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When Public Information Is Not Public

We received some Privacy Violation Complaints from YouTube today with respect to the Carol Boyd and National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Coverage we have been documenting on our Foreclosurepedia YouTube Channel. The Videos are profiled at the bottom of this Article.

Truly ironic. Our understanding is that NAMFS is not the originator of these Complaints. As all of them circulate around Carol Boyd my presumption would be that Boyd or a party sympathetic to Boyd initiated them. Perhaps Boyd might want to contemplate taking down her website and modifying her business and personal lifestyle if she does not want anyone talking about it.

YouTube has been unwilling to state precisely whom has a Privacy Concern. That is where I want to pick up. When people put their material on the Internet, it is public information. When you are a non profit association — NAMFS is a 501 (c)(6) — whom functions at the luxury of the tax payer, of which I am one, your information is public. When you are a business owner participating in interstate commerce across state lines your information is public.

Here is the reality: Both Carol Boyd and NAMFS are under fire from multiple quarters. With respect to Carol Boyd, I will never stop speaking my opinion about what I think with respect to threatening elderly people nor sending bogus checks to contractors. YouTube may keep the videos and I will stream it all via this website.

This is not Nazi Germany. Simply because someone has Membership within NAMFS does not give them the right to break the law. When you do not agree with someone’s opinion why not publicly address it as opposed to sulking in the shadows like a common criminal? The moral of this is that the negative PR generated by the latest salvos which were hoped to create a Chilling Effect Upon The First Amendment simply reinforce public sentiment against Carol Boyd and further bring into question why the NAMFS is loathe to investigate one of their own.

These are the links to all Carol Boyd Videos which are cited as Privacy Concerns. Novel. No way the Carol Boyd atrocities are going to be swept under the rug, no way. They have all been recompiled and now flow on 49 separate platforms. Your attempts to silence my First Amendment Right to have an opinion have now resulted in a renewed effort to expose precisely whom you are.

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