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Quality Counts: How NAMFS Is Butting Heads With Institutional Investors

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) is in shambles. For years, Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, collected over One Hundred and Twenty Thousand dollars per year. That salary consumes over EIGHTY PERCENT of all NAMFS Member dues! And for years, Liz Ziots carried the burden of attending to the administrative needs of Miller and NAMFS. Ziots finally got a clue and resigned, earlier this year. Ziots knew, as the Industry found out at this years NAMFS #FraudFest, that the Emperor Wore No Clothes.

The most telling sign of collapse has been Miller’s incohesive ramblings on the internet — as seen above. This year’s NAMFS #FraudFest was a ghost town. Most notable in those not attending were Safeguard Properties and Cyprexx. And other than those hocking their wares like street urchins in turn of the century London, no one was in attendance. At $64,300 in unfunded conference earmarks, this #FraudFest is the worst in history!

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