon Lambert debacle.

The Footnote to the Epilogue is that Assurant Property Advantage (APA) sent their check today for pay three months ago. Bittersweet, but noteworthy as they could have simply forced Liens. Field Asset Services (FAS) or whatever they are know as today is alleged to be making Payment today after removing all of our ability to access our information. Ditto IN RE: APA. Will they? Their attorney states such so I figure it will happen.

While this is the End of the Chapter on my personal involvement of working within the Industry, it is the Introduction to the Trilogy which will now cover the Industry.

This should have never happened. It is saddening and tragic. Free Speech has a HIGH Cost. Lives ruined by their own actions or lack thereof. I am gravely concerned, going forward, with the insidious assault upon Free Speech. Keep your mouth shut and you can work. Opine and we will sue you. Like Pontius Pilot, I wash my hands clean and leave the rabble to argue amongst themselves. I enter into the analytical world now with a ferver. Like a Prophet on Holy Pilgrimage to the Holy Land or Mecca, the iniquity must be cleansed. Stay tuned!


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