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The Ken Brown – Field Connections LLC Matter

From time-to-time I receive information which I publish upon and the landscape of the Article changes. Generally speaking, I normally add something into the Comments Section and call it a day. When you write your opinions for the world to muse, the reality is that some like the opinions and others do not. With that said, what I always attempt to do is have substantiation of whom says what. I additionally personally address each and every issue which is directed to me. I do this not because I have any legally compelling reason to do such; I do this because it is the right thing to do. Additionally, I sometimes follow up on the material I opine upon because it holds personal interest to me. The Altisource Files are one of these items.

I wrote an Article a day ago based upon a series of emails and phone calls I had with a Contractor named Ken Brown. Brown expressed displeasure with payments or lack thereof to him from Field Connections LLC. He stated that the Industry norm Platform which Clients dispatch and receive Work Orders from had been locked down to him. Brown opined that he was owed a substantial amount of money and that no communications had been forthcoming.

Sources speaking on condition of anonymity within Field Connections LLC had a markedly different take on the situation. In fairness, I had reached out to Field Connections LLC for comment earlier and none was forthcoming. Apparently, there is an ongoing legal matter currently being hashed out. While I am not at liberty to discuss the particulars of the instant case, I am able to state that it is quite apparent that the position of and remedy for Brown’s totality of issues are contested. I would have a hunch that many of Brown’s allegations; the totality of the alleged outstanding amounts, would be a hard sell to a jury. It is neither here nor there as the only horse in the race I have is to give the opportunity to both sides to make their presentation and let the world be the judge.

If I was a licensed and credentialed Media Outlet my path from storyboard to publication would be markedly different. The benchmarks used to measure that which I write would be reviewable by judicial forums. The reality is that I simply submit my opinion to those whom wish to digest it. It is ironic, really, because as a blogger the 9th Circuit affirmed the “… [s]tandards set by a 1974 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Gertz v. Robert Welch Inc., apply to everyone, not just journalists.”

While the vast majority of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Leadership opine that Foreclosurepedia is unheard of, it is becoming more and more apparent that my opinions hold sway over more than, “… those on the fringe …” as one NAMFS Regime Member called myself and others.

The tragedy that presents is this: Business Owners such as Charles Willes are placed in the cross hairs of commerce because there is no Panel or Grievance Commission established by the very Trade Association he and others pay their dues to. One the one hand, Contractors and Vendors are in an identical Catch 22. If either confront fraud, perceived or otherwise, they risk loosing money and work. I know firsthand as when I confronted NAMFS Regime Members for defrauding me I was black balled from the Industry.

The landscape today is a very dangerous setting. While I attempt to temper my opinion with documentation, there is absolutely no legal requirement to do such. At some point-in-time, NAMFS Regime Members are going to screw the wrong person and they will go on a publication binge. There is no “Off” button on Google. The reality is that even though a Company may file whatever they want in Court with hopes that the filings themselves will financially incapacitate a person, even if they somehow wrangle a judgement out of a blind judge, it does not impact Google nor the millions of venues available for people to present opinions upon.

The aforementioned case involving Field Communications LLC is being documented to attempt a setting of the bar with respect to those whom might follow in my footsteps in documenting the atrocities and crimes against humanity currently being committed by a select few Members of the NAMFS Regime. For our opinions to mean anything we must be able to contemplate the fact that there are two sides to a story.

If I had to eat crow each and every minute of each and every day I would; my motives are noble. For any NAMFS Regime Member to be able to give quarter to people like Carol Boyd and her campaign of fraudulent checks sent to Contractors and threats against civilians for voicing their opinions I have absolutely no respect for. There is no place, in civil society, for people like they and Boyd.

I will follow the Field Communications – Brown matter through to the conclusion. If and when each party are at liberty to discuss that which transpires, each have my direct line. For others whom wish to speak with me about issues, feel free to reach out. While you may not like the answers you get, the reality is that there is not a single person whom is able to say I refused to speak with them personally. I will always publish both sides of a coin if they are presented to me. Carol Boyd’s family members will verify that as they bombarded me on a Sunday night with demands to talk. In light of Boyd’s threats against her former sister-in-law, though, I gather they are not as eager to come forward.

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