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Vendor Resource Management Listed DANGEROUS By Google

I always get a laugh when I think about Eric Miller and the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) being Compliant with state and federal law. Take technology, for example. Vendor Resource Management (VRM), a firm which held the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) contract for foreclosed properties, is renowned for defrauding service connected disabled veterans, firefighters, Minority Females and Labor under their associations with Carol Boyd. Boyd was a Bronze level contributor to Eric Miller and NAMFS. Boyd, whom had tax liens against her own home, was protected heavily by Miller and his ALL WHITE Board of Directors several years ago. And yes, VRM is a NAMFS Member today. This is the least of their worries and what we are going to talk about ought to scare the shit out of both real estate agents and field service technicians alike.

The above is the website which VRM operates. I am not going to hardcode in the web address as you can see it. You can go there and poke around if you feel comfortable, on your own. Now, to make sure that we are talking about the same VRM whom has pissed off more real estate agents in history other than the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) when they gave the keys to the kingdom to Sage Acquisitions, here is their WHOIS ICANN file, to the right. Clifton Wallace is the IT wonk at VRM whom ought to have his keyboard shoved so far up his asshole he cannot sit down without a visit to the proctologist. And that is the deal today. These firms which are awarded tens and hundreds of millions of dollars in VA and HUD Contracts are not being audited by the US Government. And as to the NAMFS? Well, as long as Eric Miller’s palms are greased, he will remain silent.

                                                                    VRM On Google

This is what I never seem able to understand, how is it that Brandon Kirkham and his Team are not in jail? How is it that NAMFS continues to allow these folks to display the NAMFS Logo knowing that the potential for social security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, licenses — everything about a person required to get credit or a terrorist to get a passport — are lying around like a careless hotel rendezvous? What people should begin to do is take a VERY CLOSE LOOK at federal contract awardees and their websites. How, precisely, these firms are passing the technical grade is beyond me.

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