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Stroking Labor: Vendor Management Abuse of Labor at All Time Highs

Vendor Managers No Longer Trusted By Labor

Vendor Manager approval ratings in the Mortgage Field Services Industry have hit all time lows. In fact, in a Survey conducted on 17 June 2024, less than 15 percent of Labor felt that their Vendor Manager even understood the work order. This, markedly down from the fraud prone Surveys conducted back in 2014. When it came to truthfulness, the number was even lower, coming in at an alarming 8.9 percent. With storm season already upon us, the reality is that the massive offloading of work orders to artificial intelligence, financially beneficial to Management, was the single highest complaint of Labor, with abusive language and treatment coming in second. Out of the core group of 250 that we have been polling, for years, here was the scariest comment submitted,

We were told that what the work order says may not match what we are supposed to do. [Redacted] told me that even though I could obviously see a vehicle in the driveway, I needed to drill out the lock because an inspector said it was vacant.

The ability to even reach Vendor Managers has fallen to all time lows. With less than 11 percent of Labor able to reach Vendor Managers from the job site, the reality is the recent institutional anti-trust consolidation of companies, combined with the massive layoffs ongoing, makes our Industry a perfect storm for litigation. In phone interviews with half a dozen inspection firms who were being sued for violating bankruptcy orders, all reported no less than $5,000 in legal expenses due to Vendor Manager errors. Here is how one of them put it,

We got a Disaster Inspection for an area that hadn’t had a severe storm in years. It said clearly DO NOT PASS CURB. It was in all caps. So, when we did what it said to do the vendor manager kicked the order out saying if we could see the house we needed to go on the property no matter what the instructions said. It was our last inspection with these ass hats.

Vendor Managers tend to live in a bubble. They are not used to hearing the word no. Few, if any, have any formal education beyond high school. These are facts not opinions. They tend to be products of families who had difficulties telling them no with many of them still living at their parents home. The word no tends to financially impact their bonuses, but more on point, it is traumatizing to them. Saying no tends to blows up their insulated world creating a permanent psychopathology. With more layoffs on the horizon at three firms, according to several sources, it is ironic that firms such as Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) would cast these proverbial clock punchers out into the real world not understanding the word no.

With the exit interviews of several employees at Prime Vendors all pointing towards keeping the numbers under the WARN Act reporting levels — on purpose — it is looking like Summer will be even worse for Labor. If you are tired of the industry rat race and want to go direct to firms who are ready to hire you now, feel free to select a product below!

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