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Altisource Rolls Out A Slow Motion Train Wreck In Ohio and Atlanta

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Altisource, time and time again, has done their best to screw Minorities and Members of Labor. Whether it be by allowing the former and disgraced Secretary of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), Heather Berghorst to commit over One Million Dollars of fraud or allowing Adam and Amanda Buczek to commit roughly the same, Altisource, a foreign national, has made it clear: It is open season on Minority Females and Members of Labor. The ironic thing is that time and again, Altisource has placed the blame upon Labor’s back. I mean you really have to hand it to these folks. What, with their recent payment of tens of thousands of dollars to Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, to pitch Vendorly, at the NAMFS #FraudFest 2016, for Altisource it is business as usual.

You know, when you sit down and truly listen to the narrative which Eric Miller and his financial terrorists are spewing pertaining to $100 Aspen Grove Solutions Background Checks which are $7.30 in Arizona for General Contractors performed by the same firm, First Advantage, the reality begins to sink in. Cowboy Miller and his Small Penis Posse are handjobbing each other and fisting Labor.

Altisource has finally come out with their latest slogan. It truly symbolizes precisely that which they have always thought about Labor and Minorities. The mentality is the same as that which Eric Miller puts forward: It’s Venderlyeveryone else’s fault but mine. Miller, whom unjustly enriches himself to the tune of over One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars per year; Miller whose salary is twice the national average for a trade association executive director and consumes over seventy percent of all NAMFS Member Dues, continues to refuse to remediate the prolific fraud and atrocities committed against mankind he helps to facilitate.

Altisource is coming on strong. In fact, Altisource has recently begun playing musical chairs between Ohio and Atlanta. What I mean is that Laudan is taking on a shit ton of Altisource work while at the same time Birdsey Group moves work orders and bids back and forth. No two ways around it. And this is a pattern and practice which we are seeing more and more, cross portfolio. Let me explain this in a way that only a trained, media professional such as myself is capable of doing,

Altisource shoots 123 Main Street out to two different companies. Company A is assigned say an Initial Service and Company B is assigned a Routine. Classic Altisource because as an Initial Service hits mainline and they know the grass cut will be bid, they generate a Routine praying some schmuck will cut the lawn without bidding it as they are there. Now, inevitably, there are going to be bids submitted. And by pitting folks against each other, they are capable of paying the cheapest price while passing on the most expensive bid from a contractor to the US Government through the FHA Form 27011. And in fairness, it is not only Altisource.

There was a $100 Million lawsuit filed against Joseph Five Chins Badalamenti, founder of Five Brothers, and US Bank, nearly two years ago. It described, in over TWO HUNDRED PLUS PARAGRAPHS, how Joe Badalamenti and US Bank conspired to and successfully committed tens of thousands of felonious False Claims Act violations against the US Government. Take a read through the lawsuit Foreclosurepedia is hosting exclusively to fully fathom what is going on. You see, now that the chargebacks have virtually run their course — bearing in mind that they were illegal and destroyed countless Minority Females lives and routed Members of Labor like a rabid sow — the latest and greatest of fraud is rolling out for one final shot at the game. A final opportunity for whitey to put Minorities in their place.

Anything which Altisource touches immediately lends itself to fraud of #Epic proportions and international consequences. Foreclosurepedia has already begun to become instrumental in bringing whistleblowers to the plate. Ask Carolyn Ramagos and her impotent hubby Dave, whom are Prime Vendors to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). You see, had Milan Thompson never associated with they and Mickey Snow, we would never have this conversation. Snow, founder of Snow Enterprises, and accused rapist of handicapped, under aged girls, is most assuredly playing a pivotal role as he awaits trial. Even though Carol’s son is recently sprung from the penitentiary, he has no hope in getting a piece of the pie regardless of what he has been running his hole about.

As SEAS began to spiral out of control, they had lobbed a nearly identical salvo of bait and switch. You see, you bait Cheers-300x300Labor by creating the false pretense that Minorities have the opportunity to meaningfully participate upon contracts financed by US Taxpayers. Then, when Minorities submit the bids, they are farmed off to both W2 Boileroom Crews or others whom whitey has at his disposal and will kick back in an appropriate manner — either by extra work or outright financial payoffs as we are seeing at CWIS. Hand in hand with Robert Kapeluch and the father and son Newkirk Crew, we have seen Altisource begin shifting their Portfolios between Birdsey Group and Laudan; Atlanta and Ohio. In fact, as Sanford Birdsey has begun to move funds from the Birdsey Property Services (BPS) Division into other Divisions; as the Birdsey Group personnel can neither grasp Property Preservation Wizard (PPW) nor even answer the phone or email for days, the question presents is this another Berghorst Enterprises and Buczek Enterprises redux? And while, to the untrained observer, Laudan seems far better situated to perform, they, too, bring baggage.

Like a case of the clap caught from a NAMFS whore in the Soho District, though, Altisource is Back in Black; a Black Widow looking for her next Minority Member of Labor to victimize Mickey Snow fashion. What Altisource didn’t know was that Laudan was violating the law; Laudan has run afoul of HUD by performing pre and post conveyance work. You see, Laudan’s Green Team performs services for CWIS, a HUD Prime Vendor embroiled in both controversy and corruption.


               Cowboy Eric Miller Revving Up the Small Penis Posse

The typical modus operandi for Altisource Order Mills has always been to flood Contractors with an enormity of work orders; create a series of relabeling changing both the work order numbers and verbiage; and then conclude with the promise of payment after deleting within the system without the ability to trace. Heather Berghorst and Adam and Amanda Buczek were Master #Fraudsters. In fact, during the height of The Great Fraud, Berghorst Enterprises, Buczek Enterprises and SEAS LLC stole well over THREE AND A HALF MILLION DOLLARS from Minority Females and Members of Labor. The notorious Pat McTaggart was at the helm with Altisource and with the continued protection of Eric Miller, Fraudster in Chief of NAMFS, dozens of lives were destroyed and even more children were scarred for life. And as Labor was decimated, Altisource and its staff profited at a most grotesque and obscene level. While people like Jerry Minissale nearly lost his home and family to the treachery of Altisource and their NAMFS sponsored financial terrorists, Altisource was already scouting out their next pump and dump scheme.

Foreclosurepedia has been speaking with Contractors in multiple states with respect to Altisource’s latest Cowboy Round Up. And their less than ethical approach to profiteering upon the backs of Minority Females and Labor is raising quite a few eyes in Atlanta. If ever there was a quintessential example of that which the #BlackLivesMatter movement struggles for equality, Cowboy Miller and his Small Penis Posse are the poster children — White Men whom loose no sleep over the financial terrorism exerted upon minorities.

Altering data; assigning arbitrary information in a piecemeal fashion as it best suits vendor managers is no different that how Wells Fargo created TWO MILLION illegal accounts in the names of their consumers to fluff the numbers and create revenue streams. This is precisely what is going on with respect to Altisource’s newly minted Order Mills.

Lines of communication have completely collapsed within Altisource’s Order Mills. Foreclosurepedia has performed a large scale forensic audit over the past several months spanning 19 Contractors. It is SEAS LLC all over again. Emails go days without reply; phone call conversations are as frequent as Islamic State jihadists converting to Christianity. And when Contractors challenge the authority of $8 an hour processors, it is the Cold War on steroids. When an Altisource Order Mill is challenged, that Order Mill begins a campaign of terror and unfounded back billing or simply blackballs Labor with a heavy zeal against Minorities and Females.

One of the more disturbing facets of Altisource’s Campaign is the employment known embezzlers by their Order cropped-AM.pngMills. This was one of the few things which the former Associate General Counsel of Altisource had placed at the top of the NOT TO DO list. In a recent case known personally to Foreclosurepedia, an Altisource Order Mill was advised of such; was informed of a legally binding agreement preventing the offender from even performing services within a state; and in contravention to both legal and ethical obligations, continued such practice. In a manner which appears to be calculated, Altisource has caused or by deliberate indifference allowed to happen the aforementioned individual to not only perform services, but to be carried over in the Work Order notes. More on point, though, in matters which a sovereign company’s legal and contractual rights were acted upon, they deferred the offender to make decisions impacting a company which the party had no legal association with.

Time and again, over the past several months, Altisource and its Order Mills have refused to address ongoing issues which not only impact Minorities and Members of Labor, but are potentially felonies pertaining to the claims submitted by financial institutions vis-a-vis the FHA Form 27011. In a time with heightened scrutiny by the recently awarded Mortgage Compliance Manager (MCM) ISN, inspections upon every facet of claims submitted under FHA Form 27011, all are trespassing ever so closely upon the False Claims Act (FCA). The question which presents is whether Altisource; whether Pat McTaggart and her race baiting team headed up by

Altisource has been most effective in their prolonging the inevitable: Becoming Another Ocwen. Word on the streets is that Altisource continues to refuse to properly audit its extremely shaky Order Mill Network. They have been either unable or unwilling to allow revenues created within their Mortgage Field Services Division to remain within that Division and have embraced the tactics utilized by Nationals to stay afloat. In fact, we are seeing, today, how major US Financial Institutions are extricating themselves from the National Order Mill module.

In fact, since the ramping up of the Altisource Portfolio, the envelope has been pushed so harshly upon the backs of Minorities and Labor that the 24 hour Rush work orders for Initial Services and Bi Weekly Inspections have become the norm. This, combined with the inability to reach personnel for immediate answers; the arbitrary and capricious assigning of overdue work orders on same timelines; and the ever popular Birdsey Group tactic of simply disappearing work orders on their end.

In substantiation of how dismal are Birdsey Group’s performance ratings, due to no fault of the valiant Minority Females and Labor, is the simple and salient fact that Laudan Properties has begun to take over enormous, multi state swaths of former Birdsey Group work. Both Mortgage Field Services work orders and real estate sign placement/broker price opinion inspections have begun to flood away from Birdsey Group to Laudan Properties. It stands a testament to Sanford Birdsey’s refusal to competently run operations and the overpaid desk jockeys.

Foreclosurepedia will begin to air dedicated podcasts with Labor in conjunction with our referral of post mortem After Action Reports to the HUD OIG. We are redacting piles of correspondence for release, later this week, which will also be presented to federal regulators next month. Stay tuned as we dissect the collapse of yet another SEAS LLC in the making. It is a train wreck you don’t want to miss.

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