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The Boilerlate CFPB Complaint Process

As I begin to finish up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Complaint for a Client, I began to think that many Contractors do not really understand the process or even where to begin. The reality is that the first step is to select the Product upon which you are filing a Complaint against. In the case of the CFPB, Contractors work for the bank at the end of the day. Now, herein lies the argument of the Order Mills: No, you work for us. When you examine the Contracts, the reality is that each and every Contract creates the relationship. Let me explain a bit and then we will get you off and running filing your Complaint.

I haven’t yet found a single Order Mill which has issued a single mortgage. Accordingly, no Order Mills own the properties they issue Work Orders upon. The relationship between owner or bank and subcontractor is pretty self evident. What directly implicates the bank or portfolio holder, in my opinion, is Regulation Z of Dodd – Frank. Whether I am right or wrong is immaterial. What is material is the fact that the Contractor performed services which were upsold by the Order Mill and never paid for. While Contractors are still stupid enough to work for those whom won’t pay them and actually believe you cannot lien properties, NOTHING prevents you from filing a CFPB Complaint. Make no mistake whatsoever, the Complaint Process is both painful and costly to the Order Mill Thugs and their Masters.

Your Complaint is located in the Submit A Bank Service Complaint Section. We are going to look at Altisource in our example as I have a tremendous amount of experience dealing with these kind of people. The critical component of creating a Complaint is to communicate your message with clear, concise and well punctuated statements. Unlike my Blog, which is opinion, one needs to lay off the rhetoric and avoid the profanity.

During all times discussed, we have worked for Buczek Enterprises and presumably ACA Management. All services performed were upon foreclosed properties within the United States. Both firms lead us to believe that a brother and sister by the name of ADAM AND AMAMDA BUCZEK (BUCZEK) owned the businesses. Both Firms were and are still Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). With respect to well over $21,000, the services performed were for a Foreign National Altisource whom is in a direct and binding relationship with Ocwen. Both Ocwen and Altisource are currently under investigation by the State of New York, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Securities and Exchange Commission and private litigation by shareholder investors. The Industry which we work in is commonly referred to as the Mortgage Field Services Industry (INDUSTRY).

Beginning in October, 2013, Buczek Enterprises began to violate our Contract, across state lines, using electronic means in that they were not paying us for services rendered upon Altisource Properties. Brian Drain and Adam Buczek were the principal points of contact during this time and all times until Buczek Enterprises collapsed. By December, 2013, we began to read about the problems from other Contractors suffering our same fate.

In March, 2014, a website entitled revealed that since November, 2013, Altisource was well aware of the problems ongoing at Buczek Enterprises and still continued to issue them work and money for services which we and other Contractors were performing but not being paid for. There is plenty of email communications which CFPB may obtain through its Civil Investigative Directive (CID) to verify what has happened. In fact, Altisource reached out to us and others which felt more like we were being interrogated as opposed to being the victims of they and Buczek Enterprises. Our experiences with Altisource was unconscionable, at best.

It has been well documented to us via email; to other Contractors via email; and finally upon that Adam Buczek had promised to make payments to Contractors and never did. This, even as Altisource continued to pay him. Further, Adam Buczek is set to sell his million dollar property located in Derby, NY, very soon. Contractors will never see a penny of this either.

I believe that to be in compliance with Regulation Z and other unknown laws, rules and regulations Altisource should have performed Due Diligence upon Buczek Enterprises to verify their initial and ongoing financial solvency. In fact, had Altisource been auditing Buczek Enterprises we and many other Contractors would not have been defrauded out of totals far surpassing the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Buczek Enterprises is not the only firm which Altisource has ongoing issues with pertaining to Contractors being defrauded. Altisource employed Berghorst Enterprises. HEATHER BERGHORST (BERGHORST), the owner, was exposed for refusing to pay for services rendered and when Altisource finally acted upon these facts all they did was allow Berghorst to create a new Company called Heritage Home Solutions (HHS). In fact, had Altisource performed Due Diligence upon Berghorst they would have found that she had a bankruptcy less than 9 years previously. Altisource would, as well, have found out that HHS did not even legally exist when they began sending work right back to Berghorst when they ceased sending work to her due to financial insolvency issues. The end result was the filing of BERGHORST‘s second bankruptcy and a Chapter Seven at that.

For these reasons; for reasons which are in the public view upon and to ensure that Consumers are protected including ourselves, we respectfully request that the CFPB conduct a thorough review of our case and issue Order to Buczek Enterprises or Altisource for payment to us for services rendered as documented by the attached material.

Simply use what works for you and reiterate the heart of both Buczek and Berghorst. Hell, I would additionally add the Jay Goscinski matter as both Altisource and the NAMFS Regime both seem content to protect him.

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