Why Mom and Pops Contractors Cannot Break The Order Mill Ceiling

Foreclosurepedia has been successfully partnering Management and Labor for almost half a decade now. Fact of the matter is that simply stating one is a Contractor in the Mortgage Field Services Industry or that one is a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) are no longer benchmarks to measure against.  The reality is that the Industry has been hemorrhaging talent within both Management and Labor. In light of the fact that the enormity of volume to soon come down the pike, it boggles the mind that the financial institutions and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has not begun to examine the root cause — downward pricing pressure coupled with fraud.

Both Management and Labor generally reach out to Foreclosurepedia when they are in a bind with respect to onboarding personnel. Above and beyond the fact that we maintain an opt in mailing list of well over ten thousand people, the ISTAR Clear Base maintains a database in the tens of thousands. ISTAR Clear Base does not simply gather the run of the mill information publicly accessible; ISTAR Clear Base is a profiler’s proverbial wet dream.

Recently, I have been dealing with a handful of folks which characterize the problems at a microcosmic level. For years Foreclosurepedia has always attempted to keep its direct line open to discuss issues with people at a personal level. I started, though, to notice that some of the same names kept coming up with respect to Consulting — repeated requests for Contracts, pumping for information and requests for advice. This, in and of itself, is a benchmark to which judge whether or not these type of people will even survive in the Industry, as a whole.

What I am amazed by is the fact that one thing all these folks have in common is the simple fact that they are what I consider to be fence straddlers. Now, if you are talking about whom you are going to vote for, that probably works out fine. It is problematic, though, in the Industry. Here is what I mean,

When you have a person whom does not have the ability to make a decision on their own, it spells doom in any type of business setting. More on point, though, when you have people incapable of meeting deadlines, they will become crucified in this Industry.

From jump, deadlines and the ability to execute upon the same, determine the quick and the dead. Time and again, I end up with folks whom want Consulting done; however, they want multiple bites at the apple. An example is the countless calls I receive requesting information upon Management by Labor and vice versa. There are maybe 5 people whom I have a relationship with whom I engage at that level. The primary reason is because they are financial supporters of Foreclosurepedia. In addition, though, they are not spending every waking moment of their life on Facebook — this means that they have the ability To Know; To Dare and To Keep Silent.

For quite sometime, there was the belief that because I had information; because I had spent the inordinate amounts of time compiling documents, they should be freely shared. I like that one. I owe Labor or Management something. You see, this is the quintessential attitude which has gotten this Industry into the trouble it is in today. If you hire me; if you retain my counsel, we have an equitable business relationship. Ironically, Management understands this far more than Labor.

Time is a valuable asset. You cannot replace time taken away. I had a conversation with a lady whom will remain unnamed while up at the Technology Summit. Overall, she met with influential individuals and took their time, as well. With respect to comprehending deadlines, she abysmally failed. Whereas, a person like herself could have capitalized upon opportunity, the salient fact is that when I am inquired about her by other firms whom may want to hire her, I am only able to present that which I encountered.

I am dealing with several other people whom additionally seem to have no concept of what running a business means. This is due, in part, to the fact that Management has always called those in Labor, independent contractors. To date, I have not yet met an independent contractor. These folks have email accounts through MSN, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and the like. They additionally have voice mail which does not even identify whom they are and that really doesn’t matter as their voice mailboxes are inevitably full. Even more on point, though, is that I have yet to find anyone whom has come to me for consulting whom has a website which even remotely functions as a business website.

Whether or not anyone cares how I perceive them is immaterial. Management makes their initial determinations upon what type of firm you are based upon the aforementioned. If your firm does not even possess the basic tools necessary to distinguish yourself from your grandmother, chances are pretty good you are going to remain where you have been. How do I know? I have had conversations with Management; with the owners and founders of companies whose value is generally not lower than $20 Million, and they are very clear on this point.

I would love to say that all of the ill in the Industry is attributable to Management; that NAMFS is the causation of every problem which exists. I cannot. When it comes to the basic ability to run a business, Labor is so far off the charts in incompetence that it cannot even be measured. As we will see in September when the Asset Management Specialists (AMS) Employee v Independent Contractor litigation comes to trial, the record will be very clear that it is startling that Labor is even capable of getting to a property let alone performing any services. Now, is that Management’s fault? Definitely. With respect to Labor, though, the reality is that we have lost so much talent over the past two years that ultimately, the Industry has become a Labor Ready setting.

If your firm wants to honestly make headway and become a real company — DUNS Number, SAM Account, Branded Email, Functioning Website (CMS) — feel free to reach out to me. Do not do, though, what folks like Vicky and Darren Wegner have done since June, 2014. Don’t continue to reach out and try to get free info; get advice; request multiple contracts and piss and moan because Safeguard Properties (SGP) fucked you and expect me to pick up your slack free of charge when you haven’t even donated a cup of coffee in two years. I mean these people were the epitome of all that is wrong on Labor’s side: Unbranded email which gave Vicky a different last name than the one she wrote; Voice Mail which only stated a number; Voice Mail Boxes — yes both of them — which were full; Unverifiable data. I rarely, if ever, hang people out to dry unless they deserve it. I am simply at the point that I am exhausted dealing with hacks whom want a crash course on business and introductions made pro bono.

You see, if I make an introduction for either Management or Labor, the fact of the matter is that it must be equitable. I work with a Member of Management up in the Philadelphia area whom requested that I partner they with Labor. When you open doors on either end there is an expectation that the amount of time invested in doing paperwork, learning new systems and such translates into work. In the instant case this never materialized. We are talking about firms whom cover entire states with W2 employees; we are not talking about subs whom sub to yet more subs.

At the end of the day the sad reality is that there are offenders on both the Management and Labor side whom even though they publicly espouse a desire to change, their ability to do such is years away. Everyone wants something for nothing and that is a bad policy to live by. If you are one of the few folks whom donated the combined total of eighteen dollars this month, Foreclosurepedia thanks you. If you are one of the 79 people whom reached out wanting something for nothing, I noted such in the ISTAR Clear Base.

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4 Responses to "Why Mom and Pops Contractors Cannot Break The Order Mill Ceiling"

  1. Kelly Brown  June 28, 2015 at 15:47

    I agree. We have contributed financially when we could. I contribute information that is hopefully good and will help. Paul has helped us and hopefully we have helped others through him. He consulted with us and helped us get a duns and Sams number. Gave us suggestions, only thing left is we have to get with him for website creation. I’d highly recommend his consulting package. I will tell u this don’t bs him he will read right through it lol

    • Editor In Chief  June 28, 2015 at 16:09

      My man Kelly. Long time no chat! Hope all is well and thanx for the street cred! 😉

    • Editor In Chief  July 1, 2015 at 21:25

      Thank you for the kind words Kenny! Hope all is well and reach out any time you need anything! 😉

  2. Kenny Barrett  July 1, 2015 at 20:23

    I think it was on the weekend when Paul read ALL 2319 pages of Dodd / Frank he spent 2 hours of his time helping me with lap top issues. We emailed & called back and forth while Paul overhauled my old computer. During that time there was no industry gossip or pnp discussion. The mission was to help a Foreclosurepedia nation member & friend! That’s all. I’ve made donations and will continue to do so. I’ve never been in a jam where I needed his help (just computer & website issues:) That said, I know he has my six! Join/donate, You won’t be sorry !

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