The Industry: A Scathing Assessment For 2017

Insurance Fraud By NAMFS Associate Member Not Grounds To Dismiss From Association!

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The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) is poised to sacrifice goats at dawn in an attempt to curry the favor of The Gods later this morning as best I can tell. Fact of the matter is Eric Miller’s nearly One Million Dollar spending spree, over the past several years, has all but bankrupted NAMFS. Miller, the NAMFS Executive Director, has overseen nearly five straight years of losses amounting to tens of thousands of dollars. If you do not believe the NAMFS IRS Tax Return, then simply ask Liz Ziots how it feels to work for free at all of the #FraudFest events and never get so much as a thank you. I digress, though.

2016 was a bumper crop year of prediction fulfillment with respect to Foreclosurepedia’s reading of the tea leaves. We predicted AMS and MCS would go to the mattresses on the litigation pending against they with respect to the fact that there are no contractors in this Industry. An offer of nearly $5 Million was made to silence the federal lawsuit and all parties are now going through depositions and eventually heading to court. The depositions read like a Who’s Who and MCS AMS Subholdings LLC is looking about as healthy as a whore on the dole in the Soho district. We predicated a reignition of the Altisource fraud and lo and behold Birdsey Group has stepped up to the plate to fill that gap with an ingenious racket of cancelling work orders weeks after completion and backbilling the same. More on that later this week. We predicted the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) would be forced to remove the illegal electrical backfeeding language and sure as shit HUD went on the record and cleared the air. We predicted Mickey Snow would try to make yet another run for the border and it appears that his selling off of properties and rumors of a bizarre out-of-state MRI are coming to pass. We had multiple database hacks and failures; we had Aspen Grove Solutions held out to be the money grab that it is; and we had Eric Miller caught up in the criminal insurance fraud investigation with the State of Washington.

Some of the larger items of interest were the Washington State Supreme Court ruling that financial institutions did not have the legal right to enter foreclosed homes without a court order. CWIS, out of Colorado Springs, came under investigation by the HUD Office of the Inspector General. Sage Acquisitions was bitch slapped and lost part of their contract for being incompetent. Michael Breese, Eric Miller’s pal whom owned HomeStar and defrauded millions, went to court for refusing to provide for his child and ex wife. Snow Enterprises collapsed and lost contracts. National Field Network lost Fannie Mae and put their staff working in the field. Birdsey Group launched yet another round of contractor fuckery and the fraud is now known personally by Michael Dougherty, their CEO.

Foreclosurepedia continues to stand by its prediction of a catastrophic, Q3 FY2017, recession. Simple mathematics. Still think the bubbles are not there? Still buying into that hocus pocus that NAMFS Members are spewing that there is no volume? Well, it helps buttress our claim by having the US Government’s very own Business Cycle Dating Committee of the National Bureau of Economic Research (no, it’s not JDate) is backing us now. The volumes are there, now, in the Industry. The problem is that when you have folks like Reid Schermer and Michael Dougherty, over at Birdsey Group, disappearing work orders so quickly they vanish before your very eyes in PPW, the story appears to be legit. More on point, though, when you have portfolios shopped around with all the allowables sucked out before a work order is ever issued to Labor, the financial institutions are over paying for the same 30 cubic yards of debris being removed month after month. And while Eric Miller will not tell you this, the other problem is that many of those with servicing rights ONLY MAKE MONEY by never allowing the property to go into conveyance condition — Just ask the Loan Resolution Corporation whom lost their US Bank contract and went dark the next day! That is the honest reality. NAMFS was built upon that one common denominator: There is not a SINGLE CONTRACTOR IN THE INDUSTRY with the spine to sue!

2017 is going to be a great year! With people like Hope Joyce Gambill and David Edwards, the Chief Operating Officer of American Contractor Services, parading around both calling themselves Judges and Private Attorney Generals, you know that it is the end of the road in the NAMFS orientated #FraudFest. Practicing law; giving legal advice, without a law license is a crime. If the below does not state that Gambill and Edwards are doing such, I am not sure what would,

In some cases, mostly civil cases, the private attorney generals are prepared to assist you even in the statutory court system. The private attorney generals will look at the facts and merits of each case, then help you to determine if your case should remain in the jurisdiction of the corporate court of if it would be beneficial to move it to the jurisdiction of the superior courts

One of the most defining moments of our Industry was the revelations in which Eric Miller and the entire NAMFS Board of Directors were made aware of the insurance fraud committed by Vicki Boser of InsuranceTek. Boser is a NAMFS Associate Member. For months, Miller refused to notify any of the NAMFS Membership that Boser’s policies weren’t worth the paper they were written upon. And where is Boser and InsuranceTek today? They are still NAMFS Associate Members enjoying all the rights and privileges afforded to them as Miller has ensured their protection by failing to conduct an ousting hearing.

You know there is a problem when NAMFS Members are terrified of that two bit president of theirs Adam Miles. I mean during the 2016 #FraudFest Miles pulled the biggest bitch move of his career and shut down NAMFS Rank and File questions. NAMFS Rank and File deserve what they get. I’ve been a lot of places on earth, but never have I seen grown men pay an organization to fuck them. Spineless and cowardly skirt wearing Rank and File is all that I see. I mean it is pathetic. With defraudment against Minority Females reaching all time highs, one has to ask when are the #BlackLivesMatter protests coming to the front steps of NAMFS? Oh, that’s right. Eric Miller is afraid to even give his own membership the address to their alleged office!

How do you like them apples?!

Still, I am bullish on the Industry this coming year. Much like morticians, Field Service Technicians are responsible for the orderly transition from one occupant to another. The foreclosure numbers are already climbing. The balloons are already hitting when we look at the median price of a home in San Jose hitting one million dollars. We have commercial paper hitting an $11 trillion high. We are witnessing a market phenomenon characterized by surges in asset prices to levels significantly above the fundamental value of the assets and have been for over a year now.

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