Aspen Grove Solutions And Eric Miller Demand Your SSN And Signature

Eric Miller Lied About Reality Of Background Checks

In an unprecedented Jack Booted Nazi action, Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS), a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member is demanding your signature, social security number, and date of birth be sent for storage on AGS servers. I want people to think about that for a minute. AGS whose servers are in the US and Ireland; AGS whose servers are accessible from anywhere on earth, want the necessary information for hackers to copy and paste your information on passports, mortgage loans, and credit card applications. See, AGS didn’t want to spend the money to cover electronic signatures which would remove at least one leg of the problematic fraud stool. And if you think AGS cannot be hacked, I recommend you get an MRI. Moreover, though, neither AGS nor Eric Miller are going to be there when your information is floating around in an #IRC and TOR sold to a bidder opening up a child porn dinner show in Russia. Yes, that is right. There is ZERO LIABILITY for AGS or NAMFS.

And let’s drill down for a minute here. Precisely how in the fuck has Aspen Grove Solutions been conducting background checks over the past three years?! Either they have been legitimate with first phase social security number vetting or Aspen Grove Solutions has been fraudulently marketing a product and wants Eric Miller to cosign the AGS 2.0 roll out.

Sadly, it demonstrates how Eric Miller is willing to get down on his hands and knees and proverbially take it straight up the ass in exchange for his salary. No two ways around it.

We recently sent you a communication entitled “Aspen iRecord® System Improvement – Introducing CBSV with First Advantage”.  Some of our customers have experienced some issues with this process and, as a result, have experienced delays with completing their background checks.
To avoid potential delays, it is critical that you download the SSA-89 form for your contacts within your Aspen iRecord® account and follow all instructions provided exactly.  Please do not use any older forms you may have on file as the details required by the Social Security Administration (SSA) may no longer be correct on forms completed prior to April 3rd when this process was introduced with First Advantage.
First Advantage will be in contact with customers who encountered these errors to provide details on how a corrected form can be provided to First Advantage directly.
Issues encountered by some customers to avoid:
  • Using old forms they already had on file or downloaded from outside of Aspen iRecord® which are outdated and no longer acceptable to the SSA.
  • Not including one of the pages of the form when uploading the file to Aspen iRecord®.
  • Modifying the pre-filled agent name/address field and as a result making errors with what needs to be included in that field.
  • Not including the contact’s phone number.
  • Not physically wet signing or dating the form.  Electronic signatures are NOT acceptable, even those done through a signature verification application.
  • Not including the contact’s SSN and/or date of birth.
  • Modifying the pre-filled purpose field and as a result making errors with what needs to be included in that field.
Simply put for all FUTURE background checks:
  • Print the form as downloaded from Aspen iRecord®.
  • Complete all sections of the form that have not been pre-populated.
  • Get wet signature from contact (Electronic signatures are NOT acceptable, even those done through a signature verification application.)
  • Upload the form into Aspen iRecord®.
We appreciate your continued efforts to help ensure the best possible turnaround time on your background check requests.

And there you have it.

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