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Accreditation: An Educational Perspective For The Industry

Everyone is touting it; no one has it: Accreditation. The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime has been hemorrhaghing money on their failed attempt to sway the Mortgage Field Services Industry with Education and applied that knowledge to their steamrolling of the Aspen Grove Solutions Background and Credit Check Program. We are able to identify this with their perpetual 40% discount. The concerns with this is that it telegraphs that the product is not worth the price. If it is not worth the price, then it begs the question as to whether the product is faulty or whether the simple fact is that in a free market economy consumers are not interested in the hubris that Eric Miller and his ilk are hocking. Or, perhaps, there is simply no benchmark to base its value upon?! You see, NAMFS is different than the NAMFS Regime. NAMFS is not beyond salvage; the question that ultimately presents is whether or not legitimate benchmarks will become widely available. There is no statistical data available, public or private, to suggest that ANY EDUCATION is worth its costs — even if it is free!

The biggest concern with education is not accreditation; the biggest concern is how the costs will be passed on to Contractors. No one, let alone for profit corporations, donate money without some expectation of return. In an Industry where prices are dropping by the hour when the agreed fees are even paid by NAMFS Regime Members, it is ironic that this very same Industry would require yet more money to be paid — Battered Contractor Syndrome. So, if we are all going to wrap are collective heads around the hypothesis that Education is the Holy Grail, why not ensure that it is legitimate?

Several folks are tossing around the idea that an accreditation board should be set up; not low level people, higher C Level folks. As the story goes, there should be an independent accreditation panel. My problem with this is that nothing is independent within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. I am an optimist; I like to believe that there is some part of humanity which corruption does not extinguish, it is difficult to identify clearly, though. Warfare takes an Apocalypse Now toll upon everyone, myself included. Is Miller the renegade Colonel in Cambodia and I the Captain? I do not know. What I do know is that the Mortgage Field Services Industry has lost good Contractors and Clients alike because no one will come to the Table and fucking talk.

There are baselines which everyone, Contractor and Client, would agree exist. Skill sets with respect to winterization, lock changes, lawn maintenance and otherwise are performed on a daily basis. If and when an accreditation board is established, they will need to reach out to the public sector and draw from the well of experience data to measure the metrics involved in how the real world performs upon these skill sets. I always like to use the example of pipe dope vs teflon tape. Old school plumbers and those within the Plumber’s Union always defer to pipe dope although both are generally acceptable provided the piping is threaded. Another example is the use of cpvc and more recently pex in mobile homes. Pex has only recently been acceptable in residential and commercial edifices. This aversion has been the cause of the use of far more materials and man hours which translated into higher costs to the consumer and a loss in profit margin for the Contractor.

Accreditation is coming. There is going to be an autonomous board and that board will receive the blessing of Foreclosurepedia. The men and women of the Accreditation Board will be comprised of those whom are above the politics of the Industry; men and women whom are far above my pay grade. Foreclosurepedia stands behind the concept of Education; Foreclosurepedia is not supportive of education as a tool of enrichment for a select few. Foreclosurepedia stands behind Background Checks as the threshold to participate within education. Sterling BackCheck and yes even Aspen Grove Solutions have a seat at the table. Many will say, “Yeah, but you hate the National Association of Mortgage Field Services and they are part of it.” That is where the Drive By Social Media Pundits have no idea what I think nor where the Industry is going. Make no mistake upon this: The Industry Goes Where I Determine. That is not ego; that is reality. The NAMFS Regime has made painful changes because of Foreclosurepedia. The reported fraud (Reported Fraud Index (RFI)) is down over Ninety One Percent since I began to wage a war upon it; Companies look to Foreclosurepedia when contemplating mergers; Clients and Contractors alike seek out guidance upon diversification and optimization within their current objectives. Why? Unlike the Yes Men so prevalent within the Industry, Foreclosurepedia is able to take the pulse of the Industry.

The accreditation board will be comprised of leading members of the Mortgage Field Services Industry whom have stayed the test of time; have produced Returns On Investment as testaments to doing business the right way. These individuals are Chief Executive Officers (CEO) and Rank and File; Client and Contractor. On this point, if Ruth’s Cris is not your dining experience then you probably will not be on the Board. Why? The reality is that the Board will have a directive to spare no expense in the assurance of both the public and private sector that they are beyond reproach; they are Untouchable. If you do not have initials behind your name chances are pretty good that while you may be able to suggest issues, you probably will not receive citation. This includes myself; I am well aware of the fact that my pedigree precludes Membership in the Club. That is a distinction, though, that others should realize. The success of solutions require self sacrifice.

This Board will, in turn, reach out to all fields of public and private life to obtain recommendations upon different aspects of that which the Industry undertakes on a daily basis. Their Mission Objective will be initially specific to Education alone; however, it will be obvious that their White Papers will bring to bear an inordinate amount of influence upon those influential Ranking Members of Congress. Ultimately, either by legislation or proclamation, lobbying will be engaged, once and for all, to enshrine a unified set of Industry Standards.

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) finds itself at a crossroads. While I am loathe to give a nod to the NAMFS Regime; NAMFS as a legitimate Association, has a seat at the Table. NAMFS is the standing Association which, if prodded out of their stagnation, has the ability to greatly influence the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Lest the NAMFS Regime think that they will rear their ugly heads and cause calamity, let them realize I will think no more about bankrupting each and every NAMFS Regime Board Member than I do passing salt at the dinner table. This Article will stand as testament that I am telegraphing that the time has come to make the Industry both profitable for both Client and Contractor. Miller needs to leave his comfort zone and step to the plate and begin back channel discussions. This is the Come To Jesus Moment I have so fervently preached; I have come out of the Wilderness and the time is nigh to act swiftly lest Regulatory Authority(s) step in with a plethora of paperwork which will bring what legitimate work there is to a grinding halt.

Accreditation is something that everyone needs. To remove the initial specter of collusion or corruption, the Board must be self financed initially. That will establish the benchmark against which its Legacy will be compared to. The long term aspects of the Board will be dictated by the issues which arise within the Industry itself. NAMFS is unto its own with respect to whom it does and does not allow inside the Cirlce. NAMFS is the political body which, when back on track, is primarily responsible for how Client and Contractor interact and how each mesh within the Industry Sector. The Board should be seen as the Authority which is relied upon to gauge the Clients and Contractors from a holistic point-of-view.

While initially, the Accreditation Board would primarily be responsible for opining upon the benchmarks of education, the reality is that there are a plethora of problems in the Industry upon which accreditation would fix. Whether we are talking about how websites are established — virtually each and every Member of NAMFS — and how they move information to and from, to social media policies which are required within the new landscape, accreditation must have an apolitical solution. Upon the Shoulders of these Giants will the Industry Stand. I have not words to emphasize the burden which will rest upon these men and women; the solution must be perfect the FIRST TIME. The American Public will very soon be asked to go back to The Well to bail out the recent REO To Rental Bonds. People, very soon, are going to demand a Pound of Flesh. Industry Companies are representative of the soft underbelly of the financial establishment. These words will forever be relied upon and referred to. In an Election Cycle, the last thing that the Industry wants is to be the proverbial scapegoat for those whom were not corralled in earlier. For those whom study far more than cleaning shitters, you know these words are prophetic. Accreditation is the solution.

At the end of the day, the end game is that there is no reason why Client nor Contractor should not be able to have a preferred vendor status (PVS) attached to taking the steps of becoming accredited. PVS ensures that not only may the Client may withhold to the auditors that their subordinates have navigated the complexity of regulation, but those legitimate Order Mills and Contractors already have self initiated the requirements we see in comparable Industries today.

Accreditation is coming no matter whom likes it. Foreclosurepedia is rarely wrong in large, institutional predictions. The unique factor that Foreclosurepedia supports this should be a testament to those along the fence line that now is the time to become a part of the Movement. While Foreclosurepedia could contribute to accreditation dramatically, I do not see that as our place. A successful Accreditation Board must be able to have discussions candidly to come to proper determinations. Will we participate in covering the new niche? Of course; hell, we will probably be directly responsible for back channel facilitation. Foreclosurepedia will never repeat never be on an Accreditation Board as that is not our position in the Industry. I have confidence that there are a Few Good Men and Women whom are far more intelligent than I whom will bring this to a reality in the next sixty days. The alternative? Well, no one wants G Men riffling through their files willy nilly, do they?!


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