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$3.50 Inspections and Where Is NAMFS on the Matter?

Why Did Chestnut Hill Partners Remove the Sale of GIS Field Services?

National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Board member Jonathan Dedman Dietz is showing the world precisely why NAMFS cannot be trusted. For years, #TwoForVerisk NAMFS Executive Director Eric Miller and NAMFS President Matt Zoldowski have denied that their membership — let alone Board members — are pushing three dollar inspections, but lo and behold, Dietz is front and center like a pimp to Labor. GIS Field Services LLC is pushing $3.50 inspections throughout New York and elsewhere. It is an abomination, pure and simple. I want you to think, for just a moment, how this works. So, NAMFS pushed the agenda of price hikes with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Today, they are paying $30 for an exterior inspection and $45 for an interior inspection. On the HUD post conveyance side, these inspections climb as high as $50 with Guardian Asset Management. And NAMFS Board member Jonathan Dedman Dietz is paying $3.50 per inspection. Now, all along, Foreclosurepedia said that NAMFS would never enforce their Industry Price Pledge, but everyone knew it was bullshit all along. NAMFS members always have and always will be nothing more than pedestrian liars.

GIS Field Services LLC is owned by Littlejohn & Co. They, in turn, own MCS. In fact, Chestnut Hill Partners brokered the deal. And when we sent out a media inquiry request to both Littlejohn & Co. and to Chestnut Hill Partners a crazy thing happened: They took the information down! I bullshit you not! Below, on the left, you will see the Chestnut Hill Partners Representative Transactions Page this morning — with the redaction of the information — and on the right you will clearly see it was posted loud and proud until they knew Foreclosurepedia was investigating the acquisition. I mean you just cannot make this shit up!

Someone is scared. No, a bunch of people are fucking terrified! And to make sure everyone knows this is not some kind of photoshopping, here is the link to the Wayback Machine showing the original purchase by Littlejohn & Co. of GIS Field Services LLC and here is Chestnut Hill Partners Representative Transactions page today! Now, that is moving at the speed of conspiracy and regardless of the reasons to redact the information, Chestnut Hill Partners are now up on our radar.

So, let’s explore this for just a moment. For three dollars, a NAMFS member can have a family, their children, and pets removed from the biggest investment of their lives! And if you think that doesn’t happen, you must be subscribing to the Putin version of events. And if you believe that there is not a much higher propensity to target Minority Families over white families; if you believe that there is no racial disparity ongoing, I simply refer you to my article covering the racial discrimination litigation against Safeguard Properties, et al.

For years, Foreclosurepedia has stood up for Labor and shined a light on the atrocities and financial terrorism executed by NAMFS members upon Labor. And for years, the treachery of NAMFS has been self evident. In the past, many folks have simply kept their mouths shut in hopes of dodging the bullet, but now the irony is the fact that NAMFS members are being specifically targeted by their own NAMFS Board member, Dietz. In lengthy discussions, which we will flesh out in future articles, the fact of the matter is that the catastrophic policies which Miller and his Cronies have forced upon the Industry — Aspen Grove Solutions (now ShieldHub) comes to mind which most major firms have dropped — has been only to line their own pockets with the unholy and un American profits. NAMFS member after NAMFS member has been quietly shutting their doors. And while some of the other firms have had legitimate sales — Guardian Asset Management to New Residential or ServiceLink vis-à-vis Black Knight to Intercontinental Exchange — this latest purchase is a bridge too far.

Over the past several weeks, we have attempted to shine an even brighter light on the wholesale corruption and fraud ongoing over at Housing and Urban Development. In fact, up until we requested information pertaining to the invalid Adobe signatures on the latest HUD Management and Marketing (M&M) Field Service Manager (FSM) bridge contract, there was an open line of communication with the Assistant Chief Procurement Officer for Field Operations, Craig Karnes. The moment, though, that the proverbial apple cart was rocked, the wagons began circling and HUD continues to even acknowledge receipt of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. It is par for the course with these poverty pimps, though.

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Paul Williams
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