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Prosecutor On Mickey Snow Case Has Law License Suspended

The case of Mickey Snow, formerly one of the most powerful men in the Mortgage Field Services Industry whom many National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) members got their work from, has taken yet another bizarre turn. For those not familiar with Snow, he was arrested after an international manhunt caught up with him in Thailand and he was extradited back to Eden, North Carolina. Snow faces six counts of promoting prostitution of a minor, six counts of statutory rape, six counts of patronizing a prostitute who is mentally disabled, four counts of patronizing a prostitute and four counts of second-degree forcible sexual offense. And that is where the case sat since 2015. Several days ago, though, Mickey Snow’s world took a turn for the worst,

The North Carolina State Bar suspended the law license of former Rockingham County District Attorney Craig Blitzer on Thursday — more fallout from an SBI probe that led to his resignation and had him recently pleading guilty to what essentially amounted to misconduct.

That’s right. Back in early March, Blitzer had to resign after SBI Agents raided his office. You see, the man whom Snow and his daughter had bankrolled to become the Rockingham County District Attorney, Blitzer, needed even more money. So, Blitzer conspired with Person/Caswell County District Attorney Wallace Bradsher to swap wives in order to obtain nearly $100,000 in unearned annual salaries. I mean you just cannot make this shit up!

And even as Snow Enterprises continues to skulk around in the dark, groping like a freshman prom date with out their patriarch at the helm, they keep the hope alive.

Now, Snow like most predators, decided to spread his seed amongst humanity. The by product of this was Russ and Katrina — Katrina is now Katrina Snow Ross. here is what a former Snow Enterprises staffer had to say about Katrina,

The rumor around the office was that she’d abruptly walked off her job as a school teacher in the middle of a school day, because she “couldn’t take any more of the brats”. Katrina always struck me as someone with untreated mental health issues and daddy issues. She was loud and always seemed anxious and in a fritz and a complete narcissist. I had a conversation with her once of which the general context was her disdain for children. This struck me as odd, since she was a teacher, and I remember being thankful at the time that my kids had not had her as a teacher.

And how was Russ perceived? Here is what another former Snow Enterprises employee had to say,

Russ was very … professional? I don’t really know a better word to describe him. He was so professional, it was a fault. I rarely saw him smile, and when I did it looked smug and forced. You couldn’t make jokes with him, you couldn’t talk about anything non-work related with him, and he was totally unapproachable. It was all business all the time. Yet, he gave off a vibe to me of being cold and calculating; always looked like he was up to something or had some hidden agenda. He was the one who actually fired me. Told me I didn’t seem to be happy there anymore, so he was terminating me immediately, would pay me through the end of the day but gather my belongings and leave now.

Now, whether knowingly or otherwise, there are some fairly serious questions to be raised with respect to the former Rockingham County Prosecutor, Craig Mitchell Blitzer and his relationship with Snow. You see, in FY2014, Blitzer was given not One Thousand Dollars, but Two Thousand Dollars. Mickey Dale Snow and Snow’s daughter, Katrina, each donated One Thousand Dollars apiece. Now, to put this into perspective, in Q4 FY2014, the total amounts donated were $100. That is TWENTY TIMES THE ENTIRE DONATION AMOUNT OF THE COUNTY! Snow, pretending to be a Florida resident, made his donation and Katrina, pretending to be a Real Estate Agent, set into motion where Blitzer is today. Moreover, though, Snow’s attorney Seth Woodall, chipped in FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS!

And that is the state of affairs in Eden, North Carolina. Eden, where two minor, raped, handicapped girls were hushed up with $25,000 in settlements; Eden where Snow returned to after his Arson conviction; Eden, where members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) like Dave and Carol Ramagos whom worshiped the now crumbled empire of Mickey Dale Snow.

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