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As Altisource Continued To Pay SEAS LLC The Bounced Checks Rolled On

It seems like not a day goes by without my receiving a phone call pertaining to Pat McTaggart, the Altisource representative whom does one thing good: Stalling Members of Labor. Going all the way back to September, 2013, Altisource; I believe that Pat McTaggart and the former Associate General Counsel of Altisource knew, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the Prime Vendors whom worked for Altisource were civilly guilty of fraud. I venture the guess that Altisource’s former Associate General Counsel knew, with absolute certainty, that the Prime Vendors whom were documented to both he and McTaggart, were guilty of criminal fraud and potentially involved in ongoing conspiracies to cross state lines, using electronic means, in the furtherance of artifices and schemes. The reality, though, is that this information was known all the way up to Bill Shepro and this was made clear to me by Altisource’s former Associate General Counsel. You see, the new requirement to verify payments originated from recommendations I made as did other implementations.

SEAS LLC, no strike that. Tom Newkirk; Tom’s pathetic, soon to be divorced son Mark Newkirk; the foreign national from across the pond Robert Kapeluch; and their two bit, peter puffing hag Brittany McDonald were all involved in a conspiracy to commit fraud as I read the law. Ironically, it will be the fuck boy Kapeluch whom will potentially take it straight up the ass as his signature is on the checks.

Robert Kapeluch Signed The Checks On Behalf Of SEAS LLC
Robert Kapeluch Signed The Checks On Behalf Of SEAS LLC — There Were No Funds In the Bank For This One Or Any Recently Mailed Out

The Financial Sector has its own language, which is often so incomprehensible that it borders on being a a fixture at the National Security Agency (NSA). The best strategy to staying ahead of the game is learning how to decipher the subtle nuances present. One needs, especially problematic is sifting through the bullshit that both your friends and enemies will inevitably drop on you without crippling access to the raw intelligence you need.

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Southeastern Asset Services (SEAS) was founded in 2007 by Tom and Mark Newkirk. The Newkirk’s appear to be quite the hustlers and with that said I want to make very clear that those whom are closely associating with them are going to be exposed to the cleansing effects of transparency.

ISTAR Clear Base Wiki On SEAS LLC
ISTAR Clear Base Wiki On SEAS LLC

Wade Haldane And His Connections To The Newkirks
Wade Haldane And His Connections To The Newkirks

I have 11 other wiki maps which truly drill down onto precisely how complex these National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Members have become in their conspiracies. More on point, though, the Newkirks have guaranteed the very public and very vocal investigation of each and every firm on these maps and 9 others. While I am not a gambling man, I would venture the guess that there are some folks whom are silent partners in one or more of the wiki maps I am listing tonight whom would spare no expense in tying up loose ends.

William Haldane And His Connectedness To SEAS LLC
William Haldane And His Connectedness To SEAS LLC

So, here is what we have with respect to those whom are interwoven into and have direct connections with Tom and Mark Newkirk: Jeremy J Vogt, Charles Haldane, William Haldane, Wade Haldane, Jennifer Haldane, Marc Walters, Harry Hadaya … you get the point. So, publicly these individuals and the companies associated with them have a proverbial .50 cal target on their financials. These folks can probably sustain a protracted and asymmetrical conflict, for a brief period of time. As everyone knows, Foreclosurepedia never does anything briefly. And that is precisely what is coming down the pike. The people whom cannot are the former staffers of SEAS LLC whom we are going to go after with a fury. And for those of you whom think your name being run through the grist mill means jack shit, pick up the phone and call the former Associate General Counsel of Altisource. Make no mistake whatsoever, if he had to call and negotiate a truce, then the Average Joe is in for a world of shit.

I want to start by introducing the former Vendor Management Director at SEAS LLC, Michelle Nicklas. Now second only to Brittany McDonald whom spent the vast majority of her time while with Kapeluch with her ankles hiked up in her hoop earrings — and before any of you high holy fucktards start shedding those fake ass tears over on Facebook we are talking in upwards of nearly ONE HALF MILLION DOLLARS WHICH SEAS LLC WAS PAID FOR AND REF– USED TO PAY CONTRACTORS WITH — the reality is that Nicklas was privy to a tremendous amount of information including the precise financial status of SEAS LLC. Nicklas knew, early on, precisely what kind of ship was being ran there as she dealt with the Brandon Pribble matter back in 2013 when the former Associate General Counsel of Altisource ordered Robert Kapeluch to pay Pribble.

The SEAS LLC office was one of total and complete debauchery. Make no mistake whatsoever I would not be making these statements if I did not have testimony from former SEAS LLC personnel whom were intimately involved with both the Newkirks and Kapeluch.

Steven Deroacher was the Director of IT at SEAS LLC for over eight years. No way in hell this guy didn’t know anything. Fact of the matter is that there isn’t much at all which could have occurred from the technological point-of-view without his oversight. He is nearly at the top of tomorrow’s d0xing list.

Pat McTaggart sealed the fate of those Members of Labor whom were ignorant enough to be both white and reached out to her. In the identical modus operandi displayed with respect to Berghorst Enterprises, Buczek Enterprises and Michigan Realty Solutions — these all now weigh in at around TWO MILLION DOLLARS WHEN YOU BEGIN TO FACTOR IN INTEREST AND LAWYER FEES — McTaggart is gunning for the #Fraudster of the Year Award Foreclosurepedia issues each year! Now, remember, Altisource says that they were paying SEAS LLC as you read the next section,

From: Payments []
Sent: Thursday, October 23, 2014 9:00 AM
Subject: Payment Delay Notification

Good Morning,

SEAS LLC has not received client payments on SE9521 work orders for two weeks. As a result, we are unable to pay out on these orders. For those contractors who do work for other clients, payment has been issued for all work completed between 8/25/-9/8/14. We have been in contact with SE9521 regarding the payment issue and they are working diligently to rectify this situation. Should we receive a substantial amount of payments within the next few days we will issue payment. We apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused as this is out of our control.

Accounting Department

4510 Oak Fair Blvd, Suite 130, Tampa FL 33610

Phone: 813.936.2221 | Fax: 813.840.4118  |

Picking up where we left off, we have James Snyder, James Noble and Denise Steele. Kritsia Figueroa rounded out the Preservation side as Coordinator. With respect to Figueroa, there is definitely High Value associated with her information being released. As I related in similar articles, these types of people are all over the Mortgage Field Services Industry. And what happens to them after they destroy Members of Labor’s lives? Nothing, not a goddamn thing. And these people like Figueroa had to have known what was going on as part of her Job Description would have been to allocate or request allocation of manpower into a given Area of Operation (AO). She would have been privy to the metrics pertaining to the AOs lest how could she know whether or not she had enough manpower to service the AO itself?!

Mark Newkirk is no stranger to the foreclosure industry as it appears he had several homes foreclosed upon. Florida Capital Bank foreclosed upon Newkirk in 2009 and the first one finalized in 2011 after Newkirk refused to participate in the judicial process — a Default Judgment was entered in Case Number 09-CA-016966. The second one, which included Staci Newkirk whom it is my understanding is gearing up for a very public and ugly divorce based, in part, upon drug use and infidelity, was named as a defendant with Mark in Case Number 09-CA-002332 was subsequently dismissed.

Kim Fatica and Mark Newkirk teamed up, early on, by and through Fatica’s Public Relations Firm Hemlock Point Marketing, were involved in non Industry business publicly as early as 22FEB13 and potentially far earlier in 2012. They brought in Cary Collier to handle the real estate angles and created the Davis Islands Alliance LLC. Just like everything Fatica and Newkirk have ever touched in their lives, best I can tell, Davis Islands LLC crashed and burned in less than a year. This alone should telegraph precisely what type of people we are dealing with.

There is nothing ever new with respect to NAMFS Members. With Eric Miller at the helm, we are witnessing the single largest criminal organization that mankind has ever seen. Whereas, Fatica’s position was that he had simply stumbled upon SEAS LLC, the reality is that Fatica and Newkirk’s get rich fast scheme collapsed almost as rapidly as it began.

This Article is the Prologue. It is the first time in the history of the Mortgage Field Services Industry that NAMFS Members are facing felony charges for defrauding Members of Labor. In fact, completely contrary to that which Eric Miller and his sidekick from last year’s Florida FAST Adriana Farelo-Fernandez would have everyone believe, criminal activities will not be tolerated in the Financial Sector.

Foreclosurepedia has every intention of vigorously prosecuting in the court of public opinion SEAS LLC; its owners; and its agents and/or employees. Specifically, Foreclosurepedia will profile each and every individual whom was in any way, shape or form involved with or ever interacted with Members of Labor whom were never paid. The reality is that for far too long now, while Order Mill owners commit rampant fraud, spin down their operations and respin back up after relocating, those on their staff are actually far more guilty than the owners in my opinion. The reason is that the administrative types within the Order Mills are the first to interact with Labor and they have both a moral and legal obligation to inform Labor with respect to any nefarious activity ongoing.

What I believe happens is that when an Order Mill spins down, they simply move their assets and employees over to another Order Mill whom then gives them a piece of the pie. Think of it like skin in the game: You defraud for a year and you’ve proven to the Big Boys … just like the Mob … you’re worthy of climbing rank. Thus, when the foot soldiers make their bones, they then are allowed to get a piece of the pie as lieutenants whom in turn fleece the new foot soldiers spinning up. And the Processors and Vendor Mangers at these derelict Order Mills all march to the beat of the same drum.

Beginning Friday, Foreclosurepedia will launch #OpKnockOut. As part of this Operation, Foreclosurepedia will prepare all Complaints against both Altisource and SEAS LLC for collective filing. We will coordinate all media distribution so that it will be orderly and occur in a multi state area within minutes. We will liaise with several legal outlets to render assistance with the filing of Liens against the assets Members of Labor performed services upon and those will occur all simultaneously. Finally, we will prepare and disseminate both Talking Points and Evidence Packages to include pre recorded, multi participant Podcasts for delivery to state and federal elected officials as well as both the district attorneys in multiple jurisdictions, across multiple states as well as to the US Attorney General.

SEAS LLC, under the command and control of Tom Newkirk and Robert Kapeluch, created a culture of fraud and encouraged silence under penalty of dismissal. In fact, even as SEAS LLC was stating that Altisource had refused to pay them for months, Altisource stated that they had, in fact, paid SEAS LLC. It is all immaterial now. Several things are going to happen and happen very quickly.

First, we will identify any person whom even remotely had access to any material which Members of Labor presented to SEAS LLC in support of billing. These people, along with all publicly accessible information such as social media accounts, addresses, political affiliations, criminal records and other information will be continually published until such as time as every single person identified is no longer employed in the Industry. This is a fair warning to PrimeStar that we are not fucking around.

Newkirk Capital Documenting SEAS On Their Website
Newkirk Capital Documenting SEAS On Their Website

Next, we are going to ramp up publicly and privately a campaign to bring the owners of SEAS LLC to justice. As we established earlier this evening, Newkirk Capital is directly involved with SEAS LLC — there is no way to separate the two based upon the screenshot above. This means that while Tom Newkirk may believe he dodged a bullet, the fact of the matter is his financial empire now is relevant at the negotiation table. We are going to launch publicity campaigns to educate representatives precisely what kind of problem there is based upon the interconnectedness displayed in the above wiki charts. And finally we are going to organize demonstrations, with proper permits, in front of these cowards homes.

Eric Miller wanted a war and now he has one. NAMFS wanted a war and now they have one. There will be no peace until Members of Labor are paid. No more lip service from Uncle Tom McTaggart — the fact of the matter is that when you continue to bury your head in the sand, at some point the tide comes in and takes you away. This should also stand as a testament that both Foreclosurepedia and Members of Labor are putting these Processors and Recruiters whom seem to slither through multiple firms, we are coming. Time and time again, the very same names continue to pop up and each and every time those names are associated with multiple bankruptcies.


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