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The Run Starts On Ocwen and Altisource Podcast

Altisource, Habitual Offender Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime, has their Chief Paymaster Ocwen Financial on the ropes. Unless you live under a rock, you already know whom Pat McTaggart — that is the same McTaggart which never seems to pay Members of Labor as she demands document after document that Altisource already possesses — is and you already know that Foreclosurepedia is heading to the mainstream media to release its arsenal of documents. Yeah, that’s right. Everything, including the Mediation which Gay Goscinski agreed to pay, again, monies owed to a Member of Labor, and no surprise Gay and Ray refused to do it even as Gay’s right hand man Ray went on vacation to Florida. Foreclosurepedia is heading to Florida to host a Press Conference pertaining to the ongoing fraud running unchecked within the Mortgage Field Services Industry.

HousingWire’s Ben Lane was misidentified as Brian Lane. My apologies as I like Ben’s material over there!

Ocwen Financial Having Runs Made On It As Pat McTaggart Stalls On Payments To Labor

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The #ForeclosurepediaNation Soccer Mom's Brigade
The #ForeclosurepediaNation Soccer Mom’s Brigade

The #ForeclosurepediaNation would like to give a special Shout Out to the Foreclosurepedia Soccer Mom’s Brigade whom are donating their time as Human Bulletin Boards in support of our No Contractor Left Behind Mission! 25 of these great Ladies of Preservation have stepped forward to support the Cause! Why not show your support and either Don the Banner of #Foreclosurepedia or simply Click the Donate Button today?! Additionally, #Foreclosurepedia will be live in Florida throughout next week partnering Labor and Management. If you would like to be a part of this, simply drop a line to us, get an ISTAR Clearance and get down to the business of making money in the Mortgage Field Services Industry TODAY!

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