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DAX Field Services Exposes Contractors And Clients To Criminals

From An Article Coming Out In Minutes: To show, though, truly how insecure the Mortgage Field Services Industry has become, DAX Field Services has a file that they keep lying around — along with a HUGE AMOUNT OF THEM IN A GOOGLE SEARCHputting 24HRCORP on front street,

On: Mar 7, 2014 @ 5:47 AM
IP: xx.24.140.95

  • First Name:: xxxxx

  • Last Name:: xxxxx

  • Street Address:: xxxxxx Foothill Blvd #9

  • City:: Sylmar

  • State:: California

  • Zip:: 91342

  • Phone:: 818xxx3464

  • Email::

  • Do you have a valid drivers license ?: Yes

  • When can you start ?: 03/06/14

  • Business Name:: ANB Field Inspections

  • Business Type:: Sole Proprietorship

  • In Business Since:: 2004

  • Have you ever been convicted of a felony ?: No

  • Do you have General Liability / Errors & Omission Insurance?: No

  • Are you currently involved in a lawsuit?: No

  • Are you currently performing inspections?: Yes

  • Current Number of monthly inspections perform:: 400

  • Client 1- Company Name:: 24 Hr Corp

  • Client 1- Contact Name:: Steve Pierce

  • Client 1- Contact Phone:: (424) 781-0002 Direct

  • Client 1- Contact Email::

  • Coverage Area (State): California

  • California Counties:: Los Angeles County

  • Inspection Software you currently use:: Inspectorade

  • Equipment you currently use:: Windows 7 Laptop, Scanner, Printer, Ms Streets and Trips, Android Smartphone

  • Do you have high speed internet?: Yes

It gets even worse, though. Over 156 Personal Contractor Files are exposed on Google under DAX Field Services New Contractor Registration Submission. Virtually every Company within the Mortgage Field Services Industry is now exposed due to the lax attitude of the NAMFS Regime and their undue attention to Background Checks which were already being performed. Here, we have Michael Evangelo’s National Mortgage Field Services (NMFS) Company exposed along with the Contractor. Additionally, these Contractors list the details of Firms such as MSI, Safeguard Properties, Lender Processing Services — it goes on and on and on. God bless them Order Mills for helping the criminals get all the Confidential Information they need to commit fraud for years to come! When we called DAX Field Services, a Detroit Company, a recording stated that it was DAX VENTURES, so who really knows what is what.


I am at a loss to understand why it is that Eric Miller and the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime are so worried about Background Checks as they are already performed — oh, Aspen Grove doesn’t get the money that’s right. Maybe it’s time to concentrate on SERIOUS SHIT like Information Security!

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