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The Milk Carton Kids: How NAMFS Members Are Missing

It’s a scene straight out of the headlines and it has Eric Miller, Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) terrified.  Miller, whose annual salary tops out well over One Hundred and Twenty Thousand dollars per year and consumes over seventy percent of all NAMFS Member dues, playing the UNSUB part to a “T.” It also has many asking why Miller continues to receive Ten Thousand dollar per year raises. It does raise the public question,

With only a week until the NAMFS #FraudFest 2016, why is it still THIRTY EIGHT THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS unfunded with respect to Sponsorships?

And I don’t know if any of you out there caught that link; however, this one is a graphical representation. I am unable to locate a single Boots on the Ground provider. I want that to sink in for just a moment. In fact, nearly EIGHTY PERCENT are all folks whom sell material or products! Out of those folks, nearly NINETY SEVEN PERCENT are folks whom Eric Miller onboarded as sole providers for NAMFS Members — read HEAVY FUCKING KICKBACKS! I mean it’s nothing new. Miller has kept the fraud quiet and silent for years and was paid well by the NAMFS Board to get drug through the gutter. Now that the monies are drying up; now that the fraud has taken every possible piece of low hanging fruit, Miller and the NAMFS Government Relations Committee are rolling out the latest and greatest hustle: Institutional Requirements For NAMFS Academy Certificates to work in the Industry.

Nickie Bigenho, Vice President of Compliance at MCS, led the charge in the NAMFS Government Relations Committee in May and June with respect to bringing in third parties to certify the NAMFS Academy education modules and additionally discussions pertaining to bringing in discussions of requirements by Labor to have these certifications.

It goes hand-in-hand with the actions which NAMFS Members have taken to defraud minorities within the and without the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Day in and day out the white power and control infrastructure of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services demonstrates that minorities are not only not accepted, they are open season. Simply Google our series on precisely how Eric Miller’s Bronze Supporter, Carol Boyd, defrauded African American Females, Disabled Military Veterans and others — and Miller stood by her EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!

Eric Miller, #BlackLivesMatter!

The elements of common law fraud are: (1) a false statement of material fact, (2) knowledge that the statement was false, (3) intent to induce the defendant to act, (4) reliance on the statement by the plaintiff; and (5) damages. Fraudulent concealment has the same elements with the additional requirement that the plaintiff show the defendant omitted or concealed a material fact when it had a duty to disclose it. I want that to sink in for just a moment. You see, Darling Nickie and the rest of those seated upon the NAMFS Government Relations Committee should understand that multiple corporations conspiring to both set pricing and educational requirements which financially benefit third parties violates the Sherman Act. It is a federal felony. Sitting on a Committee has far more liability than a Board as the Committee Members whom rubber stamp approvals are not indemnified.

To plead and prove a civil conspiracy in Illinois, the plaintiff must demonstrate (1) a combination of two or more persons, (2) for the purpose of accomplishing either an unlawful purpose or a lawful purpose by unlawful means, (3) concerted action, and (4) an overt tortious or unlawful act to further the plan.

While a conspiracy claim will normally not lie against a corporation acting through one of its officers based on agency rules (because the corporation can only act through its agents), that rule doesn’t apply in cases where the corporate officer actively participates in the tortious conduct.

To kick off our NAMFS #FraudFest 2016 Week in Despair, we sent a copy of the below to all of the NAMFS Government Relations Committee Members.

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