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CoreLogic Facing Possible Liens For Failure To Pay Contractors

CoreLogic, a National Order Mill within the Property Preservation Industry, has once again come up on the Foreclosurepedia Radar. Preservation Talk, a prominent Contractor’s Forum, recently had a Member state that they have filed in upwards of seventy liens against CoreLogic Properties for Failure to Pay. Not surprisingly, CoreLogic allegedly rolled out their army of lawyers in an attempt to stop any further liens.

The Financial Institutions whom hired CoreLogic must be livid. With daily Hot Button Complaints being filed against National Association of Mortgage Field Services‘ (NAMFS) Members, this issue will be a bit more difficult to dispel. Liens are a nasty business; the normally nimble suit and ties may have issues dealing with local judicial systems whom are quite displeased with the attitudes which the Financial Institutions dispense. I know here in East Tennessee a quart of moonshine goes a long way; legislating from the bench is the norm not the exception!

We have begun to scan and semantically store the entire Internet for all communications with respect to the Property Preservation Industry. As some of our scans are inclusive of Private Groups (we utilize bot technology to harvest the data so the generally by pass most of the agent info requirements) we redact some information. When prudent, we share our ISTAR Database information. Going forward, we are going to begin to Publish many of these threads assigning credit to the Social Media Sites we harvested from. We feel it is important for Contractors to have access to real time information to meaningfully make contract decisions and additionally we feel compelled to bring information to the attention of the Financial Institutions whom are frequently scanning our Site so that they, as well, will be able to audit and investigate where appropriate.

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Default My battle with Corelogic


I’ve been a Corelogic vendor for about 5 years over 2 periods of time.

My first rodeo with them was in 2007 and we were so busy, making so much money, we didn’t put their invoices into an accounting program. I was working around the clock and our staff was crazy busy. I wasn’t very smart about how I ran things in hindsight. We sent them an invoice through their internal system and assumed they would pay it. Haha.

When we stopped working with them, we starting looking at invoices submitted vs invoices paid and I realized they owed me about 100k. We eventually settled with them and returned. With Chuck M. in charge, I thought things would be different.

My second rodeo, we did everything as we should have. Every invoice was input into QB, every work order was saved, all good record keeping was done.

Chuck died last year. Immediately, we saw issues but none were very painful. Aggravating, yes, but nothing that hurt my bottom line too much. I chalked it up to the cost of business and pushed those angry feelings about bull**** adjustments, charge backs deep deep down.

So we stopped working for them in April right about the time that WF did their big audit. We suffered about 30k in chargebacks and 99% of them were bull****. We also suffered about 30k in “adjustments” like, “after further review, even though we agreed to 90 cu yds, we think its 30 and therefore were withholding 60 yds worth from your check.

If you have worked with Corelogic, their appeal process goes like this:
1) fill out a form, write a summary, email it to someone
2) they respond, “denied”.

I filed about 70 liens against their properties. The liens total about 40k worth of work.

Just now, I got a summons to appear in court. Corelogic’s attorneys are requesting a restraining order and injunction on filing more liens. Luckily, I’ve already filed all the liens I need to file.

Since Corelogic and us parted ways, I’ve replaced them with lots of other clients but I’m finding the same bull**** is everywhere. (MCS, MSI, your next). My cashflow is upside down about 50k. My receivables are about 80k. I really don’t have the money to spend on an attorney for a losing effort.

I have contacted attorneys. They see a list of 400 items, each less than $1000, the list of forms, photos, correspondence and they say no way. Not worth their time and economically unfeasible.

I have written the Colo Attorney General and they wrote back that they will keep it on file in case more complaints like mine come in but until then, they have bigger fish to fry.

I’m down right now. Part of me isn’t too worried because if they sue me, I’m not worth very much. I’m just very discouraged.

I love doing this business when it works they way it’s supposed to. It’s very gratifying to take a piece of crap house and clean it up and make good money doing it. Collecting the money is the #1 killer in this business.

I’ll keep you updated with my battle.

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