Prognostication Is The Name Of The Game

As Safeguard Properties Cleans Their Offices For COVID Not A Single Penny Is Allocated To Help Labor

Just some musings here as I contemplate where I am going to lay my head over the rest of the year. Foreclosurepedia, for nearly a decade, has prognosticated — with nearly 98 percent accuracy — all manner of Mortgage Field Services Industry futures as well as many associated with geopolitical events. For example, nearly two years in advance of the purchasing up of almost all Industry Prime Vendors, we called it. On elections, we predicted both Trump and Brexit. And with respect to the cataclysmic collapse of the markets in Q1 FY 2020, we called that, as well. This prediction, though, is a horrific one, as if it could not get worse for the brave Men and Women of Labor whom National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) members are sending to their potential graves while defrauding them — See generally the latest NAMFS members whom have refused to pay anyone a dime since January like Assero Field Services.

NAMFS members will begin to heighten their cleaning requirements on all assets in order to submit billing for those assets as COVID-19 cleaning. And it will give them yet more latitude in their illegal chargebacks. And just a little FYI here, all banks are telling people that if they apply for a forbearance, one month after the moratorium is lifted ALL OF THAT MONEY is due IMMEDIATELY! This should put into perspective precisely the levels of foreclosures we are going to see towards Q4 FY 2020.

Period. End of conversation. Most of you out there whom read Foreclosurepedia have never read the fine print in your Master Services Agreements (MSA). And the generalized language is that you affirm that you are trained in your Industry and that your services are in accordance with municipal, county, state, and federal law. Go no further than how everyone lies about mold being discoloration. In fact, in a recent NAMFS Government Relations meeting, it was advocated to remove that term so that billing could be higher and the liability would roll downhill to Labor. I bullshit you not.

Safeguard Properties is currently cleaning their offices with respect to COVID, but are they doing a damn thing to help Labor? No. Neither they nor A SINGLE NAMFS MEMBER is offering a single penny more for those in hotspots like New York City, New Jersey, Los Angeles — NOWHERE! Pay timelines are now slipping and chargebacks are exponentially increasing. And another thing, you had best get this Latin term in your vocabulary:  Force Majeure. I guarantee it will be used to screw you over as the weeks continue.

And as you will hear in the coming days, Field Service Technicians have been illegally detained in Puerto Rico. And while the US Government has stepped in, the reality is that one of our International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) members were brutally assaulted as Puerto Rico deemed all Travel Papers issued by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to be fraudulent. The HUD Prime Vendor did jack shit to assist nor bring those authorities to justice even as their OWN EMPLOYEES were detained! Why would they care, though? It is not their ass on the line nor their family members being physically attacked!

There is almost not a single firm working Essential Personnel whom are not raising rates of pay — W2 and 1099 included! NAMFS members and NAMFS members alone appear to be the only ones whom seem to place profits above life!

Things are dramatically changing everywhere. Talk of National Immunity Cards from the White House, Governor’s Orders to stay away from neighbor’s homes in Michigan, and the bailing out of the Junk Bond market before sending checks to Small Businesses have me taking a long, hard look at where I live and under whose yoke I want to live. Will I choose the federalist mentality or move to where there still remains a belief in state sovereignty I am not sure. What I do know is that even after these curves our Leaders keep preaching about begin to flatten, I will continue leading the charge on behalf of Labor.


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