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Aspen Gove Cited For Loss Of LPS Contract

Aspen Grove Solutions, Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime, has finally been implicated in a potential monopolization scheme. Since the inception of the NAMFS Regime’s demands that ONLY Aspen Grove be utilized for background checks, I have made the prediction that sooner or later a Company would be injured financially over what is a prima facie case of kickback schemes. Aspen Grove’s demands for payments to register and then astronomically obscene pricing for their background checks has always been seen for that which it is: A Shakedown. It should also be noted that Aspen Grove DOES NOT even perform their own background checks — they OUTSOURCE IT!

In a confidential email sent to Brian Davis, the Senior Business Consultant for Lender Processing Services – Black Knight and Member of the LPSBK Financial Controls and Investor Administration team, Todd LaSalle lays out his allegations that LPSBK have defaulted upon their Contract with him based upon LaSalle’s refusal to give Aspen Grove their Payment — their Kickback in my opinion.

We have always complied with every requirement given to us – – no matter how ridiculous, and have always maintained an impeccable service record with LPS (and all of our clients for that matter).  The only issue I have had was very recently with the “background check” requirement.  I expressed my concerns about this policy to Ed Hines, and we began a very brief dialog about it, and then he essentially stopped responding to me.  I did register with your Aspen Grove company, to the tune of $100 (which I would like to have refunded to me).  But never ran any background checks (thank GOD!), because all of my people had just been background checked in 2013.  I will go on the record and say that I absolutely believe that these current developments are taking place BECA– USE I did not comply with your illegal requirement that I conduct background checks from Aspen Grove.  I am being given all sorts of B.S. reasons for the termination of my RFP – everything from “executive decisions”, “consolidation”, “client negotiations”, etc., etc. – – however, none of this makes any sense – – the only thing that makes sense is that this all stems from the Aspen Grove background check requirement – which coincidentally goes in to effect on May 17th.

Todd LaSalle is the owner of TLC Inspection Services LLC, based out of Nevada. With a long history of working with LPSBK and currently involved in a Contract with them, it is apparent that the Aspen Grove Tribute Payments are going to be challenged.

I got wind that something was going on roughly 48 hours ago, after I was indirectly contacted by someone from 24HRFS to start doing LPS work for them in Nevada.  This obviously caused some immediate concern for me.
I picked up the phone and called Ed Hines – – and basically was absolutely lied to.  Ed told me that what was happening was that “LPS was bringing on some additional clients”, and was “considering” adding a 3rd vendor to begin covering Nevada.  I repeatedly asked Ed why I had not been involved or advised about any negotiations, or given the chance to bid, etc., etc.  Ed essentially told me that all of this was “over his head” and that he would look in to it and call me back.  Again, for the record, it is my opinion that Ed flat out, bold-face LIED to me.  None of what he said was true.  After being associated with LPS for so many years, I find it pathetic and sad that our association would end in such a way – – where one of your underlings would be put on the phone to lie to me about what was going on.
TLC Inspection Services, LLC has been in business in Nevada for 15 years, and has been associated with LPS for at least 8 to 10 of those years.  Like any business relationship, we have had our ups and downs.  We had some trouble with inspections in Reno a few years back, and weathered the storm created by the departure of Chase Bank more recently.  We successfully bid for and were awarded the State-wide RFP a few years ago (an RFP agreement which you are now wiping your ass with by the way).

LPSBK has, instead, opted to take LaSalle’s Written Contract — remember this is different than a simple Contract, this is a Binding RFP Agreement — and assign it to Chris Dorpat, 24HRCOPR. We decided to take a look at whom Dorpat is and how he has fared in the past — not that LPSBK give two shits about sending shit to their Client, but we as taxpayers do.

As early as 2003, Christopher Douglas Dorpat was following the traditions of the NAMFS Regime. Dorpat was a Real Estate Appraiser in the State of Minnesota and decided to submit fraudulent information in an Appraisal. Dorpat stated that he had submitted legitimate property valuations around a property located at 30700 County 7 BLVD, Welch, MN. In fact, Dorpat lied and had submitted photos for a property located at 29333 Kohn LN, Red Wing, MN. When the Minnesota Department of Commerce Ordered him to produce the Appraisal File, he failed to do such and admitted that he failed to inspect comparable homes for the Appraisal. As a direct result, the State of Minnesota Dismissed his Real Estate Appraisal License in May of 2006.

As I recall, this type of activity is listed by the NAMFS Regime as a Condition for Barring from the Mortgage Field Services Industry — oh, that’s right as long as Eric Miller gets his cold, hard cash to help pay for Bret Douglas and the NAMFS BOTG Florida it is all good! The story doesn’t stop there, though. What, you thought it did? Nothing is ever as simple as that with the NAMFS Regime and their Minions.

Seems that Chris Dorpat and 24HRCORP and 24HR Appraisers decided to piss off some more folks whom sued him. Most recently is the Christopher Joy LLC Lawsuit down in Fort Bend, TX. Seems Dorpat continued down his path of that which the NAMFS Regime holds true to in that Dorpat and the NAMFS Regime feel they are above the law.

Dorpat found Guilty and Ordered To Pay Nearly ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS
Dorpat found Guilty and Ordered To Pay Nearly ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS

Where life gets real shitty is that Lender Processing Services, the same Lender Processing Services whom is taking work from LaSalle and awarding it to Dorpat and 24HRCORP was Served with a Writ of Garnishment to seize Dorpat’s monies and issue them to Christopher Jay LLC. Now, the only reason that a Writ of Garnishment is issued is because the Defendant is both recalcitrant and refusing to Obey the Order of the Court! So, Dorpat is in classical NAMFS Regime style, displaying that he feels he is above the law — once again.

LPS Served With Writ of Garnishment Against Dorpat
LPS Served With Writ of Garnishment Against Dorpat
LPS Served With Writ Of Garnishment Against Dorpat
LPS Served With Writ of Garnishment Against Dorpat

Towards the end of 2012, Dorpat and 24HRCOPR were out sticking it to other Contractors as is documented by an Official Better Business Bureau Complaint against him. To show, though, truly how insecure the Mortgage Field Services Industry has become, DAX Field Services has a file that they keep lying around — along with a HUGE AMOUNT OF THEM IN A GOOGLE SEARCHputting 24HRCORP on front street,

On: Mar 7, 2014 @ 5:47 AM

  • First Name:: xxxxx
  • Last Name:: xxxxx
  • Street Address:: xxxxxx Foothill Blvd #9
  • City:: Sylmar
  • State:: California
  • Zip:: 91342
  • Phone:: 818xxx3464
  • Email::
  • Do you have a valid drivers license ?: Yes
  • When can you start ?: 03/06/14
  • Business Name:: ANB Field Inspections
  • Business Type:: Sole Proprietorship
  • In Business Since:: 2004
  • Have you ever been convicted of a felony ?: No
  • Do you have General Liability / Errors & Omission Insurance?: No
  • Are you currently involved in a lawsuit?: No
  • Are you currently performing inspections?: Yes
  • Current Number of monthly inspections perform:: 400
  • Client 1- Company Name:: 24 Hr Corp
  • Client 1- Contact Name:: Steve Pierce
  • Client 1- Contact Phone:: (424) 781-0002 Direct
  • Client 1- Contact Email::
  • Coverage Area (State): California
  • California Counties:: Los Angeles County
  • Inspection Software you currently use:: Inspectorade
  • Equipment you currently use:: Windows 7 Laptop, Scanner, Printer, Ms Streets and Trips, Android Smartphone
  • Do you have high speed internet?: Yes

It gets even worse, though. Over 156 Personal Contractor Files are exposed on Google under DAX Field Services New Contractor Registration Submission. Virtually every Company within the Mortgage Field Services Industry is now exposed due to the lax attitude of the NAMFS Regime and their undue attention to Background Checks which were already being performed. Here, we have Michael Evangelo’s National Mortgage Field Services (NMFS) Company exposed along with the Contractor. Additionally, these Contractors list the details of Firms such as MSI, Safeguard Properties, Lender Processing Services — it goes on and on and on. God bless them Order Mills for helping the criminals get all the Confidential Information they need to commit fraud for years to come! When we called DAX Field Services, a Detroit Company, a recording stated that it was DAX VENTURES, so who really knows what is what.


Nothing ever changes with Eric Miller and his Band of Thugs within the NAMFS Regime. These people will do anything and everything they can to avoid the laws of a civil society and yet they scream like stuck pigs whenever they are called on the carpet. Just like their hush hush conference about Foreclosurepedia at the recent NAMFS Regime Love Fest. What, Miller? You didn’t think it would be recorded?! At the end of the day, Lender Processing Services is telegraphing to the world that they are supportive of the collusion to protect the Dorpat’s of the world and further that they will do everything in their power to keep silent the crimes and atrocities committed by those whom are Members of the NAMFS Regime!

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