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Brexit: The NAMFS Hangover

When the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) sat down to begin to hatch their scheme of dominance over the Mortgage Field Services Industry, they forgot a few simple realities. First, if you are going to preach the doctrine of Aspen Grove, make sure you actually verify the data — Malcolm Kidd is a prime example. More on that and his bizarre porn tastes in a minute.

You see, for years, Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, has ensured the relative tranquility with respect to the graft, greed and corruption of particularly heinous NAMFS Offender Members. With that said, nothing comes quite as close to what we are about to report upon today with respect to how a Trade Association is attempting to not only violate the civil rights of African American females, but the pump and dump scheme is being implemented — again.

Miller, whom collects OVER ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR WHICH CONSUMES OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES AND IS TWICE THE NATIONAL AVERAGE PAY FOR HIS POSITION — simply look at the chart on the sidebar — has made it clear that #Fraud is a way of life with respect to the NAMFS Membership. It is, as I see it, a right of passage.

SIRS course was heavy Preservation and many of the questions were not Property Preservation related i.e. what is the standard water pressure coming from a city water line. It was quite extensive but many of the comments received were the relevance to the industry. The NAMFS Academy also allows for the printing of a badge that has a QR Code which can be scanned to validate the picture on the badge is the same as well as keeps a record of the courses completed. This badge cannot be printed until the course has been passed same with upload of the photo. There is also a certificate of completion that can be printed which also includes the unique QR Code that can be provided to business partners.

— Eric Miller, Executive Director, NAMFS

Just last week, Miller and his cronies hatched a new scheme to get Labor to foot the bill of the failed — and on perpetual forty percent discount — NAMFS Academy. Academy? Really? More on point, though, only a handful of the NAMFS Membership have taken a single class let alone all of them.

Take a read from the May, 2016, Confidential NAMFS Government Relations Committee minutes,

NAMFS Academy:

  • The Education committee reviewed the current materials, and they are creating new stand-alone courses on the following topics: 1) new mortgagee letter and 2) new GSE inspection forms.
  • The Education committee will incorporate the feedback from the sub-committee regarding the interpretation of the new mortgagee letter guidelines.
  • The NAMFS board is discussing having an external company support with the development of training materials to include a renewal exam and a HUD module regarding the mortgagee letter and feedback from HUD to the industry questions.

Committees, sub committees — shit, everyone has their hand in the till. I love the third party bullshit, though. Just curious, you going to keep the price the same? I ask as someone is going to have to foot the bill. More on point, though, what the fuck does the Mortgagee Letter have to do with the guy cutting grass? I ask because your Membership, Mr Miller, rarely pays what they owe and they sure the fuck never follow guidelines which might — just goddamn might — benefit Labor.

Look, Eric — or is that ED NAMFS? I love that. Tell everyone to obey the law while you parade around on Facebook under an alias — violating the Terms of Service. You are washed up. I mean NAMFS cannot even file its tax returns. July? Really? Was the #FraudFest hangover that bad? I mean are people starting to wake up, when they look at the pay scale on the sidebar, and question why for years now you continue to get a TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR A YEAR PAY RAISE? That issue is being raised on the Foreclosurepedia yearly IRS 13909 Complaint by the way. I mean you have your good buddies like ASONS and Five Brothers exiting Stage Left and you really believe that Safeguard Properties gives a rat’s ass about NAMFS anymore?

Look, if NAMFS cannot afford to pay for the filing of its Income Tax Return — the IRS Form 990 — so that the American Public may view its continued downward spiral into insolvency, Foreclosurepedia will pony up the funds. I mean the law requires the production of the Income Tax Return and there rarely is a good reason for waiting months after the tax filing deadline to file — Paul Magaha.

The Brexit is identical to what is happening with NAMFS — NAMFSIT. People are sick of the business as usual garbage. I mean hell, Eric, you have Blue Granite Property Preservation Services — Mark Francis — depositing COMPANY CHECKS into Malcolm Kidd’s personal account. And where was Aspen Grove on that? The be all, end all fraud stopper and it didn’t do shit.

I mean it is a tragic day when two bit hustlers like Malcolm Kidd spend more time ordering custom work out porn than they do performing grass cuts. Am I being harsh? Hell, Malcolm Kidd has two sets of children with two different women — staying married to one while starting a tribe and living with the other. Do you think tax payers should be on the hook for that all the while, Malcolm is ordering shit like this below,

From:  mkidd@xxxxxxxxxx  Bitch Please
Date: June 3, 2016 at 10:57:05 PM EDT
Subject:  Custom requests
I’m a fan of watching girls workout and do max challenges.  I’d like to request a custom with Sindel.  I’d \like for her to be in normal workout gear.   Sports bra, short shorts, and tennis shoes.  Here is the script:
1.  Around 5 minutes of intense flexing of biceps, triceps, abs, back, thighs, and calves from all angles.
2.  Max push-ups
3.  Max crunches.  Try to pick a harder style crunch
4.  Hold plank position as long as she can.
5.  Lastly, I love watching girls just give out of breath and suck wind from cardio.  I like once they give out Bitch Slappedfor them to lay on their back and just lay there to catch their breath.  I’d like for her to do 100 jumping Jacks and go straight into Mt climbers.   I want her to do Mt climbers as long as she physically and cardiovascularly can.   When she gives out, lay on back for a good minute and just lay there to catch breath.
Editor’s Note: Are you fucking shitting me? What happened to simple Missionary?! 
6.  1 more intense exercise of your choosing to physically give out of breath but this time after this exercise stand in standing position in front of camera to catch breath.
Malcolm Kidd
Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S®6 active, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone
How long do you think that would be.  I’d like to shoot for 20 mins.  If what I requested doesn’t take that long, you can do additional things if that is ok.

M Kidd

Sent from my iPhone

On Jun 7, 2016, at 11:56 AM, wrote:  Yup got it. We can do that. .  How long of a video did you want 
On Jun 6, 2016 4:13 PM, “Malcolm Kidd” mkidd@xxxxxxx wrote: Just seeing if you had received the below request.
Malcolm Kidd
Sent from my iPhone

 Now, call me old fashioned. I am not sure whether my girlfriend would be too hip with that. It is par for the course, though, with Malcolm Kidd and the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). Business as usual. Never a money shot and never any real satisfaction. Both NAMFS and Malcolm Kidd believe that someone owes them something. Spending hundreds of dollars on niche porn while unable to take care of the children he has with two different women. Go figure. Perhaps he, just like Mickey Snow, the infamous Mortgage Field Services Industry pedophile pending charges in Eden, North Carolina, have something in common? Nah, even Mickey Snow ranks higher than Malcolm Kidd.

So, Malcolm. How goes it? Your plan of invincibility working out good? And how about that backwoods southern lawyer of yours whom you begged to get me to stop writing? Wow! What a bitch. I mean no other words for it. Did you think you were going to silence the OPINIONS of the Foreclosurepedia Nation?! Shit, what you did is raise our ire! Look at you Malcolm Kidd. Pretending to be all Minnie Me and now just fucking back of the bus and shit!

Over the Fourth of July Weekend we are going to introduce you to the companies whom assisted with Malcolm Kidd’s illicit stashing of company funds in his own personal account — and the dime store porn. Yes, Malcolm, those Clients whom you thought you had Snowed — no pun intended — are going to get the play-by-play. They are going to get the documents you tried so hard to bury. Shit, it will be like a #FraudFest NAMFS Reunion. More on point, though, we are going to ensure that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) performs a thorough audit on the monies, Aspen Grove Number, and insurance. Ask around if you are curious how that worked out last go around. And make no mistake that we are going to spit roast Malcolm true Southern Style — That means no work out porn for those of you on Soren Street.

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