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Buczek Enterprises: The First Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Claims

When Buczek Enterprises decided to stop paying Contractors last year, I really do not believe that they initially planned on going in the hole hundreds of thousands of dollars. When Altisource, whom has been awarding Contract after Contract to these National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills, I do not think that they, either, thought anyone would ever catch on. The reality is that once you begin to go down the road of fraud and deceit, there is never any turning back.

To date, the common link between all Contractors I have reported upon whom have been defrauded and the Order Mills is that the Contractors have performed work and the Order Mills refuse to pay them. Time and again, these Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime strike deals, pay themselves and their family members and give the shaft to Contractors.

Tomorrow, we are going to publicly list the outstanding debts owed by Buczek Enterprises in two specific cases. One of the cases entails well over EIGHTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. While I will not publicly out the Contractor, here is a snapshot of what is going to post tomorrow,

In October of 2013, we received some e-mails about a computer glitch with the payment system, but were assured that no data was lost and this would be fixed promptly.  Since that time, Buczek has fallen behind to the point that we have only ben paid through 11/30 which is 108 days from invoice date.  There re also unresolved disputes from earlier dates.  The agreement which I am attaching states that payments will be made 45-60 days from invoice.  The total amount due from our invoice system is $81,974, with about $34.000 of that being over 60 days.

We have put ourselves on hold a few times over the past couple of months due to late payments, only to come off with promises of them catching up.  We made every attempt to help them through their professed crisis.  I have numerous e-mails to support this and Adam Buczek was involved personally as we were Buczek’s largest vendor in PA, doing a   huge volume of Altisource work.  We have not received any remittance since 3/7 and no one is responding to our calls     or e-mails now.

Our plan is to list the Loan Numbers, Addresses, Services Performed and Outstanding Debt. We are doing this as a Public Service as we simply could not sleep at night knowing that an unsuspecting Member of the Public might purchase a Property with an outstanding debt attached to it. Both Buczek Enterprises and Altisource are aware of this and many others which will begin to Publish tomorrow. I am going to take it a step further and link a full detailed property description and map to each property so as to help potential buyers better identify the potential risks involved with purchasing homes which have been serviced under contracts held by NAMFS Regime Members.

It is truly a sad day in America when obscenely wealthy people become predators upon the poor. Buczek Enterprises’ position would appear to be that because they made ignorant decisions, the Contractors should foot the bill. It is self evident that neither Adam nor Amanda Buczek — oh, sorry Amanda is now trying to hustle her new name of Lewis over on LinkedIn which both profiles have now been taken down in an apparent attempt to disassociate herself from this mess — are missing any shopping expeditions.

Altisource and their Team are identically as cowardly. Altisource has had active knowledge of a multitude of NAMFS Regime Members over the past several months whom have been refusing to pay Contractors in accordance with Contracts. Their position is that since they have paid their FELLOW NAMFS REGIME MEMBERS it is not their problem. I believe that Dodd – Frank is a bit more specific in its requirements than that which Altisource would like to believe. I do not believe that simply being a Member of the Mortgage Field Services Industry’s most notorious Trade Association does not exempt them from performing financial due diligence upon their Contract Holders when Complaints are filed. Their Legal Team, though, continues to turn a blind eye.

Whether or not Adam and Amanda Buczek’s intentions were criminal is up for debate. What is not up for debate is the fact that Amanda Buczek, Adam Buczek and an unnamed  Buczek Enterprises Source knew months earlier that they were not being paid for Contractor’s Work Orders. What boggles the mind is why Buczek Enterprises continued to assign Work Orders to Contractors. Now, I am not a lawyer; however, it would appear to me that if I am freely, willingly and with overt intention continuing to assign work to Contractors without informing them of that fact, it is at minimum unethical and I venture the guess illegal.

At the end of the day I believe that the sanitizing effects of transparency will do everyone some good. I want to ensure that none think I will blink. Allentown, Levittown, Pheonixville, Exton, Philadelphia at the 40 megabyte level. How about Lincoln University and Reading? The steam wints are a pain in the ass, too! These Contractors will be paid. Then we are going to welcome CoreLogic and the rest of the Buczek Enterprises Clients to the Party. You hear that? The Clock is ticking; tick, tock … tick, tock.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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