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Did We Sacrifice San Juan Only To Loose Tampa?

NAMFS Recovers From The Five Star Hangover As Hurricane Ian Targets Tampa

For years, the United States has kept its dirty little secret of its captive slave nation of Puerto Rico fairly well guarded. Raped by hedge funds, its territory used for shelling by the US Navy, and its ability to do business with any other nation other than the US banned by law — the Jones Act — the reality is that as we watch Hurricane Ian barrel down on Tampa, many in Puerto Rico are definitely not losing any sleep. Hurricane Ian will probably be the worst hurricane to make landfall in Florida in over a century. And the fact of the matter is that if you are currently reading this article from Tampa, right now, your only hope for survival will be to evacuate in the next several hours.

It isn’t surprising that Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, hasn’t had anything to say. After his Bacchanalian vacation at the recent Five Star, the reality is the Mortgage Field Services Industry is the furthest thing from his mind. In fact, his last Twitter post was on 21 September at the Five Star and a leading retweet from 09 September and was about suicide pegged at the top! Wow, that really tells you something about his state of mind!

Many in the Industry are chomping at the bit to get Labor into the disaster area — before it even hits! The reality, though, is that with an attrition rate hitting well over 80% now, from Industry highs, no one is going to leave their families to rush off for three dollar inspections. And more on point, with Florida now being the Wall Street South and home to a tremendous amount of Industry order mills, we are going to witness precisely how terms like Disaster Recovery Plans are implemented. It is well and good that the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on conferences for mid level staffers to get liquored up happened, but whether or not they retained, let alone implemented, any of the information actually occurred. As a CTO responsible for multiple nonprofit IT systems — some in Florida — built on a Microsoft Azure backbone, I can tell you that today is not the day to figure out if your plan is ready for Game Day.

My estimates peg damages in upwards of $55 Billion in the Tampa MSA — metropolitan statistical area. And with Wall Street now in a bear market, the Florida insurance marketspace almost completely destroyed thanks to years of a DeSantis failure to act environment, the reality is that there is no preventing the veritable collapse of Tampa much like there will be no preventing the 12 – 15 foot storm surges which are going to wipe out portions of Tampa itself.

With a direct hit on Tampa now all but a foregone conclusion, the path of Ian is much like the path of the Build To Rent portfolios which raged during COVID. 15 – 25 inches of rain are expected to drop as Ian slams through Tampa to Orlando to Jacksonville, where ServiceLink has a major office complex. Surprisingly, not a single alert has gone out cancelling work in the Tampa area let alone encouraging Labor to seek shelter or evacuate. Like everything else — other than the Almighty Dollar — everything is but a stepping stone to profit.

Foreclosurepedia wishes Labor the best as Hurricane Ian hits Tampa and while the Industry and NAMFS both refuse to acknowledge the horrific landfall event of Hurricane Ian you are going to experience, we stand ready to assist all International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) members whom require immediate assistance!

Paul Williams
Paul Williams
Off Grid Linux Junkie and Always a Friend of Labor!


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