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SEAS LLC: The Final Days Were Financed By Altisource

We are receiving information that up to the last day which SEAS LLC employees were operating, Altisource sent checks including 18 hours prior to SEAS LLC closing its doors. The #HouseofFraud Altisource allowed to grow over the past 3 years is monumental. What this means to me is that in addition to the employees of SEAS LLC like Michelle Nicklas whom knew SEAS LLC was financially insolvent and is now working with Robert Kapeluch at Tower Preservation LLC, Altisource facilitated one of the largest conspiracies to commit fraud ever recorded. While Pat McTaggart was sending emails to multiple Members of Labor that SEAS LLC would not be paid until SEAS LLC had paid Labor, the reality is that she, as an agent or employee of Altisource has set the stage for potential pending charges against herself and Altisource.

I want to be very clear here in what I believe as this has been going on for years with respect to the Mortgage Field Services Industry and predating even the Mid Ohio - Miken - Berghorst Enterprises #FraudFest. Altisource had full knowledge of the fact that SEAS LLC was not paying Labor for months and that the fraud had eclipsed nearly a million dollars. This is documented by the below email from a Contractor which is one of hundreds,

Sent: 2/23/2015 10:08:15 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Subj: Altisource

Call Pat McTaggart asap.  I just got off the phone with her.  She claims she was unaware of the situation with seas.  She did say one contractor called her directly and she had his money within 24 hrs.  She is in the office today and might be on the road tomorrow.  If you don't get her today then email her asap.  Her phone is 561-682-8355 and her email Pat Mc Taggart| Manager, Field Vendor Management, VMO Altisource®P.O. Box 105460 | Atlanta, Georgia  30348-5460 P:  770 612 7007 | Ext 8355 | F:  561 682|

If you hired SEAS LLC employees we are going to write about you. We are going to drill down so deep it will require a visit to the proctologist to sit down over the next year when we are done. Why? It is the furtherance of fraud. Period. No Different than what has been going on for years.

Going all the way back to 2013, Altisource knew there were problems at SEAS LLC and specifically with both Tom Newkirk and Robert Kapeluch. This is well documented by the chain of emails between former Altisource Associate General Counsel in Luxembourg and my self. And had this simply been a SEAS LLC issue; had there been multiple people at the helm of dealing with the rising tide of fraud besides Pat McTaggart, then perhaps we could chock it up to racial bias on McTaggart's part or Altisource simply being a stupid foreign national. The problem is this: Altisource knew across four firms that there was both a pattern and practice of pump and dump ongoing with respect to the work order cycle and that the firms committing the fraud were being paid by Altisource and not paying Labor. The only person whom was the point person on...

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