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Active National Guardsman Defrauded

BREAKING NEWS: We are following a Social Media Thread which implicates the defraudment of an Active National Guardsman. This individual has a pretty serious Service Jacket: Bureau of Diplomatic Security at the US Department of State, 7+ Years Active Duty with the US Army, US Army National Guard along with being owner of several companies. For the time being, we are keeping this person’s identity anonymous. As we anticipate involvement by the US Army’s Inspector General’s Office, the US Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service, we feel it is best.

From the Victim: Alright so I was returning from a weekend of Army duty. I figured there might be a nasty gram or two. Nothing I can’t handle but “email edited”

Email from the Order Mill: “Additionally, any open orders will be pulled and reassigned to other vendors. As of now, all of your funds have been placed on hold. These funds will be utilized to cover reassignment and alternate vendor travel expenses needed to remedy your current open orders.”

We have archived the information and reached out to him for deep bio. You know, as a fellow Veteran, I am incensed by the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Make no mistake whatsoever we are going to follow this story to the end and publish upon the Anti American, Anti Veteran and racist implications. Nothing surprises me any longer in this Industry.

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