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Birdsey Group Tops Refusal By NAMFS Members To Secure Data

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) has become an oasis for hackers these days. I suppose that people like Abraham Goodman, Brookstone Management, is too preoccupied helping Joe Hummel and others defraud Minority Females and Labor. Goodman’s continued support of the all white NAMFS Board of Directors is a slap in the face to the survivors of Nazi Germany. Or, perhaps, Timothy Rath, Safeguard Properties, is too preoccupied with John and Carly Chalker, that California Dynamic Duo, whom work those fingers to the bone. Either way, I really do not care other than the fact that even after Nickie Bigenho, Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) starlet of Compliance and NAMFS Government Relations Committee shotcaller, was informed of the insecure Contractor Applications at MCS, she merely doubled down and Miller hid behind her proverbial skirt as she tip toed out on her heels. It brings into focus the ongoing and continued refusal of Miller, Executive Director of NAMFS, to force Compliance upon his own NAMFS Offender Members. Moreover, Miller’s salary of over One Hundred and Twenty Two Thousand Dollars, consuming over SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT of all NAMFS Member Dues, represents all that is wrong in the Mortgage Field Services Industry.

Heading up the NAMFS Not Secure List is Altisource and Pat McTaggart’s favorite Neo Nazi combo of Reid Schermer and Mike Dougherty over at Birdsey Group. As many know, McTaggart, a huge supporter of fraud committed against Minority Females and Labor, has continued to allow Birdsey Group to commit fraud across the Southeast for years now. Why Patricia E McTaggart hates Minority Females and Labor is unknown. It has deep roots, though, going all the way back to the Berghorst and Buczek Enterprises. Berghorst Enterprises was owned by the former and now disgraced NAMFS Secretary, Heather Berghorst. Here is Birdsey Group’s insecure WordPress Login.

Gryphon Group, headed up by Matt Connelly, is one of those one hit wonders. A longtime NAMFS supporter and former Goldman Sachs cut throat whom helped put the United States where it is today, Connelly apparently has no time for protecting the information of those least able to do such. Tragic, as these people, Minority Females and Labor along with US Taxpayers, depend upon it.

Matt is responsible for overseeing the long term corporate strategy of Gryphon Group LLC. He manages top level client relationships, and oversees the new client onboarding process. Matt is an active member of NAMFS (National Association of Mortgage Field Services), where he has participated in the NAMFS Leadership Board Summit meetings and serves on the Education Committee. Matt was a member of the Field Asset Services 2012 Contractor Advisory Board, and was a member of the 2010/2011 Contractor Advisory Board for LPS/Service Link.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation was responsible for 10 of 16 major information security incidents in FY2016, according to the annual report of the Office of Management and Budget. The FDIC incidents, linked to a flaw in their system that permitted personally identifiable information to be downloaded to removable media, caused big headaches for tech officials at the agency when they were uncovered by Congress in May 2016.

Rodney Walters, Independent Securing Services, is yet another NAMFS Member preaching the praises of Eric Miller, the NAMFS Executive Director whose salary consumes over SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT of all NAMFS member dues at over One Hundred and Twenty Two Thousand Dollars per year, is equally unconcerned with protecting anyone other than the ALL WHITE NAMFS Board of Directors. What smacks of corporate incest is the salient fact that dear ‘ol Rodney uses his father as a crutch in stating he was one of the first Gang of Eight whom founded the financial terrorist organization, NAMFS.

With over 30 years in the field services industry, Independent Securing Services is positioned to bring you the quickest, most accurate and most cost effective field services in the mortgage servicing industry. Independent Securing Services  is a leading mortgage field services provider for the state of Florida. Located in Miami, Florida, and founded in 1985 by Rodney Walters, Independent Securing Services  has been delivering quality mortgage field services for over 30 years. In the early 1970s, Mr.Walters began working alongside his father  who operated his own field service company named Mortgage Related Services. His father, Clyde A. Walters, was one of the original 8 members that founded the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS).

How about Carlson Field Services, yet another NAMFS Cheerleader? Yeah, the story is the same.

Carlson Field Services, Inc. was established in 1992 as a leader in the default mortgage inspection business. With our headquarters located in Manassas, Virginia, we not only cover Virginia, but West Virginia with high regards. Carlson Field Services, Inc. is staffed with a trustworthy team of over 25 dedicated default property inspectors that will exceed our clientele’s requirements. This contributes to our company’s reputation of having superior photos and an excellent record of performing quick turnaround times. Throughout the years, our company has continued to be a nationally recognized company for the quality of work when performing default mortgage and default loan property inspections.

Southern Regional MS is yet another NAMFS supporter. SRMS, though, goes the extra mile. Not only do they ensure that your Login data may be shared with the hackers across cyberspace, they additionally continue to market software which is no longer in existence known as Lincage as you may see on their Training Page. And like everyone whom we have reviewed, thus far, none have made the investments to protect Minority Females and Labor nor to keep safe information with respect to US Taxpayers.

Solution Source, yet another NAMFS Member, says it is a  “state-wide property service solutions company offering a full range of solutions for the maintenance, repair, renovation, restoration and management of distinctive residential and commercial properties throughout the state of Florida.” They continue, “Whether you need end-to-end solutions or require just one type of service, we can help. That’s the competitive advantage that allows us to service some of the largest organizations within the housing industry, including Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Altisource and more.” Yeah, I wonder how Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are complying with those pesky federal IT compliance requirements with folks like these at the helm?!

One of the up and coming NAMFS blowhards whom got caught slipping was Brookstone Management. They, as the rest of those NAMFS financial terrorists we audited, seem long on praises for themselves and short on protection for their Clients,

Founded in 2005, Brookstone Management is a leader in the mortgage field industry for preserving and maintaining vacant, pre-foreclosure, and REO assets nationwide. Brookstone will always remain true toits fundamental mission of delivering maximum quality service so its clients can achieve the greatest return on their assets while limiting their exposure. Brookstone Management is widely versed with shifting government, investor, and insurer guidelines, and proactively creates and implements solutions and best practices to surpass industry compliance. Brookstone Management is committed to uphold and deliver the highest quality service to its clients, working in partnership to upkeep their values and preserve and protect their securable interests. Brookstone Management is headquartered in New Jersey with offices throughout the country.

Pacific Field Services, a NAMFS member whom has been around since 1993, still hasn’t been able to figure out how to protect either its Clients or Minority Females and Labor. Their website has to say as they invite you to crawl down the cyberspace rabbit hole where hackers are gathered around and rubbing their hands in delight. They reinforce what great people they are by saying, “Over the years, we’ve built a team of experienced inspectors, established specific processes, and developed proprietary technology that come together to ensure each inspection is thorough, accurate, and delivered on timeAnd how about Atlas Field Services, yes another NAMFS Member, whom lays upon that crutch we all called Women Owned Business?! I mean you cannot make this up,

Emaintenance — A Fluke Company  😉

Atlas Field Services, Inc. is a certified women-owned business. We have served the Property Preservation/REO, investment and municipal marketplace for over 15 years, providing a diversified portfolio of products and services to government entities, real estate brokers, investment syndicates and others. In 2009, Atlas became a preferred Preservation and Maintenance (P&M) vendor for Home Steps, a unit of Freddie Mac. In 2010 and again in 2013, our Freddie Mac contract area was expanded based on our performance.

Atlas Field Services, Inc. has a 1 (Gold) rating with D&B and enjoys long-standing relationships with its banking and other partners. Atlas owns and maintains its own fleet of vehicles, dump trailers, and other equipment. Atlas is equity-financed and, other than limited vehicle financing, has no debt. For further discussion about the financial strategies and stability of Atlas Field Services, Inc., contact President Shelly West-Chenoweth.

The Atlas Team is committed to improving the economic environment of the communities we service by offering contracts and business opportunities to local, small businesses. Whenever possible that our vendors do not cross counties and only perform work that is specific to their designated service area. Both Atlas and our vendors are dedicated to improving the appearance and quality of the neighborhoods in which our serviced assets are located by ensuring that client properties are the “best house on the block.”

How about Northland Company, a Veteran Owned Small Business and NAMFS supporter out of Minnesota? Here is what they have to say as they sidestep the safety and security of Americans,

Northland Company, based in Minnetonka, Minnesota offers a complete menu of services that protect, preserve and enhance our client’s collateral assets throughout the entire foreclosure process, holding period, or sale of the property. We take great pride in our ability to perform quality work, with quick turn-around times, at fair and reasonable prices. We thoroughly understand our client’s needs and keep abreast of the continual changes in all investor guidelines ensuring that all work is completed in accordance with applicable specifications.

We are going to get out the Top Ten everyday and monitor the Dark Web to see if any of the logins we profile end up with exploits. While Eric Miller and Patricia E McTaggart may not care, Foreclosurepedia, always a Friend of Labor, Has Your Six.

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