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Rule 48 and Why Mike Breese’s Ex Wife Wants Blood

Fraud never sleeps. Fact of the matter is that neither does Eric Miller, the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) when it comes to lying. Miller doesn’t even pretend to understandDishwasher Dildos the truth anymore as has been demonstrated by his lack of originality. Miller lied to his NAMFS Committee Members stating he was going to send Foreclosurepedia the NAMFS Letter of Determination for Non Profit Status, but as usual it doesn’t end there. That is why this week’s Bitch Boi Motherfucker Award goes to Eric Miller. Miller, whom is paid OVER ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES, is still withholding the 2014 Internal Revenue Service Form 990 which is required, by federal law, to be produced upon request. Miller’s additional inability to receive email seems to be plaguing any meaningful communications and thus yet an additional Internal Revenue Service 13909 Complaint will be filed today against NAMFS, Miller and those NAMFS Committee Members whom were contacted moments ago.

Many of you are aware that I recently returned from Area 51 in Nevada. I was working with a precious metals firm out there and was struck by the differentiation between the netherworld of the Mortgage Field Services Industry and the real world. I took pause while surveying that which I was doing with respect to the encrypted communications and realized that even those small relationships I have developed over the past several years are meaningless when put into focus with respect to how those Clients continue to obscenely finance the NAMFS Regime; the enrichment of Miller and his hag he keeps close to his side in Ohio, and the detriment to Labor which it causes.

One of those people whom over the next week whom is going to get put under a spotlight is Michael Breese. I mean these bitch boi motherfuckers just keep falling off the turnip truck. For those whom have met him or seen a photo of him, I wonder if you are struck, as I am, at how is petulant smile makes me think of one whom has spent far too much time in public restrooms late at night. Apparently, I am not the only one whom thinks Breese is a worthless cock sucker either. A woman reached out to me recently and had this to say,

Thanks for your response.  I am actually [redacted] and had multiple issues personally and legally with him over the past few years and reached out out of anger.  I’ve been doing a lot of research online regarding his company and came across Foreclosurepedia and the texts I forwarded were clearly him acting like he’s not in a world of hurt in the industry but I know better.  I have an upcoming court date and having documentation of the type of person he is and the type of business he is running helps me proved his character.


For anyone whom had no illegal involvement in anything, if we lend credence to the text messages going back and forth, the statement, Even if I have a Ponzi Scheme going on it doesn’t change how I think of you, is pretty fucking damning. And let’s recap for the viewers out there in the Real World today, precisely how much money Michael Breese has fucked the innocent men and women of Labor out of. Because the below quote of a conversation between two other parties is one of MANY I am now receiving and coming on the heels of over a quarter of a million dollars owed to Northsight Management,

Their name is Homestar LLC and they owe me around $25,000.00.

Are you a NAMFS member? Has Eric Miller, Executive Director or NAMFS, provided any help?

Yes I am a member. No I have not spoken to him. Thank you. I do have an attorney suing them in Harris County.

I am drafting this article heading back at 0456CST. I just crossed over into Arkansas. And I am putting those of you whom finance Eric Miller and his Regime on Notice that your investments into a corrupt Regime is going to come at the price of transparency. NAMFS was ignorant enough to publish the names, job titles, companies and contact information of everyone whom is attending #FraudFest 2015 and I am going to ensure that those parties get the 15 Minutes of fame they so deserve. And for the fence straddlers like those out in California even your lack of Membership in NAMFS will be costly in that you continue to support NAMFS Members.


Stay tuned because the heat is going to crank up in the Big Easy as Foreclosurepedia will be on location down there. It is a target rich environment and a photo opportunity not to be missed! And the Rule 48 Invocation? Yeah, too bad NAMFS couldn’t do that. You see, I am going to bleed people dry with the stroke of the keyboard in the same way that those of you whom have supported NAMFS have allowed your colleagues to bleed Labor dry. Cheers to all my haters! Be patient because so much more is to come!

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