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AIM Your Way Collapses As Another NAMFS Member Falls

In keeping with Foreclosurepedia’s prediction and timeline, AIM Your Way, a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Member, collapsed today giving misclassified employees 48 hours to submit invoices — Invoices which will never be made good on. In a chilling statement of closure issued by Michaele Aberra, Vendor Relations Administrator, AIM Your Way demonstrated precisely how the revolving door works by offloading debt upon the shoulders of Minority Females and Labor,

I hope all is well with you and yours. I wanted to touch base with you to let you know that effective Friday, October 27, 2017, AIM will be closing their doors. This was a tough decision for Suzanne and Anthony as they love AIM and all that comes with it. Compression in the market proved to be more of a challenge than anticipated. I personally know that they have appreciated you and your team for all the effort in the field.  Any work orders that you currently have need to be completed with results submitted no later than Friday, October, 27 2017. Please understand that AIM cannot honor invoices for work completed after October 27, 2017. It has been a pleasure getting to know you as well. Should we pop up somewhere new, we will be sure to reach out to you.

I want that last statement to sink in. While Suzanne and Anthony Golden own AIM Your Way. And at no point have they been willing to pay what they owe to Minority Females or Labor as they cash out their Golden Parachutes on the way out the door in their limousines. Suzanne brags about taking over from her father, whom has since retired. And in a matter of only a few years, the Golden’s, accompanied by — and you are going to love this one — Stephen Edwards, whom their website identifies as The Enforcer, ran Suzanne’s father’s company into the ground in only a handful of years. And it is precisely this grandstanding attitude which put AIM Your Way into the position that they have found themselves in. In fact, for years, AIM Your Way was only accessible from Internet Explorer utilizing software which the US Department of Homeland Security had instructed not to be used by anyone, let alone those in the financial sector. Foreclosurepedia had worked for AIM Your Way several weeks and left because of this issue.

Founded in 1986, AIM Your Way, LLC (AIM) [was] a nationwide field services company, owned by its parent company, America’s InfoMart, Inc. And it is on that note that many wonder precisely what is going to happen and if or when either company will make good on their debt owed to Minority Females and Labor.

For years, AIM Your Way went on a spending spree of sponsorships throughout the Mortgage Field Services Industry including hefty contributions to NAMFS. And when it came to paying for Press Releases, the Golden’s appeared to believe that they were memorializing the Second Coming of the Christ. Here is what, less than a month ago, several AIM Your Way employees with over a year under their belt, had to say about the real Suzanne and Anthony Golden,

Employees are all treated like they are replaceable. The CEO and President don’t believe in a work and personal life balance. Overtime is made mandatory in a drop of a dime. Most of the staff is under paid yet over worked.

EXECUTIVE leadership is not capable of effectively managing people and they can’t get out of their own way. Their integrity is questionable at best and their attitude toward the staff is shocking. Unnecessarily stressful and disappointing environment.

The Misclassified Employees whom worked for AIM Your Way, are a bit more blunt. In fact, one website has 31 Complaints, alone, against the Golden’s,

If you do business with AIM YOUR WAY you are THROWING YOUR MONEY THEIR WAY!!! So RUN THE OTHER WAY from AIM YOUR WAY!! They will simply put…. RIP YOU OFF! They do not pay you for the work that you do! Pass it on!!!

Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, has demonstrated, yet again, why he needs to step down. Miller, whose annual salary is over $120,240 per year; Miller whose salary consumes over SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT of all NAMFS Member dues, has overseen the largest loss in Membership exceeding all other NAMFS Executive Directors combined! And while many may lay the blame of AIM Your Way’s collapse upon Wells Fargo pulling their contracts in addition to losing HECM channels, the reality is that those Contracts were lost due to the incompetence and drunken sailor spending by the Golden’s themselves.

In closing, Minority Females and Labor might be best served by retaining counsel to ensure that they will be paid going forward. Foreclosurepedia has had AIM Your Way on our Blacklist since early 2016. I hate to say it, but don’t say I didn’t tell you so, in advance. In fact, the reality is that working for NAMFS Members should motivate Minority Females and Labor to either subscribe to the Foreclosurepedia FireWire or contact us for financial solubility opinions with respect to those proposed to work for. It is going to get far, FAR worse as I predicted for Q4 FY2017.


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