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The Analytics Do Not Lie

The Cartel Goes Chaturbate Begging For Your Money At NAMFS - NADP

While small by comparison of say the New York Times, Foreclosurepedia’s metrics are based upon organic, Industry specific readers. These stats are from non logged in Readership. And the average time on site, per visit, is nearly THREE MINUTES! From Registered Members of the Foreclosurepedia Nation, which is some 10,000+ strong, the stats are off the charts. The Newsletter sports a 65% open rate and a 7% Click Through Rate (CTR). To say that Foreclosurepedia is not the dominate — the ONLY — Mortgage Field Services Newswire people read, when it comes to the Industry itself, would indicate a mental disorder. We are often imitated, but never duplicated. And with a track record of bankrupting out nearly $132 Million of NAMFS Offender Members, the reality is that we are good at what we do and execute our objectives with surgical precision. When you talk about simply our clips of the Foreclosurepedia Industry Insider podcast, on YouTube, we are over half a million views!

Why is any of this important? It matters because if you are running a legit business, the best bang for the buck, when it comes to getting your message out in the Industry, is Foreclosurepedia. And when it comes to knowing you are protected as a Source, when you bring issues about NAMFS Offender Members forward, we protect you like Family.

Look, financial institutions across the nation are beginning to realize that NAMFS Offender Members are no longer in control. Take the most recent parading around of Bryan Lysikowski and Denia Ray by NAMFS Executive Director, Eric Miller. While Mc-ZVN’s Grimace will do his Coach bit on the Chaturbate upcoming at the NAMFS – NADP webinar, it was the continued lies of Denia Ray that stood out when she claimed, “… 20+ years as a prime HUD contractor.” I mean ZVN Properties has fallen so far down in the pandering gutter that I am surprised he can even face his family anymore.

NAMFS – NADP Webinar Bios For Grimace and his Parlor Girl –

When you go to look for a trustworthy Vendor for your distressed assets, I want that quote, not from me, but NAMFS and NADP to stick out in your mind. It is mathematically impossible for one person to control the HUD M&M FSM for 20 years! Hell, even Guardian Asset Management is only into its 6th year and technically it is only through Bridge Contracts. Denia Graham-Ray is the sterling example of what over a quarter of a million dollars a year; funds taken out of Labor’s pocket, will get you. And if you want more proof of why ZVN Properties represents everything wrong in the Industry today, ask good ‘ol Grimace how those Fannie Mae stats are doing for him out in Kansas and elsewhere. And if he won’t give them to you, no worries, as we discuss them in this week’s Foreclosurepedia Industry Insider podcast!

Seven Against Thebes and Lysikowski is the modern day total joke of a court jester awaiting Zeus’ vengeance. While grovelling and on bent knee, Lysikowski failed when he attempted to create his own trade association, some years ago, and failed miserably. Here is how Mortgage Orb put it, back in 2014,

According to Bryan Lysikowski, CEO of ZVN Properties and a co-founder of the new trade association, the goal of the MRA is to ‘further educate the public, our clients and each other through networking, conferences, and other online and live meetings, and to serve as a clearinghouse of important information about this industry.’

‘We expect to recruit strong, proven participants from within the mortgage default servicing industry who share our passion for helping the nation return to a vibrant, healthy economy that is driven by a strong housing market,’ adds Lysikowski.

Lysikowski was a failure then and with MRA going nowhere and shuttering up within weeks, he is now back attempting to buy out NAMFS. Look, the McGrimace look is great and the Coach schtick is what it is, but while he condemned the IAFST, here it is only 9 months away from a decade long legacy, and McGrimace? Yeah, see what I mean?

If you are tired of the Cartel and antitrust running rampant; if you are weary of $3.50 inspections and advertising that doesn’t work, reach out today and let’s talk real business!

Paul Williams
Paul Williams
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