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Snow Hits The Northwestern US as Acapulco is Leveled By Hurricane Otis

All Aboard The Dysfunctional HUD Train. Next Stop, Dietzville

It is fait accompli as the average American reads through the news today. We have a President whom constantly has a crisis emerging as I wake up each morning; we have a Middle Eastern tinderbox with a perpetual flow of oil on the fire; Ukraine is a yet another Halliburton war burning through American capital; and now the final wammy of climate change has begun to hit North America with a vengeance. Adding to the sense of chaos, I have a morning ritual that I normally go through when I get up each day. This has been in disarray as my son has been off on a cruise with his mother and her newly minted family over the past week. And while he has been experiencing new and distant shores of humanity which are more like props on a movie set — ports of call on a cruise are only safe for a quarter mile or so within the DMZ — the routine of the 0630 EDT school bus has been one student less this past week.

I like routines, you know. As many are aware I live in an extremely rural section of Tennessee. In fact, our county just had it’s second stop light put in a couple of weeks ago. Some years ago, I began a quest to rehab a gambrel barn into a house. Initially, it was a pretty good idea. I was working as a Field Service Technician and many of the clean outs I performed up here were healthy bounties of materials which I packed away, much like a squirrel does acorns, for their use down the road. Like any project begun during one’s middle aged years, the back of the envelope estimates gave way to other pressing matters. Today, I am left with a habitable shell and my son’s ever increasing interests in everything from music — guitar; alto and baritone saxophone; and bass — to welding with stick and wire. The neatly planned budgets which took into account the need to replace a roof have now given way to  a new 220 outlet for his welding adventures along with a second story’s recording studio which has been mothballed for several years now.

Life is a fickle creature. Long on journeys with infinite nodes of meticulous planning, the reality is that life is not simply what the BMW commercials throw at you on the Amazon Fire Stick in between reruns of Suits or Burn Notice.

As Mr Winter began his recapture of the northern tier of the US, a bit further south, Hurricane Otis made a record setting appearance in Acapulco. Otis layed out, in absolute terms, the simple and salient fact that former President Trump is the least of our worries going forward. Clocking in with sustained 165mph winds and damage estimates of $15 billion, it shattered both the historical records of intensity and costs and is now the worst hurricane in the history of the Pacific — it was the first hurricane in the Pacific history to make landfall as a Category 5 hurricane. And while the House of Representatives finally has a Speaker and the Republicans are all playing grab ass with their Bibles on the floor of the House like some sick and perverse version of Christian Twister, the reality is that there is new Sheriff of Chaos in town and his name is Climate Change.

I suppose I should enter here a recent victim whom didn’t pay up enough to the Republican Party, Assero who just laid off all their personnel. Mertins and his colleagues will get the Full Monty before we close up shop, so stay tuned for that article!

Now, I am not going to get caught up in the why of climate change. It is a mistake that Al Gore and others have made for decades cooking up bullshit like Carbon Offset Credits and such which rank up there with synthetic collateralized debt obligations (CDO). For those of you new to the Foreclosurepedia Nation, a synthetic CDO is a financial product that invests in non-cash assets such as swaps, options, and insurance contracts to obtain exposure to a portfolio of fixed-income assets. Margot Robbie explained mortgage-backed bonds — while relaxing in a bubble bath champagne in hand — in The Big Short and probably does it better than myself. What I am going to say is that insurance providers have already pulled out, almost entirely, from Florida and are doing a reverse Grapes of Wrath in California. That should tell you something unless, of course, you are on the Trump Train from hell.

And much like how the changing climatic events on Earth have begun impacting the everyday lives of Americans; much like the resurrected bogeyman of war has created yet another rung on the ladder of hate and discontent in the Romanesque circus of American foreign policy, so to has the Mortgage Field Services Industry succumbed to its own pomp and circumstance. Take, for example, the case of GIS Field Services. Tied to the hip with ZVN Properties and their ascension to the NAMFS version of Olympus, the reality is that replacing Jon Dedman Dietz with Aspen Grove’s new and improved, Americanized ShieldHub rep Shane Copeland, is simply replacing one pantheon with another. And a personal note here to Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, whose spell check doesn’t work — Miller butchered the name of outgoing NAMFS board member Matt Connolly’s company and Foreclosurepedia had to correct him — you really need to get a square image for Kellie Chambers on your Leadership page. It is the small things in life that matter, Eric. I know it is pay-to-play over there, but when these people pay you the huge amounts of money like Bryan Lysikowski, ZVN’s kingpin does, at least give them the courtesy of pretending you give a fuck. I digress.

Dietz has already begun making the rounds at the IAFST — the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST). And what appears to be proof positive that Aspen Grove’s Copeland is selling that background check data to the highest bidder, is the use of an email address which is used nowhere else on the internet other than with Aspen Grove for that recruitment. I get it, the ABC Number sucked. I mean the System for Award Management (SAM) runs all the checks that Aspen cannot — social security number, terrorism watch list, tax return data, etc. — for free; is owned and operated by the US government; and issues a Unique Identification Number (UEI). Hard to compete with free and have the added bonus of real background checks performed by the US government. Miller knew it when he and Jim Taylor, of Wells Fargo infamy, cooked up their scheme. And now that only a few firms like ZVN Properties require the ABC Number, the reality is that they had to find a new revenue stream much like a pimp whose stable has become more of a retirement home. The reality is that ZVN Properties has become the final supporter of NAMFS and even Safeguard Properties, long ago, abandoned that sinking ship. To that point, over the weekend, we release never before published notes taken during the NAMFS Background Check Committee that first brought the plague of Aspen Grove to the Industry.

When it comes to the war of compliance vs perception, hands down, NAMFS is the sterling loser and poster child. In fact, there is no law, rule, or regulation that even requires a background check for Labor to be submitted to these hundred dollar a pop background checks. Don’t take it from me, simply give Wells Fargo’s Sue Bunnell a call. I spoke with her via telephone some years ago and she made it quite clear that Labor was not a third party service provider and that none of the foreclosed properties were considered to be operational assets of Wells Fargo. Ergo, no requirement for a background check. And for those of you whom have forgotten, Management does not have to be background checked. That is not a typo. In fact, we released the Mickey Snow arson and child rape convictions along with the Mellissa Shankin case documenting the money grab that Miller and NAMFS perpetrated. It has always been business as usual for NAMFS. For those of you whom have spent your life on your hands and knees in front of Eric Miller, Shankin is the convicted druggie whom had GRAMS OF COCAINE, TAX LIENS and A CIVIL JUDGEMENT AGAINST HER FROM A FUCKING FUNERAL HOME! And yet this former Five Brothels — sorry Five Brothers — hack still had daily access to the HUD P260 and was their Operations Manager. Word on the bricks is that we have not been wrong in our assumption that Five Brothels may soon be part of the MCS – GIS – Littlejohn Axis of Evil. By all means have the Kalas family give me a shout out if this is incorrect. I know when they tried to Deep Six Kelly Brown, Tom didn’t want a piece of me back then, and I doubt he has grown a pair since. How about the ten million dollars in embezzled funds by GTJ Consulting’s President for a drug fueled, multi-year party? Or the years of prison former NAMFS insurance member Vicki Bowser got for insurance fraud? I mean the list is long and distinguished just like my [blank].

It has always been the Little HUD Contract That Couldn’t, so to speak. The obscene and grotesque display of opulence that firms such as CWIS once put forward, on the backs of Labor, has not weathered the storm well. In fact, without the Protector-in-Chief, HUD’s Craig Karnes at the ready to stomp out all dissention, the reality is that the HUD contract is meaningless. With only double digit foreclosures nationwide in their inventory and the rest made up of custodial properties, it is the plague of servicing.

As we begin winding things down here, the reality is that we are going to drill down on some of the resurgence in financial terrorism which NAMFS members are bringing back, en vogue, again. And for those of you whom wanted a war waged against your pal Dedman and didn’t want to pick up the check at the end, yeah, we are going to drill down on you, as well.

Paul Williams
Paul Williams
Off Grid Linux Junkie and Always a Friend of Labor!


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