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AMS: The Slippery Slope Of Corruption

When Ernie Stefkovic, former owner of Asset Management Specialists (AMS) and National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member began to lay the framework out for his Company I would like to think that terms like Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Racism, Hazardous Material Dumping and a plethora of other illegal activities did not top his list of things to do. Unfortunately, this baggage seems to have come along for the ride with Concentric Equity GroupTDR Capital‘s purchase of AMS.

We have been interviewing past and present employees of AMS for the past month now. To say that we have become unnerved is putting it mildly. All roads appear to lead to Lee Mertins, a man everyone calls Darth Vader — it is not a compliment and is the only non profane word we are able to print.

Caroline Reaves, Chairperson of the monstrosity Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS), Asset Management Specialists (AMS) and Vacant Property Specialists LLC (VPS) has an extremely serious situation at hand. First, the MCS AMS Subholdings LLC juggernaut is out on a limb for a THIRD OF A BILLION DOLLARS which Standard & Poors would appear to predict them defaulting on even if all things are kosher. AMS had a hiccup; an ENORMOUS HICCUP, in that the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) appears to have gotten some spine and applied HUD against them and yanked their HUD Contracts. Reaves could have probably dealt with that. Dealing with allegations which surfaced on our last Foreclosurepedia Podcast of AMS instructing employees to dump hazardous chemicals illegally in a State facing a 500 Year Drought probably could have been dealt with as well.

Hell, we all remember the NAMFS Regime President Adam Miles, owner of Miles Preservation, having to deal with the feds dropping by in SWAT Gear, guns drawn and seizing the computers putting him $300,000 +/- under the gun in lost revenue under the FannieMae Contract — oh, maybe you didn’t know that, huh?!

One of the larger allegations we are attempting to verify, with respect to the HUD Contract, are those of fluffing the Pass – Fail Margin Numbers. We are hopeful that by the end of the week we will have the actual files. Even that, though, is not that serious; a bribe here or a fine there will cover it. The allegations of sexual harassment leveled against Brian Christie Sr; allegations which are most reprehensible in how they were laid out, are still not that serious. The information we are receiving now pertaining to Mertins; Darth Vader, collecting bonuses based upon the Back Billing of Contractors are even dealt with as they may be drawn out long term through the process of litigation. Even the bombshell accusations pertaining to the Payroll Scheme wherein Broker Approvals were missing to ensure that Contractors received less money than they were legally entitled to. All of this is just the BARE SURFACE of the data and wire recordings we are amassing.

What Reaves, et al., should be terrified about are the interviews we have been recording with respect to the FannieMae Contract.

So, how about Darth Vader leaving and Greg Mateki following suit after Ernie’s canning by Reaves? Well, Mertins didn’t waste any time in getting back into the saddle. Word has it that he is out working the crowd to make a run on the very same HUD Contracts that AMS Insiders are saying the books were cooked on — the Key Performance Indicators WERE NOT at the upper 90 percentile levels alleged by AMS. How about the reality that AMS could be liable under Service Contract Act violations and the failure to pay overtime on salaried positions out in California.

With all the hell HUD is going to face with respect to the potential for liability in pulling AMS’ HUD Contracts, it would behoove HUDs Legal Counsel Kevin Simpson, Jememe Bryant, Craig Karnes and HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan to pull their collective heads out of the sand and reach out to the Foreclosurepedia Nation for some intel — intel that obviously the Obama Administration is incapable of obtaining.

Ironic, really, when Simpson wanted to lay the hammer down on me under the tacit implications of Title 18. Hey, whom am I though. Maybe this was calculated to enrich AMS vis-a-vis a red herring lawsuit, ‘eh?!

When we are done Publishing the entirety of this latest NAMFS Regime Member’s atrocities Kim Jong-un’s recent United Nations Report is going to look like amateur hour. We also know that there are MANY MORE folks whom have been asking around whether or not we will keep you anonymous. I give you my word that I will and am legally allowed to under the latest 9th Circuit Rulings I reported upon. Help the Foreclosurepedia Nation help you. Stop listening to the Drive By Social Media pundits; get in front of the bus and not under it! Reach out TODAY!

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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