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Do Real Contracts Exist With Inflation And High Gas Prices

Foreclosurepedia has always sought to bring good opportunities to Labor. We have always brought opportunities to all parties, Labor, Management and Membership Associations aside. To that point, we published an opportunity for CIS Inspects. Steve Clark, the owner and his associate Taylor Miller, both had a call with the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST). Recruiting began for Construction Draw Contracts. And since then, there has been very little contact from CIS to Labor. While Foreclosurepedia has no control over the rapidity of contacts to and from Management to Labor, we are concerned about whether or not CIS is following up with those whom have answered the call.

Please reach out direct to advise about whether or not you have been contacted and your experience and we pay a free year on Foreclosurepedia!

Paul Williams
Paul Williams
Off Grid Linux Junkie and Always a Friend of Labor!


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